Best 12 Volt TV for RV: Enhance Your RV Experience

Having entertainment at your fingertips during long RV trips is important.

Being able to escape the monotony of driving for small blocks of time and just relax while taking in a 90-minute movie is a comfort worth your money.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice viewing quality just because you’re in a camper. To ensure good quality and excellent energy efficiency, we’ve reviewed some of the best 12 volt TV for RV on the market.

Let’s kick this guide off with our top pick.

Here’s Our Recommendation

Supersonic SC-2211 TV for RV

Supersonic SC-2211 TV for RV
4,440 Reviews
Supersonic SC-2211 TV for RV
  • 📺 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐭...
  • 📺 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐞...
  • 📺 𝐂𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐩 𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥 𝐇𝐃...

Why is it better?

  • 1080p HD Quality
  • HDMI & USB Compatible
  • Energy Star-rated

4 Best 12 Volt TV For RV

With that in mind, let’s now take a closer look at our top picks.

Let’s dive into the specifics and review each tv individually. You can use the list below to jump and review specific models, or you can read along and go through all the information.

1. Best Overall: Supersonic SC-2211 TV for RV

Supersonic SC-2211 TV for RV
4,440 Reviews
Supersonic SC-2211 TV for RV
  • 📺 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐭...
  • 📺 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐞...
  • 📺 𝐂𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐩 𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥 𝐇𝐃...

SuperSonic is one of the most recognizable RV TV brands, and understandably so.

They’ve not only created the very best RV TV for multiple setups and types, but they’ve also kept it at a rock bottom price without skimping on the quality.

Grabbing this TV allows you to reap the benefits of the color balance and anti-glare technology of the screen. This TV also comes with a PC input that allows you to display your laptop’s streaming videos or files on the TV screen.

The latter makes this TV excellent for working on the road, transforming the living space into a mobile workspace when needed. Just pack an HDMI cable and you’ll be good to go. One significant problem with this TV is the sound volume.

While the sound quality is great and there are no audio imbalances, you’ll have to hit about 35 on the volume just to be able to hear the audio from across the room. If nobody is talking or you don’t have a portable generator running, that is.

One of the most common problems with RV TVs is running into dead pixels after about one year of use.

This is the result of a mix of bumps from the road and slightly inconsistent electrical signals, and SuperSonic falls victim to it as well. You might get 2-3 dead pixels after a year of use or so.

Energy Star-rated, bright LED lighting, and a balanced picture 100% of the time — these are just a few of the reasons this TV is our number one choice, along with the lightweight build and simple installation process.

It comes as no surprise that SuperSonic reigns in this industry. It’s one of the best 12-volt TV brands on the market.


  • It features a PC input which allows you to watch TV shows and movies from your computer on the big screen
  • It has HDMI, USB, and AC ports, meaning you can browse hundreds of channels and apps (HBO, Hulu, and Netflix to name a few) with the help of your Fire TV Stick or similar hardware
  • LED display technology


  • Dead pixels reported after about one year of use (this is a common problem with RV TVs)
  • The volume needs to be turned past 35 to hear the sound properly from a few feet away

Product Information

  • Screen Size: 22”
  • Picture Quality: 1080p high-definition
  • Integrated Tuner: No
  • Type: LED
  • USB Compatible: Yes
  • Weight: 4.74 lbs
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Color Capacity: Color balance included
  • Maximum Power Consumption: Energy Star-rated, no specs available
  • Mounting Type: Wall mount
  • The package includes a remote control, an AC power adapter, and a user manual

2. Runner up: Jensen JTV3217DC TV for RV

Jensen JTV3217DC TV for RV
81 Reviews
Jensen JTV3217DC TV for RV
  • Heavy Duty HD Ready 32" Inch LED TV, 12 Volt DC power, TV must be...
  • Integrated HDTV (ATSC) tuner, HD ready (1080p, 720p, 480p)
  • JCOM function if using a JENSEN HDMI-equipped DVD player, CEC function...

If you’re after a higher picture quality, consider opting for the Jensen Heavy-Duty RV TV. First of all, you’ll get a crystal-clear HD picture as well as a generous viewing angle.

Since tube-style televisions are no longer produced, the main struggle with flat screens has been keeping the color and clarity no matter what view angle you’re standing/sitting at. Jensen took care of that.

Another killer feature is their fantastic electric energy consumption rating: you’ll be able to watch more TV shows and movies before the power supply runs out.

This Jensen TV extends your media viewing time, no matter what. But there are a few areas where the Jensen RV TV falls flat. For instance, the 12-volt wires are simple stripped wires with no plugin. You’ll need to do a bit of DIY work during the installation process.

