6 Compelling Reasons To Buy RV: Your Road to Joy

6 Compelling reasons to buy rV In 2022

Owning an RV is the retirement dream of camping enthusiasts the world over.

Who wouldn’t want the freedom to travel the country and see some of the most beautiful national parks in the World? There are plenty of reasons to buy RV.

Taking a trip in your RV might not be as relaxing as a stay in a five-star hotel, but it sure is more rewarding and certainly cheaper.

If you’re flirting with the idea of buying an RV but aren’t fully convinced, then read on to find out why it might be the right decision.

1. The Savings For Families Can be Huge

Buy an RV

One of the best arguments in favor of buying an RV is still the potential for holiday savings.

An elderly couple might not see much in the way of savings but a family, especially large families, will instantly see a reduction in their holiday costs.

These savings mostly come from two sources, not needing to book a motel room every night and being able to cook your own food.

Let’s say that you are planning a two-week long road trip with your five-person family.

You decide to take your trusty Subaru Outback 2015 with an MPG of 25.  

You lucked out and found a room at the low rate of $45 a night for a rural motel. You also have to eat out three times a day which costs $12.50 per person per meal.

Let’s find out how much your trip would cost:

  • Fuel costs of 3,500 miles at $2.5 per gallon –  $350
  • 14 nights at a motel – $630
  • Food at restaurants – $2,625
  • Total – $3,605.17

Now compare that to a trip in an RV.

Let’s say you’re paying an average of $30 a night to park your RV in official spots. You’re also spending an average of $200 a week on groceries. You made an economic choice and are driving a fuel-efficient Winnebago sprint that gets 12 MPG.

Your RV trip would cost:

  • Fuel costs of 3,500 miles at $2.5 per gallon – $729.17
  • 14 nights parking – $420
  • Grocery shopping – $400
  • Total –  $1,549.17

While you’re spending more on gas you’re saving a bit on accommodation and an absolute fortune on food.

On top of this, you’ll also be traveling in far more comfort than you would be in a cramped car.

Your costs will vary depending upon the model of the RV and eating habits but the potential for savings is a big plus, even when you take into account the initial layout for the RV.

2. Avoid The Airlines And Travel in Comfort

6 Compelling reasons to buy rV In 2022

Air travel can be a complete nightmare.

There are unending cues, invasive security checks, and panic as you realize that your gate is about to close.

When you’re finally on your flight are then crammed into a thin metal tube surrounded by inconsiderate strangers and served bad food.

Then, once you finally get to your destination you realize that in trying to meet the baggage allowance limits you left behind the propane cooker and half of the culture.

In short, air travel sucks, especially if you want to go camping.

Avoiding all that hassle is probably one of the most compelling reasons for buying an RV. You can avoid all the panic at the airport and pack as much as you want without fretting over baggage allowances.

You’ll take a little longer to arrive at your destination but you’ll travel with less stress and you won’t have to deal with airport security.

3. There’s Room For The Whole Family And Dog

There’s room for the whole family, even the dog

We’ve all been there, it’s 6AM and you’ve just realized that you can’t fit both your camping gear and children in the car.

You’re still half asleep the kids are complaining and you’re beginning to regret this whole camping holiday idea already. RVs help you avoid all of that stress.

There’s enough space for your gear, your kids, and even your pets.

Class C RVs are easier to drive than larger class As and still leave plenty of space for you and your family.

There’re many different kinds of RVs and even the mid-sized class C models can usually sleep between 7-10 people which will give everyone plenty of space to move around.

You’ll also be able to bring your Bicycles, fishing gear and anything else that you normally want to bring with you but couldn’t fit in your car.

4. It’s Camping But Comfortable

RV camping on a budget

It’s cold, it’s wet you forgot your sleeping mat and you’ve just realized that your 2-season-old tent has begun to leak.

Moments like these can turn an enjoyable camping trip into a complete nightmare.

RVs not only lets you bring everything you need to enjoy your trip but they allow you to enjoy the comforts of home while on the road. Most come equipped with queen or king sized beds and kitchens.

No more fumbling with your portable cooker, no more uncomfortable nights and no more struggling to pitch your tent.

5. You Can Take The Scenic Route

You can take the scenic route

There are over 1,500 National historical landmarks and 417 national park sites in the United States.

If you’re flying to your destination then you are missing out on the chance to take in some of North America’s most breathtaking locations.

Badlands national park is one of the most unique national parks in the United States.

An RV frees you from being limited by the locations of airports and hotels and allows you to explore at your leisure. You will be able to visit remote locations like the unique Badlands national park and take insights that are off the beaten trail.

6. Make New Friends on The Road

Make new friends on the road

When was the last time you talked to someone in your hotel dining room?

Even if you did it was probably just to ask them to please move so you can reach the breakfast buffet.

Hotels might be comfortable but they don’t encourage social interaction.

An RV campsite is a very different environment. While there are still video games, youtube and TV to distract people you’ll find it easier to approach people.

There’s a chance you and your family will make new friends, swap campfire stories or at the very least find someone to help you start your BBQ.

You Can Rent an RV as an Alternative

Despite the many arguments for buying an RV, they are expensive investments.

An RV can often cost over $100,000 so it makes sense to be certain you’ll enjoy the RV lifestyle. A good way to test it out is to rent an RV. This will let you spend a week or two seeing whether you enjoy traveling with an RV.

If you need help deciding where to rent you should check out our list of the best RV Rental sites.

What are your experiences with RVs? Do you have more reasons to buy? Let us know in the comments.

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