13 Perfect Bunk Bed Floor Plans For Families With Kids

13 Perfect Bunk Bed Floor Plans For Families With Kids

Camping has become a summer tradition for many families. But what should you do about the sleeping situation as your family grows?

Having several growing children means you might now be looking to upgrade your RV or camper.

Bunk beds should be considered the eighth wonder of the world. The fact that you can actually fit double the amount of people in the same amount of floor space, and you can all sleep comfortably—has me sold.

Also, kids love bunk beds! And what’s not to love?

Ok, if you’re afraid of heights, don’t choose the top bunk, but apart from that—it’s a fun experience.

Below you will find the perfect bunk bed floor plans for families with kids.

Let’s get started!

1. Winnebago Industries Towables Minnie 2455BHS

Minnie 2455BHS Floor Plan

Although the name is Minnie, don’t underestimate this towable camper.

The Minnie 2455BHS floor plan has been a family favorite for a while now. And the new 2019 model is already on many Christmas wish lists.

Here’s why. It has:

  • A bunk bedroom.
  • A queen bed.
  • There are three large tanks.
  • U-shaped dinette slide-out.
  • Beautiful stone colored interior.
  • Cherry exterior.

On the outside, it also features a pull-out cooktop, along with a small sink.

The refrigerator has double doors, and you get three burners in the kitchen.

With this model, there is a lot packed into a compact space.

The total length of the trailer is 27 feet, 11 inches.

This is a little longer than average, but it’s still manageable for a good driver.

The slideout reveals a reasonably large, U-shaped dinette. It adds a nice extra space for the family to get-together.

You could even consider using this area for extra sleeping space, if required.

Now, the most crucial part: Are the bunks any good?

With this 2019 model, they have created a whole corner room, complete with two large bunk beds. If you have two children, they get to sprawl across one each.

Check out this YouTube video to find out how:

With a bigger family, you can easily fit two, or even three, in each bunk.

#2 Dutchmen Rubicon 251XLT

Dutchmen Rubicon 251XLT Floor Plan

Dutchmen make some of the smartest trailers, so If you’re looking for something stylish and modern, you might want to check this model out.

You get a lot packed neatly into a small space.

Here’s why we like the Rubicon 251XLT:

  • You get a large queen bed.
  • A large bathroom.
  • Dining table.
  • Two sofas.
  • HappiJac bunk bed system.
  • Three burners and an oven.
  • Three large tanks.

Looking at the floor plan, you might be thinking, “Where are the bunk beds?” Here’s some magic for you!

The HappiJac bunk bed system, gives you extra sleeping space above the dining area, which—incidentally—also converts to a sleeping area.

You have room for yourself and your partner, as well as several children.

With two color schemes to choose from, the length of the 251XLT model is manageable, at 29 feet 7 inches. And although there are no slideouts, it does have a ramp door at the back.

The kitchen has three burners and an oven, you also get a microwave and a double sink. The refrigerator is a good size, big enough to fit a family’s needs while on the road.

#3 Dutchmen Rubicon 311XLT

Floor Plan

If you liked the 251XLT model but are thinking you may need a little extra space, the Rubicon 311XLT might suit you better.

With this model, you get a large slideout with a U-shaped dinette. The bathroom is very spacious and even has two entrances.

Here are a few of the other highlights:

  • A large queen bed.
  • HappiJac bunk bed system.
  • A good amount of storage.
  • Ramp door.

The sofas and table at the back of the camper are similar to the 251XLT model. When needed, these will transform into a comfy bed, with the HappiJac bunk bed above.

The 311XLT model measures a little over 35 feet in length so it’s a bit longer than the 251XLT but you will feel like you’re driving a luxury hotel.

There is bright lighting, modern furniture and also multiple overhead compartments for easy storage.

Overall, the Rubicon 311XLT has an alluring atmosphere that you and your family won’t want to leave.