Additionally, the sound isn’t perfect. This product hits a slightly higher price point, so we were a bit upset to learn that the volume is fine, but the audio quality can lack when you hit certain frequencies (loud explosions in a movie, shouting, etc).

We would recommend getting a sound bar to go with this TV.

Otherwise, full HD picture in a 16:9 aspect ratio, clear lines and angles, and an enhanced viewing experience for the whole family — this is what this 32” RV TV offers. It gives everyone a piece of the action without having to get crammed next to each other.


  • The low electric energy consumption makes this TV optimal for use with other devices at the same time
  • It provides a rapid response time and fantastic viewing angles for a clear picture no matter where you’re sitting


  • Sound quality is lacking; best to hook up to a sound bar or Dolby speakers
  • The 12-volt wires are stripped with no plug; it requires some DIY magic

Product Information

  • Screen Size: 32” (the largest 12-volt TV at the moment)
  • Picture Quality: Full HD (1366 x 768)
  • Integrated Tuner: HDTV ATSC
  • JCOM function with a Jensen HDMI-backed DVD player, CEC function with Jensen CEC-equipped HDMI DVD players
  • Type: LED
  • 12 volt DC power
  • 1 USB input
  • 1 selectable line level audio output (RCA)
  • Digital SPDIF audio output (RCA)
  • Weight: 8.99 lbs
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Color Capacity: 16.7 million colors; color balance
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 20mA, 3.17A max
  • Mounting Type: Table mount

3. Alternative: AXESS TVD1805-19 TV for RV

AXESS TVD1805-19 TV for RV
63 Reviews
AXESS TVD1805-19 TV for RV
  • Wall mountable | mount not included | Brightness is 160 cd per square...
  • TV Dimensions – 19.5" W x 6.75" H x 13.75" D | Screen size –...
  • Contrast Ratio – 600:1 | Built-in DVD player

We took a look at all the Axess TV reviews we could find before committing to testing this particular one, and it didn’t fail to deliver on all the important fronts.

While this RV TV doesn’t recognize MP4 files from your phone or laptop (locally stored movies for example), it certainly makes up for it in other areas. The biggest draw of this Axess TV is the excellent balance on the audio.

This TV features a proper volume setting, meaning you won’t have to crank the volume to 35 or 40 just to be able to hear the audio. Plus, you won’t need to buy a sound bar just to get proper depth.

When it comes to setup, this TV comes with the stand screwed in, so you’ll simply have to remove that and hook it up to your 12-volt source and you’ll be good to go. The USB and HDMI inputs make this a very versatile TV for your RV.

However, this TV has its downsides. You’re going to have to deal with a rather narrow view angle, which can be quite a challenge if there are more than two of you. Sitting straight is perfectly fine, but once you’re about 45 degrees off-kilter, the picture will start to morph a bit.

Altogether, this is a very energy-efficient TV model with a ton of color correction options, wrapped up in a decent 19” display.

Apart from saving money and energy, this TV also maximizes your fun time when it’s raining or you’re in for the night.


  • It includes a built-in DVD player, so you won’t be left with just cable TV when on the road (a TV/DVD combo)
  • It features excellent clarity on audio levels and proper volume settings
  • It comes with a full-function remote control


  • Narrow view angle; you need to be straight ahead to get proper clarity
  • Doesn’t respond to MP4 format (videos stored on an iPhone or a laptop, local storage, etc)

Product Information

  • Screen Size: 19”
  • Picture Quality: 1080p HD (1366 x 768)
  • Integrated Tuner: No
  • Type: LED
  • USB Compatible: Yes, one port
  • Weight: 6.45 lbs
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Color Capacity: 16.7 million colors, color correction
  • Maximum Electric Energy Consumption: 30W
  • No Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities
  • Mounting Type: Wall mount

4. Alternative: Supersonic SC-2411 TV for RV

Supersonic SC-2411 TV for RV
4,440 Reviews
Supersonic SC-2411 TV for RV
  • 📺 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐞...
  • 📺 𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞...
  • 📺 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐞...

SuperSonic can’t be easily defeated. The last RV TV on our list has a compact 24” size while remaining lightweight enough to be moved from place to place if you don’t plan on installing it right away.

On that note, installation is extremely simple. Simply plug it into the 12-volt adapter, and you’re ready to go.

SuperSonic included a helpful owner’s manual to troubleshoot any unforeseen problems with installation, some of which may be unique to specific RV makes and models.

Even with the 24” screen and HD resolution, you’re still going to find yourself sitting directly in front of this TV or not enjoying it at all.

It has a very narrow view angle, so you’ll have to be within ten degrees of a straightforward view if you want to see the screen without distractions or faded colors.

Our last gripe is the fact that the DC cable included in this package is a bit flimsy/not of the highest caliber construction.

