The Top Vintage Trailer Resorts In America


Do you tire of the artificial hotel environment, with its uniform rooms and tight halls?

Do you crave a more natural, open getaway?

If the answer is yes, you should consider staying at an RV hotel.

RV hotels offer an exciting twist on hotel environments by providing a unique, vintage experience right next to the great outdoors. Instead of staying in a hotel, far away from nature, get right up in it.

Instead of a room, guests sleep in an RV unit. While this may sound like a slight downgrade, it is, in fact, anything but that.

Most RV beds are incredibly lovely and there is nothing better than falling asleep in an RV while stargazing.

The units often include showers, kitchens, tables, toilets, grills, and coffee, though each hotel is different. And you just cannot beat the individual style of the RVs compared to the mass-produced aesthetic of hotel rooms.

Also, most hotel parks usually feature environmental landmarks or activities nearby. The fact that these hotels are also significantly cheaper than most hotels or motels is a bonus.

So what RV-style hotels should you check out?

Here is a list of some popular destinations to consider.

Shooting Star Resort – Escalante, Utah

Shooting Star Resort Escalante

At the Shooting Star Resort, you can bring your RV or rent one of the Airstreams — trailers designed to look like classic Hollywood dressing rooms.

You can hike nearby at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Petrified Forest State Park and cool off in Posey Lake. Rooms look like the golden era of Hollywood.

There is also a drive-in movie theater, complete with cars from the 1960s and a concession stand for a buttery treat. Get ready for the best starry night you have ever seen.

Price: $119 per night

The Vintages Trailer Resort – Willamette Valley, Oregon

Vintages Trailer Resort Oregon

The Vintages Trailer Resort is the perfect getaway for any wine lover.

Vineyards and wineries surround the resort, as well as the Historic Downtown McMinnville.

The RV units differ in style and size, but they all offer a shower and bathroom, propane grill, cooking area, free coffee, air conditioning and heating, soft morning robes, and hotel-style linens on a comfortable mattress.

Each room comes in a distinct style and color scheme. Also included in the quaint package is:

  • A view of the neighboring vineyards
  • Swimming pool
  • Lawn games
  • Wild blackberries
  • Cruiser bikes

Price: $120 per night

Lakedale Resort – Friday Harbor, Washington

Lakedale Resort Washington

Rustic on the outside, by modern and chic on the inside, the Airstream trailers of the Lakedale Resort are situated right on the water of the Neva Lake.

The RV hotel is an excellent option for individuals that love to water ski or wakeboard.

In addition to the standard, bed, bath, kitchenette, and linen, the unit also includes a DVD player and complimentary breakfast at the main lodge.

Some games are onsite at the resort from bocce ball to giant chess, to ping pong tables. During the day, guests can boat or play on the water, fish or participate in the annual arts and music festivals.

Price: $259 per night

RV Hotels LLC- Santa Barbara, California

RVHotels USA

Take advantage of the beaches, food, and wine of central California with RV Hotels LLC in Santa Barbara.

With these RV units, you can get as close as possible to those gorgeous beach sunrises.

Hangout on the beach, enjoy the pool or sign-up for nearby horseback tours. This location is the perfect combination of hotel service with beach house access.

Each room includes:

  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Kitchenware
  • Ice maker
  • Coffee machines
  • Outdoor gas grill
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Bathroom

At an incredibly affordable price, this option is one of the better deals on the list.

Price: $99 per night

Sou’Wester Lodge – Seaview, Washington

Sou Wester Lodge

Sou’Wester features a wide range of cabin styles, from rustic RVs with only a kitchenette, too expensive options with bathrooms, living rooms, and three bedrooms.

Soak in the gorgeous trees of the Washington state wilderness. All of the RV units are from the 1950s or 1960s, so they maintain a retro aura.

Enjoy live music every Friday night, a hot sauna or a fun potluck. Massages and art workshops are also available for interested patrons.

Price: $64 per night

El Cosmico – Marfa, Texas

El Cosmico Marfa Texas

El Cosmico is located in the High Plains desert; this resort is deeply connected to the Mecca-influenced Native American culture tied to the land.

If you do not like the heat, you should probably stay away — even though the units are air-conditioned.

The RV units are almost works of art, refurbished and modernized to their original glory.

Refreshingly off the grid, El Cosmico RV hotels takes many of its cues from hippie, bohemian culture.

It is a place for relaxation, music, and art. Barbecues, bikes, and hikes, what more could you want from an RV hotel?

Price: $160 per night

The Metro Hotel – Petaluma, California

Metro Hotel Petaluma

If you miss the dazzling decor of the 1970s, the Metro Hotel is for you.

Bright colors dominate both the interior and exterior of this RV hotel.

Found in northern California, the two available Airstreamers are a quick drive away from numerous wineries and vineyards.

Also included: bike rentals, maid service, and a complimentary crepe breakfast.

Price: $149 per night

Hopefully, this list gives you some good ideas for your next vacation.

RV hotels are not just for individuals with a nostalgic love of camping trips — they are now for anyone with a love of nature. Whether you are a beach lover, avid hiker, or wine aficionado, there is an RV hotel location that caters specifically to you.

Get out of your comfort zone and try a different vacation instead of the cookie-cutter, hotel getaway.

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