#4 Forest River Rockwood 2509S

Forest River Rockwood 2509S Floor Plan

Forest River is another very well-known camping brand.

With their campers, you really do get a lot for less. These trailers are packed with everything you and your family needs while camping.

We especially like the 2509S model.

Here are some highlights:

  • Bunk bedroom.
  • Queen bed.
  • Large bathroom with tub.
  • Pull-out grill and gas grill.
  • U-shaped dinette.
  • 18-foot awning.

Next to the U-shaped dinette slideout is a wardrobe and an exterior storage unit. There are two large wardrobes on either side of the master bed.

Both of these have a pass-through storage unit.

The bunk bedroom has a curtain, dividing it from the living area, with a removable ladder giving access to the top bunk.

There’s enough space to store toys, clothes and equipment, and you get a separate pantry to store all your food items.

Your kids might love this next part more than you: it has two TVs!

A large entertainment unit and a smaller screen fitted in the kitchen.

On the outside, you get a pull-out grill and a gas grill. Grilling has to be a part of camping!

If you’re going to become one with nature during the summer, you can’t limit yourself to cooktop burners.

You get so much included in this trailer that measures just under 26 feet in length.

#5 Forest River Berkshire 38A

Forest River Berkshire 38A Floor Plan

Some campers prefer trailers, while others like the comforts of a motorhome.

To each their own. If you’re already hung up on the utter luxury of a Forest River camper, here’s one floor plan that will blow you away.

The bright lighting in this vehicle is enough to make it a top-runner. And don’t even get me started on the comfy furniture!

Here are other highlights to tempt you:

  • Queen size bed.
  • Four slideouts.
  • Two bunk beds with individual TVs.
  • Booth dinette.

The 38A model has a lot to offer. But that also means it’s not the smallest camper. The length reaches a little under 40 feet.

However, if you’re an experienced driver, it could be worth it.

And just think of all that luxury!

You get a roomy master suite, just for you and your partner to share. The bunk beds are in a separate room, with doors separating them from the main area.

There are two fully-functioning bathrooms, and the kitchen slides out, giving a little extra cooking space.

You will have to make sure you park in an area with lots of space to get the best out of this beast. As soon as the four slideouts are opened, they will drastically increase your living space.

The RV also has a large awning that will provide extra shading on hot summer days.

#6 2019 Open Road Allegro

2019 Open Road Allegro Floor Plan

If I were going camping in an RV with my family, I would definitely consider this fabulous vehicle.

The Open Road Allegro is the ultimate RV luxury. It’s large and in charge, with room for more than you might need.

Here are a few of the things we like about it:

  • Large beds and bunks.
  • Two large slideouts.
  • Lots of storage.
  • Optional fireplace.
  • A place for a washer or dryer.
  • Separate dinette with a computer workstation.

Not all of the Triffin RVs feature bunk beds.

However, with the 36 UA floor plan, you get bunk beds in front of one of the two bathrooms. There is also an option for a drop-down bunk over the driver’s compartment.

Watch here to see how to turn a sofa into a bed:

Additionally, a large sofa can be turned into a bed if you are in need of extra sleeping space.

For those late nights out on the camping grounds, you can enjoy the exterior TV. Although, personally, I would recommend leaving the television behind, to enjoy the fresh air and surroundings instead.

A good RV has to be a home on wheels.

And this one fits all the requirements. To make it even more appealing, you get to choose from several color schemes!

We really like the Oceanside, but that’s just a personal opinion.

#7 Coachmen Mirada Class A Motorhome

Floor Plan

Still on the subject of RVs, let’s continue with the Mirada 35BH Motorhome.

After the first look at this one, you might feel like going camping, right this minute!

This is another excellent RV for families. You get a lot of optional sleeping areas as well as multiple storage units, wardrobes, and bathrooms.