Other than that, the color correction settings and clear-cut audio make this an excellent and attractively-priced RV TV.


  • Top-notch audio correction for clear audio throughout use
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Extensive color correction settings
  • Built-in digital noise reduction
  • Sleek, modern design


  • Flimsy DC cable
  • Very narrow viewing angle

Product Information

  • Size: 24”
  • Quality: 1080p HD (1366 x 768)
  • Integrated Tuner: No
  • Type: LED
  • USB Compatibility: Yes
  • AC/DC input
  • Weight: 6.94 lbs
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Color Capacity: 16.7 million colors, color correction
  • Maximum Electric Energy Consumption: Average of 47 kWh

Introduction To 12 Volt TV for RV

Just because you’re out on the road doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of R&R with a high-definition TV hooked up to your 12-volt power source.

There are other, more convoluted ways to get a TV set up, but those methods drain far too much power.

We selected the best energy-efficient HD televisions for your RV to bring a bit of home on the road with you.

Why Do I Need A 12 Volt TV In My RV?

12 Volt TV For RV


Whether you’re full-timing it or just spending a portion of your weekend RVing, not every moment is going to be filled with adventure.

A TV can come in handy when you want to entertain yourself and fill in the gaps between the fun parts. It can also help the time go by faster or allow you to drift off to sleep if you’re riding solo.

It’s nice to have a bit of white noise if nothing else.

Weather Reporting

When you’re outside of your hometown or city and aren’t used to the weather, watching local weather stations by picking up local signals gives you an opportunity to stop, stock up, and prepare for the worst potential weather scenario if it’s headed your way.

This will do the trick if you’re heading into a hurricane zone.

Local Information When Travelling

With an RV TV, you’ll have access to information about the local weather as well as information about the city or town you’re passing through.

Many programs, especially on Sunday mornings, talk about popular local places, show spotlights on events, and inform where to buy tickets.

If the TV isn’t your primary source of entertainment, it can be a well of information to help you find the perfect way to spend your weekend.

Benefits Of An RV TV


Even though we’ve discussed the difficulties of view angles in this guide, most of these televisions come with an anti-glare coating on the screen.

You’re dealing with numerous sources of sunlight at various angles when you’re on the road, all of which can interfere with viewing the TV, especially if the RVers are watching it while you’re driving.

Internal Chassis

Depending on your RV setup, you can forgo the stand and secure your TV by embedding it in the wall.

The internal chassis keeps the TV perfectly still and straight throughout your ride, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it while you’re on a bumpy road.

Wide Temperature Function Range

Family Wathcing RV TV

Normal televisions are designed for home use.

You know, the place that’s always at a reasonable, comfortable temperature. Your motorhome isn’t always going to be perfectly warm, so you need a wider operating temperature.

Let your adventurous spirit and the road take you anywhere beautiful — don’t be restricted by your gear.

Regular TVs In An RV Issues

Breakage And Movement While Driving

Even if you have a proper stand and screw it in safely, a regular TV isn’t built to withstand the sway and shock of moving around.

If you get a TV that’s designed with campers in mind (many are designed for boat use as well), you’ll see that the stand/actual TV build is much sturdier. This is one of the main reasons why you should go for an RV TV.

No Resistance Against Humidity

You can’t keep the conditions in your motorhome 100% perfect, especially when you’re traveling around the country to new and exciting areas.

RV TVs have humidity resistance, so you won’t end up with electrical issues or damaged components from the weather.

Additional Purchases To Rig

Installing TV Lift

You’ll have to get a mounting bracket for a standard TV, which means you’ll end up with additional costs and screws in the wall.

Standard TVs come with stands because they’re not meant to have a versatile setup.

The less you do to get everything set up and working, the better off you’ll be.

Regular TVs In An RV Upsides


It’s true — you’ll most likely spend less money on a standard TV, but again, you’ll have to consider mounting it and how much that system is going to cost.

Initial costs are usually lower because standard TVs don’t have humidity and vibration protection as opposed to RV TVs.

Easy To Find

Woman Worker In Walmart Looking At TVs

You’ve probably already noticed that 2 of the TVs we’ve reviewed are under the SuperSonic brand name.

That’s because there aren’t many companies that make RV TVs, which makes them a lot harder to find.

This isn’t the case with standard TVs. You can visit any Walmart store and find a row of TVs under different brand names that come in various sizes and include different features.

However, almost none of them will be appropriate for your RV.

Things To Consider

RV Size

Bigger is usually better, but when it comes to your TV, there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Having an oversized TV in your RV will eventually become an annoying inconvenience.

Remember: you can still get a lot of value from a smaller screen.

DVD Options

You’re not always going to have access to cable or satellite TV, which is why it’s smart to have a backup plan.

