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Not everyone thinks about it, but we are faced with potential threats every single day. Those who do think about it are out there prepping (some going even as far as hoping) for the worst. Before the modern life-easing conveniences that we have today, planning for the months ahead was a matter of survival. We’ve decided to help you on your quest by providing a number of in-depth articles on the subject.

Best Deer Feeders

Best Deer Feeders For The Money

Set up your very own, personalized viewing station for some of nature’s most elegant creatures with one 5 of the best deer feeders out there in 2019.

Best Whittling Knives

Best Whittling Knives For The Money

Both lost art and pragmatic backcountry skill, whittling is currently enjoying an outdoor renaissance. In this article, we review the best knives to do it with in 2019.

SHERP ATV vehicle

How Much is a SHERP?

When SHERP presented their amphibious all-terrain vehicle on Top Gear in 2016, the world sat up and paid attention. The Ukrainian manufacturer has been producing their unique ATVs since 2016, and now outdoor enthusiasts around the world are dying for a chance to use one of these recreational vehicles. How much is a SHERP? The …

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Heatwave survival tips

How to Survive a Heat Wave?

As summer rolls around, the likelihood of seeing more heatwaves affecting the nation becomes higher. If you live somewhere that already experiences higher temperatures than most, being prepared for the worst is a smart move. How do you survive a heatwave? Preparation is the key to surviving a heatwave, including having a backup plan for …

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How To Pack A Bug Out Bag?

A bug out bag is the lifeline of any prepper and for that lifeline to be effective, it has to be done properly. Packing a bug out bag is the most important step in getting it right, and this includes choosing what contents should go in it and where exactly to place them. What do …

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Best Pocket Chainsaw

Best Pocket Chainsaw – Pocket Power

Chainsaws are no longer large, unwieldy tools made for the shed alone. In this review, we look at the best pocket chainsaws for the backcountry adventurer.


The 10 Best Survival Watches To Buy

Survival watches are a multipurpose tool that are fast becoming indispensable to the serious outdoorsperson’s kit. We reviewed the best models out there in 2019.

Fast Setup Tents Featured

Fast Setup Tents for 2022

After a long day on the road or an arduous hike, the last thing you want to think about is spending hours setting up your camp. A fast setup tent is a sensible solution to this, offering an instant way to create a campsite, and without the usual hassle that goes into assembling a tent. …

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Top 3 Red Dot Sights Reviewed

Top 3 Red Dot Sights Reviewed

The use of red dot scopes has become increasingly more important as advances have been made to camera, point and shoot, telescopic, and lighting resources. To help you choose the perfect sight for you, we listed and reviewed the best 3 red dot sights on the market. Here’s The Best Red Dot Sight, Backed By …

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How To Be A Better Pistol Shooter

How To Be A Better Pistol Shooter

Many firearm owners started by target shooting with air rifles or pellet guns, and eventually began hunting small game like squirrels and grouse with a .22 LR or a 410. Over the years our approach to firearms use evolved, and at some point we recognized our God-given right to defend ourselves and our families with …

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The Top Gun Locks Reviewed

The Top Gun Locks Reviewed

While it is always best to keep your firearms stored in a locked gun cabinet, there are some situations where you need added security. This is where gun locks come into play. There are a number of different types of locks – trigger locks, cable locks, keyed locks, combination locks – and each has its …

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The Top 6 Tactical Knives Reviewed

The Top 5 Tactical Knives Reviewed

A tactical knife is very different compared to a regular knife.  What are the differences that you may notice when you are comparing tactical knives? Find out in our buyer’s guide below. Here’s The Tactical Knives, Backed By 12+ Hours Of Research Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife Why is it better? Fine edge makes this …

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The Top Tactical Vests Reviewed

The Top Tactical Vests Reviewed

Today the military tactical vest is used most commonly by law enforcement and soldiers. The tactical vests are popular with law enforcement and military, but also offer benefits and are used for hunting, paint ball and fishing. Our team of experts narrowed down the best tactical vests on the market. Here’s The Best Tactical Vest, …

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Best Kukri

Best Kukri For The Money

The Gurkha kukri knife is one of the most elegant and effective backcountry tools out there. In this review, we analyze 5 of the best out there in 2019.

God And Guns

God And Guns

The question predates the advent of firearms. Since the church began believers have been debating the role of weapons with believers. On one side of the debate, you have the pacifists, who take Jesus’s admonition to turn the other cheek as an indication that believers are always to be non-violent. While they may allow for …

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