Here are some other highlights:

  • Two slideouts.
  • Drop-down bunk beds.
  • Two bathrooms with linen closet.
  • Optional theater seating.
  • Large queen bed.
  • U-shaped dinette.
  • Cockpit table.
  • Passenger seat with a computer workstation.

This RV screams luxury and entertainment. You get a 39 inch LED TV next to the dinette, and a 32 inch in the bedroom.

There are also several optional TVs inside and outside of the RV.

One of the slideouts features bunk beds, which can also be turned into a wardrobe. Next to the dinette, there’s a sofa which you can easily convert into a bed.

The kitchen features a pantry, large fridge, three burners, double sinks, and a microwave oven.

#8 Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37FH

Floor Plan

When you are traveling with kids, it is essential to have enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably.

However, sometimes that can lead to overcrowding, especially if all you have are pull-out sofa beds.

This Challenger 37FH RV has the solution. You get all the sleeping arrangements you need without compromising on space.

Before we look into the bunk beds, let’s see some of the other great things this RV has to offer:

  • Two bathrooms.
  • Large retractable TV screen.
  • Residential refrigerator.
  • Dream dinette.
  • King sized bed.
  • Sliding doors.

Now for the sleeping situation! For starters, you and your spouse will get to sleep in utter comfort.

The king-sized bed has a tilt-a-view feature that enables you to incline the bed slightly. In front of you, there is a 32 inch TV, with an exterior wardrobe right behind.

At the front of the vehicle, there is a drop-down overhead bunk sleeping area. During the day, you won’t even notice it.

Then, as night approaches, you can drop the bunk down and put the kids to sleep in this spacious, 54-inch wide bed.

The dream dinette area will be the center point for family dinners. Beside this is a 68-inch sofa bed, which can be replaced with optional theater seating.

As a driver, you need to be comfortable as well during the long hours on the road.

In the cockpit, you will get a coffee table, workstation, and six cup holders.

The living area has been designed to be a place you want to stay, where you can relax and enjoy the views.

Under the 50-inch TV, there is a fireplace—this might just make you wish for a little snow.

#9 Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 300BH

Floor Plan

What is the best thing about a towable camper?

It’s the fact that you don’t have to take it with you everywhere you go.

Sometimes when you’re camping, you might want to do some sightseeing, having a huge RV can limit your movements somewhat.

With a towable camper, you can simply unhitch it and then hit the road in your car. The Heritage Glen 300BH trailer is an excellent option for families with small children.

It will also allow you a little indulgence with its interior and exterior design. Let’s check out some other great things:

  • Three slide outs.
  • Dinette
  • Bathroom with two entrances.
  • Radius shower.
  • Island sink in the kitchen area.
  • Lots of storage space.

Now that we know a few of the highlights, let’s take a closer look at the sleeping arrangements. For the parents, there is a large queen bed for you to enjoy.

The children will get to stay on the other side of the camper (more quiet, private time for parents). Here, they will have two bunk beds, as well as a twin bed.

There is a large dresser at the back of the camper and a storage unit underneath one of the bunks.

The 300BH also has a few options available.

You can choose an outside kitchen for easy outdoor cooking and even a swivel gas grill.

It is quite long, measuring at a little over 37 feet. But, anyone with a bit of experience could easily handle this beast.

#10 Winnebago Forza 38W

Floor Plan

We have already looked at one popular Winnebago model.

Well, here’s another top choice among families, the Forza 38W.

The Forza is a motorhome, not a towable trailer like the Minnie.

There are lots of potential sleep arrangements on this vehicle. But first, should we look at some of the other great things on this RV? I think we should:

  • A large queen bed with two nightstands.
  • Flip-down TV.
  • Two bunk beds.
  • Optional studio loft bed.
  • Two spacious bathrooms.
  • Residential fridge.

Two bunk beds may not sound like much, especially compared to some of the other RVs. However, the sofa next to them can be turned into a king-size bed as well.