While not a lot of folks are using DVDs these days, they do have their place.

There’s no access to Netflix when you’re out on a desolate highway and your teenager wants to watch a movie. Having a built-in DVD player and a small collection of movies can certainly save the day.

TV Size

So, we just told you not to get a TV that’s too big, but let us remind you that you don’t want to sacrifice your viewing pleasure.

To make the right choice, we advise you to measure your space, look for suitable TV sizes, and understand how it’s going to impact the price.

With RV TVs, you can get a great model around 24” for a hundred bucks if you’re looking for a budget-friendly pick.


Look for USB, HDMI, PC cable slots, and anything else that can make your RV TV a lot more user-friendly.

This gives you the option to view media from your local laptop storage, format and fill a USB drive with films, or simply use the TV as a music player for those riding in the back of the vehicle.


You need to conserve as much energy as possible when you’re driving, especially if you’re waylaid by rain and can’t run a portable generator.

In such instances, there’s not much to do, so relaxing and watching an energy-efficient TV is a great way to pass the time without draining your battery. Look out for Energy Star ratings and kWh usage.

Let us remind you to invest in an RV-friendly TV because these units use much less power compared to standard ones.

Mounting Options

Man Installing TV In RV

Is the RV TV flush with the designated TV space or do you need to mount everything freshly on the wall?

This depends mostly on your RV, as the TVs we’ve selected have some kind of mounting option.

How Do I Mount My 12 Volt RV TV?

You’re going to have to choose between two options.

You’ll either utilize the hanging sections in the rear of your TV’s chassis or you’ll have to grab a wall mounting kit.

You’ve seen these brackets holding up 60”+ televisions on the wall before.

You’ll want to inspect your RV beforehand and determine if there’s a way to hang it flush with the wall.

This is going to ensure the least amount of invasiveness, less drilling and running wires, etc.

If your RV didn’t come with an area that’s flush for the TV to hang on, you could always use the included stand and screw it into a counter or table.

This is more of a last-ditch effort but will work just fine if you need to secure your RV TV while driving.

Your New Mobile Entertainment

Whichever RV TV you decide on, you’ll be improving your RV experience.

Not every minute can be filled and flooded with excitement and adventure, which is precisely why we have televisions: to cull the boredom.

Keep in mind that you might also need a few gadgets that will make your life much easier, especially if you’re determined to spend a lot of time in your mobile home.

Do check them out! Grab the right fit for you, install it carefully, and hit the road! Happy RVing!


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  1. Thanks for all the great info. My ideal solution for my camper van is to have a thin 12V TV that I can simply plug in a USB flash drive with movies on it and play directly on the TV. I see most of these say “USB compatible” but I don’t know if that actually means the TV has a built-in media player or can simply allow USB input from a computer or can use it to load new firmware updates, etc. Is this something you tested?

  2. I think Sceptre E246BD-SMQK TV also a good TV for RV because it just needs only one remote control for the DVD player and TV, DVD and TV combination, excellent performance. And the most important thing is economical for its energy star rating. I think you can put it on your list. However, I still very like your blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing, your ideal solutions were useful for me and I think I found the real place where can I find anything about RV. I will follow more of your article.

  4. Jerry uhlenbrock

    I find my NAXA TV has very poor sound. Most RVs will run their AC when camping and the AC makes my NAXA inaudible. I need tv with a speaker outlet to be able to hear. Any suggestions?

  5. My question also, I am seeking a 12v TV I can plug a USB stick into and play MP4 movies. Is this what USB comparability indicates

  6. SuperSonic is a lightweight TV with a great picture. I have it plugged into an external speaker so the sound is great, too. Even without that, the sound isn’t too bad. I found out you need to select “source” and then “DVD” in order for the DVD player to accept the disc you insert. It worked great and uses very little power. I have an RV and it’s nice to not have to start up the generator to watch TV.

  7. We got the TV to replace a 19″ Jensen that died in our motorhome. The old one had side speakers, the new one didn’t. Since there was extra room we sent the 19″ back and got its 24″ big brother. It took some minor modification to the mounting hardware, but it’s in and working fine.

  8. Thanks for the article. Are you aware of any flip down smart TV for my Sprinter? I want to mount it on the ceiling. Also common are you aware of any 12 volt smart tvs that utilise Bluetooth so that I can use wireless speakers? Thank you.

  9. I bought Sceptre TV DVD Combination. I am actually skeptical about considering this RV TV DVD combo as one of the televisions for RV’s after seeing some of the previous reviews, but there’s something about this product that makes it a great investment. And the only drawback with this product is that the sound is rather poor, but can still be fixed. Overall, I am pleased with the performance of this TV DVD Combination.

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