Discover the Best Rifle Brands for Every Shooter’s Needs


Have you ever asked yourself what to look for in a hunting rifle? Ever wondered about the best features of the top rifle brands?

Well, years of experience and reviewing hunting rifles is a good teacher. Top rifle brand features narrow down to dependability, accuracy, ergonomics, and durability.

Top rifles for hunting are the ones with rich histories and sterling reputations. Hunters are drawn to brands that guarantee reliability and precision. Many of these top rifle brands come in various models and different prices to accommodate diverse hunter preferences.

This article narrows down six of the top rifle brands. You can get to understand their rich heritage and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Top rifle brands

If you don’t have a basic knowledge about the top rifle brands, this list will help you know more about these products.

Even if you are familiar with the top rifle brands, nothing stops you from learning a little more. You never know when you’ll need to purchase a new hunting rifle, so read on to find out which brands produce the best weapons.

1. Remington hunting rifles

Remington Rifle

If you have gone through several top rifle brand reviews, you must have occasionally encountered Remington rifles. This brand probably features in almost all top hunting rifle reviews for multiple reasons.

Let’s dig deeper and understand what makes Remington one of the top rifle brands for hunting.


Founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington II, this top rifle brand for hunting has existed for around two hundred years. It has served generations of hunters who trust its accuracy, reliability, and overall robustness.

Remington rifles are a true definition of the past, present, and future of rifles in North America. This rifle brand is the number one choice for many hunters due to its excellent reputation.


One element that sets this brand apart from the rest is its legacy. It is an iconic rifle brand that features multiple models suitable for any top hunting review.

One such iconic model is the Remington 700. Fifty years of a solid reputation in the hunting arena is partly due to this top rifle brand’s bolt-action design. Any experienced hunter will tell you they love using this model for their hunting adventures. If they don’t, it’s because they haven’t tried it yet.

The Remington 700 has a unique internal design with three locking rings of steel to give you the best accuracy possible. Precision and durability make it the top rifle for hunting. Millions of families have been putting food on their tables for over two centuries with this leading rifle brand, and this trend is set to continue.

Other features that make this the top rifle brand for hunting are:

  • Light recoil, which accommodates beginners.
  • Affordable pricing for exceptional quality.
  • Durability and versatility.
  • Lightweight for easier portability.
  • Solid shoulder shocks.


The Remington hunting rifle has different models, each with its own price. The convenient part is if you are on a budget, you can still purchase a top rifle brand for around $400. Some models, such as the Remington 700 Magpul, costs about $1,000. You can check out different Remington models and their pricing to find a rifle for your hunting trip.

2. Browning X-Bolt

Brownign X-Bolt

The Browning X-Bolt is another top rifle brand that is almost as old and well-established as Remington.


The accuracy and dependability of this top rifle brand are only second to Remington. Browning’s establishment trickles down through history from 1869 when John Browning founded the company. His first single-shot rifle was patented in 1879, and production commenced in 1890.

Since then, the Browning hunting rifle has grown in reputation as being among the first choices of the most reliable top rifle brands. From single-shot rifles to semi-automatic shotguns, the Browning rifle for hunting remains a preference among many hunters.


The reputation of this top hunting rifle is rooted in its accuracy. One of Browning’s flagship rifles is the X-Bolt, which was designed to suit the general preferences of any hunter.

Hunting is associated with varying weather conditions, so Browning’s hunting rifles are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Whether it is winter or summer, the Browning hunting rifles are always up to the task.

This top rifle brand is one of the most lightweight designs on the market. Hunting involves a lot of movement, so a light weapon is more portable, easing the burden on hunters who must travel far on foot to reach their prey.


Amazingly, most Browning hunting rifles fall under the $1,000 category. You can explore different models of Browning’s depending on your budget and if you are on a tight budget, consider the AB3 Stalker 6.5 Creedmoor Long Range Bolt Action Rifle.

Other iconic hunting rifles are the X-Bolt Long Range or the X-Bolt Hells Canyon, which go for around $1,000 and $1,300, respectively. Enjoy affordable and reliable hunting rifles from Browning.

3. Marlin Firearms

Marlini Firearm

Marlin Firearms has also become famous as one of the top rifle brands for hunting. When placing these top six brands alongside each other, the differences are negligible in terms of quality.

Besides bolt-action or lever-action models and a few other noteworthy elements, the brand name alone might support your decision when making a purchase.


If you are a fan of lever-action rifles, this is among the top brands to consider. Marlin’s heritage stretches back to 1881 to its first centerfire model. Since then, this top rifle brand has continued producing trustworthy models for hunters.

The lever-action mechanism makes the Marlin rifle brand an all-American classic long gun. The company prides itself on an illustrious history of gun-making for both centerfire and rimfire rifles.


Marlin rifles are reputed for their toughness, precision, and dependability. Throughout its history, Marlin has continued to focus on performance bolt-action rifles. These hunting rifles possess high accuracy and precision levels with little recoil, which is every hunter’s dream.

This top rifle brand is also compact and has an easily controllable recoil, ideal for accurate follow-up shots. This brand is the ultimate for challenging shooting. For better accuracy, scope mounts for Marlin rifles are available to support accuracy while in the field.  


Marlin has various rifle models, with price variations ranging from around $800 for models such as the Marlin 336. Marlin’s flagship rifle, the Marlin 1895, goes for about $1,800.

Any Marlin model has excellent capabilities. They are built to last and are built for accurate shooting. Marlin’s lever legacy ensures this top rifle brand stands out for hunting purposes. Semi-auto weapons using rimfire also deliver high accuracy.

4. Ruger American Rifles

Ruger American Rifle

Ruger American Rifles is a top rifle brand that is a true thoroughbred. Although this is a relatively young rifle brand, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a firm favorite on the hunting landscape.