At the front of the RV, you have the option of turning the loft into a bedroom as well! If you choose the studio loft option, you will get a 48 x 80-inch bed.

Next to the main bedroom, there is the larger bathroom. Here, there is enough space for not only a washer, but also a dryer.

If you don’t like that addition, you can just use the space for storage.

#11 2016 Fleetwood Excursion 35E

Floor Plan

These RVs are customizable from top to bottom.

You can choose between a range of exterior colors, you can also choose the finish on the beds and sofas. Floors, countertops, and carpeting have several options to choose from, as well.

The 35E RV may be from 2016, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. This has been a favorite among families for years now, it’s tested and approved.

And here’s why we like it:

  • It has a reliable diesel engine.
  • Eight people can sleep comfortably.
  • Three large water and waste tanks.
  • Vinyl flooring throughout the RV.

The large queen bed is located at the rear of the RV, here you also get a large wardrobe and a TV unit.

Bunk beds are located right next to the master bedroom. The sofa in the living area can also be used as a bed if needed.

In the cockpit, you have a coffee table and you can easily turn the seats around to include them in the living area when you’re not driving.

#12 2016 Coachmen Leprechaun 320BH

Floor Plan

If you’re looking for a smaller vehicle, you might want to look at the Coachmen Leprechaun.

It might not look so big on the outside. However, once you step foot inside this camper, you will notice the ample space.

You can actually sleep 10 people in this camper!

Here are a few other things we like about it:

  • The whole camper is built on a Ford chassis, with a V10 engine.
  • Sleeping areas at the front and rear.
  • Large wardrobe and lots of storage space.
  • Outdoor grilling station.

The Leprechaun might just be the pot of gold at the end of the camper seeker’s rainbow.

A camper like this is a little less expensive than an RV, but you get all the necessities for a great camping experience.

Bring all your family along for some camping fun.

As you can see on the floor plan, there is a large queen bed at the back of the camper and a large bunk in the front loft. The sofa can also be turned into a comfy bed.

The length of the vehicle is close to 29 feet but, depending on your experience, it shouldn’t be as challenging to manage on the road as a trailer.

#13 Jayco Alante Motorhome 31R

Floor Plan

If you’re on the look-out for a vehicle that’s somewhere in-between in size, you might want to consider this 31R model.

This RV is just a little smaller than the other vehicles we have seen above.

It measures 34 feet 5 inches in length, perfect in size for a family of four.

Here are a few other highlights:

  • Large queen bed with space on either side.
  • Top cockpit comfort.
  • Multiple overhead compartments for extra storage.
  • Pull-out countertop in the kitchen.
  • Large outdoor entertainment unit.

This compact RV has lots of sleeping room for the whole family. First off, there’s a large queen bed with a big dresser and optional TV unit in front. Just outside the main bedroom, you will find the bunk beds.

There is also a TV fitted here for extra entertainment. If we move to the front of the vehicle, you will see a drop-down overhead bunk.

The dining area has a fitted dinette with a TV unit. The kitchen is small and compact, but you can pull out another countertop for extra space.

The standard fridge is eight cubic feet, but you can upgrade it to 12 if desired.

On the outside is a 13-foot awning, as well as a big entertainment unit. There are also 12 exterior storage compartments, more than enough for a family with kids.

End Of The Road

Time to wrap up our list.

As a parent, I understand just how important it is to have enough sleeping space for everyone.

Even that sassy little four-year-old wants her own bed!

Look around before you settle on your choice of vehicle, make sure it has enough sleeping space as well as storage. Don’t forget, those kids grow very fast and they may want to bring friends along as they get older, too.

An RV is already a compromised space, you don’t want that to be taken up with bags, equipment, or toys!

This list has hopefully provided you with a few ideas and some guidance as to what type of vehicle will provide the best camping experience for you.

Do you prefer the extravaganza of a large RV? Or do you like the cozy space of a trailer? Comment below and tell us!

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