About Me

Hey, how’s it going?

My name is Mike Napier and I’m the founder of kempoo.com. I’m a 44-year-old male out of Charleston, SC.

mike napier

I’m also an avid outdoor enthusiast who has gone on several excursions along the coasts and has visited 31 of the 50 United States.

A lifetime ago, I attended the University of Virginia (back in 1998) and graduated in 2002 with a Liberal Arts degree. I took a job in finance after graduating but quickly realized that an office setting wasn’t for me.

I’ve taken on several positions since then, including becoming both a river guide and a forest conservationist.

In 2006, I purchased my first RV and decided to take a few weeks to go on a cross-country trip so that I could visit a number of sites that I had wanted to see since I was a kid.

I have a Labrador Retriever named Mickey, whom I bring along with me on most of my trips. I’m an avid dog-lover and have had Mickey since I was 30.

I’m also a big-time camper. I’ve been around and camped out on some of America’s most beautiful sites, including:

  • The Woods Campground (Lehighton, PA)
  • Ocean Beach (Myrtle Beach, SC)
  • El Cosmico (Marfa, TX)
  • Cape Lookout State Park (Tillamook, OR)
  • Devil’s Lake State Park (Baraboo, WI)

Camping isn’t the only outdoor activity Micky and I enjoy.

I purchased my first mountain bike when I was a teenager, and I never go on a trip without it. I’ve scaled some impressive mountains over the years.

When I’m not relaxing in a hammock, I enjoy hiking, running, and fishing just as much as biking. I ran my first 5k when I was in college and have made a routine out of going for a morning run each day.

One of the most important things to me personally is making the most of each day. I’m firmly entrenched in the middle-class and don’t mind at all. My freedom and ability to travel and spend time outdoors are more important to me than working at a desk and putting more money in the CEO’s pockets.

My goal is to visit the remaining 19 states before I turn 50.

I have several destinations within those states that I plan on seeing. I consider myself a free-spirit who has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

That’s also what led me to start Kempoo.com.

It only made sense that I expanded my reach and got online, making it possible for me to help people all over the world.

If camping and active living are your priorities, too, you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to camping and hunting, I don’t think there’s a question that I haven’t already heard. I’ve tried to answer most of them on this site already.

However, if there’s a question you have that you haven’t already seen on my site, definitely reach out to me. I love hearing from my readers and will take every opportunity I can get to help someone else.