Dubbed as an American Legend, this top rifle brand for hunting was established in 1949 and founded by William Ruger and Alexander McCormick. William Ruger, a World War II veteran, made their first gun based on a Japanese Nambu pistol.

The Ruger standard was the company’s first gun, which they launched with immense success. This company has been producing excellent firearms for 71 years as a service to hunters, with stories of appreciation constantly coming in about their successful hunting exploits. As one of the top rifle brands, Ruger stands out for quality and service.


This top rifle brand has gained immense popularity among hunters. It is considered the best hunting rifle for performance and affordability. Most hunters operate on a budget while still needing performance from their guns, and they have this in one of the ultimate hunting weapons.

Reliability, performance, versatility, and affordability define Ruger’s reputation. Any hunter wishing to own a rifle suitable for hunting in any environment can have the utmost confidence in this brand.

This top rifle brand for hunting features exceptional artisanship, which weathers all storms to deliver uncompromising performance.

Ruger American Rifles prides itself on adjustable trigger mechanisms. These adjustable triggers are the secret behind this gun’s performance and accuracy, producing a crisp release and a considerable pull weight for a perfect shot.

This is the best hunting rifle for a hunter who walks for miles due to its lightweight materials and ergonomics, making the Ruger American extremely versatile.

It has quick and easy handling with light recoil. The rubber butt pad also ensures a light recoil for accuracy in rapid follow-up shots.

Most Ruger Models come with a factory-mounted scope. If your gun scope is damaged, or you want a replacement, scope mounts for Ruger American rifles are available.


Ruger American Rifles are all about affordability. For any hunter who values performance and affordability, the Ruger American Standard goes for around $600.

Other models, such as the Ruger American with Vortex Crossfire scope, costs about $850. Ruger American continues to deliver excellent rifles for hunting with ongoing innovations to improve your hunting experience.

5. CVA Hunter

CVA Hunters

CVA tops the list of the six best hunting rifle brands under review. Choose between a muzzleloading, lever-action gun, or one with additional features to make your hunting pursuits a pleasure but know that CVA manufactures an excellent muzzleloader.


CVA was established in 1971 to specialize in building muzzleloading rifles. It has 50 years of service under its belt and is prominent for making DIY kits for rifles.

Ever since its establishment, CVA Firearms has continued to specialize in muzzleloader rifles. The top rifle brand for hunting continues to deliver quality guns for hunters who appreciate tradition.


A decade as the #1 muzzleloader brand in America solidifies CVA’s reputation. CVA has held a substantial market share since 2003 compared to other muzzleloading brands, proving its reliability as a quality, top rifle brand throughout the world.

This top rifle brand manufactures superior guns due to design, material, and construction quality for a clean, well-placed shot, every time.

This reputation comes from the following unique features:

  • Low recoil.
  • High accuracy–some rifles come with a scope.
  • It comes with short stock to fit low-framed shooters.
  • Lightweight material for portability.

It is rewarding for a hunter to take one shot for one kill, making this the perfect top rifle brand for beginner and seasoned hunters alike.


Pricing for the CVA hunting rifle is intriguing. The renowned CVA muzzleloaders go for as low as around $200. Imagine purchasing a good gun for such an affordable price.

A scoped CVA rifle costs around $300 with high accuracy and reliability. CVA’s flagship rifle model, the CVA Paramount Pro Muzzleloader Rifle .40 Cal – Vortex™ Viper HS Scope, costs about $2,300.

Some CVA rifles do not come with a scope but have a rack rail for adding a scope. You can always purchase a quality scope kit for a scopeless CVA model to save on expenses.  

6. Steyr Arms Hunting Rifles

Styer Arm

If you’re a Steyr enthusiast, then you’ll always be in good hands with a purchase of this top rifle brand.


Steyr Arms has a rich history of rifle making, stretching back to 1864. Founded by industrialist Josef Werndl, whose love for rifles was immense, this company prides itself on unique artisanship in its forged barrels, which set it apart from other brands.

Steyr established this top rifle brand with a strong emphasis on quality and toughness. The hammer-forged barrels are exceptional, leading many hunters to trust this best-selling brand.


Steyr Arms has four pillars that bolster its reputation–innovation, reliability, precision, and safety. Hunters across North America continue to embrace this top rifle brand because it makes their hunting excursions exceptionally good.

One iconic model loved by many hunters is the Steyr Scout Rifle. This top rifle has gained the trust of many hunters over several decades, which is partially down to its exceptional artisanship.

Let’s find out what makes this rifle brand exceptional:

  • Lightweight materials used in construction.
  • Comes with multiple options for optics, including mountable scopes for accuracy.
  • Detachable magazine with a capacity of five rounds.
  • Steady aiming thanks to its integrated bipod.
  • Reliability and durability, proven by decades of success stories from many hunters.
  • Versatility to match various hunting conditions.


Steyr Arms continues to produce different models, all based on its four pillars of excellence. Most of the Steyr’s rifles go for around $1,000.

The iconic Steyr’s Pro Hunter II comes out as the top choice from about $1,200. Rifle collectors and enthusiasts can get Steyr’s flagship rifle, the Steyr Scout, for approximately $1.800.

Choosing any model of Steyr rifle delivers exceptional performance and quality for a better hunting experience. Steyr Arms rifles have mountable rails for installing a good gunsight scope.


A good hunting experience relies on the rifle you choose. Hunting connects people to their heritage and remains a premium source of healthy meat. Enhance your success in hunting by always selecting a top rifle brand that matches your passion and ideals while in the field.

Ensure that you consider safety issues when looking for a hunting rifle. Other factors such as durability, reliability, and precision are also top considerations. Lastly, a good rifle brand for hunting always comes with different models. Choose one that suits that will deliver on expectations.


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