Best Shotgun Cases for Ultimate Protection: Travel with Confidence


The best shotgun case does not only protect your gun from damage but also keeps it safe. Safety is primary for a responsible shotgun owner.

You always want to protect your shotgun the best way possible. Whether you are carrying a gun or it is in storage, the best soft shotgun case keeps your weapon safe.

We’ll rank the best soft shotgun case in terms of features, style, and durability.

At the end we’ll answers several commonly asked questions about the best shotgun cases and shotgun care.

5 Best Shotgun Cases For Hunting

Shopping for a shotgun case can be daunting. It becomes even more time-consuming if you have no previous experience in purchasing this storage product.

Therefore, our Buying Guide takes the legwork out of this process on your behalf by reviewing the best five shotgun cases for you.

Each of these best shotgun case reviews includes the specs, pros, and cons of the best soft shotgun cases in the market. This review assists you in narrowing down your choices based on your style and the size of your shotgun.

This best shotgun case review is straightforward enough to help you make an intelligent decision when shopping for the best shotgun traveling case.

1. Winner: Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Shotgun Case

Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Shotgun Case
1,776 Reviews
Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Shotgun Case
  • Ballistic nylon
  • Single scoped rifle case
  • Durable nylon water-resistant outer shell

The Pit Bull shotgun travel case is our top pick in the soft shotgun case category. Apart from durability and ease of transport, it is made from water-resistant nylon material. 

As a result, this product is by far the best soft shotgun case for protecting your weapon against the elements. In addition, the Pit Bull soft shotgun case accommodates weapon sizes up to a 12-gauge shotgun.


  • Material: Ballistic nylon or soft leather.  
  • Padding: The Pit Bull shotgun case has 1,5” soft cell padding. Other products have 5/8” close cell soft padding.
  • Water-resistant: The casing’s outer shell has durable nylon making it water-resistant, which is the best case to keep a shotgun from rusting.


  • The laminated inner lining makes this best shotgun travel case soft and scratch-resistant.
  • You can fit both scope and non-scoped shotguns in this casing which supports convenience and usability.
  • The durable outer shell adds an extra layer of protection from harm.
  • The high-quality material case is large enough to carry a 12-gauge shotgun and has an easy pistol grip carry handle.
  • There is enough space in this tactical shotgun case to carry an extra barrel.
  • The full zipper provides convenience for opening and closing the case.
  • It is water-resistant to keep your gun from rusting and is the best soft shotgun case for rainy weather.


  • There is no extra compartment for storage.
  • This best shotgun soft case does not have a shoulder strap.
  • Padding is a little thin in places.

Product Information

  • Locking: Non-locking
  • Weight: 1.60 lbs.
  • Model: Pit Bull
  • Interior dimensions: 44”x2”x10”
  • Manufacturer: Bulldog Cases
  • Color: Black

2. Runner-up: Allen Company Eliminator Shotgun Case

Allen Company Eliminator Shotgun Case
852 Reviews
Allen Company Eliminator Shotgun Case
  • DESIGNED FOR SHOTGUNS: Keep your gun safe and securely zipped inside...
  • SOFT CASE: This 52-inch gun bag has dense foam padding and rugged...
  • VERSATILE USE: Our case can also be used for any long gun under 52...

We rank the eliminator shotgun case as second in this best shotgun case review for multiple reasons.

This best soft shotgun case has a heavy-duty exterior made of Endura fabric. In addition, it is the best shotgun case for duck hunting as it contains additional storage compartments.

Whether you need to go hunting, visit the shooting range, or store your weapon between activities, this soft shotgun case comes in handy in any situation.

Unlike the hard shotgun case, the Eliminator has a padded pocket for more storage.


  • Material: Manufactured using a rugged Endura fabric exterior, making it durable and flexible.
  • Padding: It has a dual-layer of foam padding and padded pockets.
  • Water-resistant: The quilted and non-absorbent liner is water-resistant. It will protect your shotgun from rust when thoroughly cleaned.


  • The Eliminator Olive Tan shotgun soft case has an extra compartment. You can carry tools such as a penknife or a supply of bullets inside the compartment.
  • A double-layer foam padding gives this soft shotgun case more durability.
  • A non-absorbent liner means that this best shotgun soft case protects your shotgun from rusting.
  • Hunting enthusiasts will appreciate this best soft shotgun case for its lockable feature for greater security.
  • This best shotgun travel case comes with choke tube slots. You can carry extra choke tubes when you go hunting, depending on your preference.
  • Allen Company Eliminator’s soft shotgun case fits weapons up to 52” long.


  • There is no shoulder strap on this case. It is hard to carry the best shotgun case comfortably for duck hunting over long distances with no shoulder strap.
  • Some customers point out that the inner lining material is of poor quality, which means less protection of your shotgun due to the fabric being thin and fragile.
  • The soft exterior is brittle. You can easily tear it with your shotgun’s op-rod handle, which does not make for a good hard shotgun case.

Product Information

  • Locking: Lockable
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs.
  • Model: 820-52
  • Interior dimensions: 52”x2”x8”
  • Manufacturer: Allen Company
  • Color: Brown

3. Bulldog Cases Tactical Shotgun Case

Bulldog Cases Tactical Shotgun Case
  • Fits most Pistol Grip & Tactical Shotguns. Case Measurements are...
  • 1 3/4" Total Soft Padding W/ Tricot Scratch Resistant Inner Lining
  • Full Length Heavy Duty Zipper & Zipper Pull

The Bulldog Tactical Shotgun Case is our best shotgun soft case alternative. It is suitable for people who value an organized and tactical shotgun case. In the best shotgun case review, it ranks third and is ideal for someone who likes carrying extra ammo and accessories.

Although this is not a hard shotgun case, it comes with great features and accessories. You can choose this soft shotgun case to protect your weapon whether you are going to the shooting range or hunting.

The Bulldog Tactical Shotgun Case is the best shotgun travel case for the protection of your weapon. This tactical shotgun case is also suitable for storing shotguns with a pistol grip.

There is nothing worse than your shotgun getting scratches inside a case. That is why the Bulldog Tactical shotgun case has a brushed interior. Its unique interior prevents scratches on your weapon’s finish.


  • Material: Ballistic Nylon.
  • Padding: It has a thick total soft padding of 1,75”.
  • Water-resistant: It is water-resistant.


  • This best soft shotgun case comes with two extra side pockets. The tactical shotgun pockets have hidden elastic shell loops. You can store up to twelve shells in one pocket. Extra pockets give you room for other accessories when you go hunting or to the shooting range.
  • A water-resistant exterior is the best case to keep your shotgun from rusting.
  • The outer shell is soft and durable.
  • It has a scratch-resistant tricot to protect the finishes of your shotgun.
  • The ballistic nylon is tough and thick, making the tactical shotgun case sturdy even in extreme conditions.
  • Customers will enjoy additional accessories such as remote switch lights and a trace laser.
  • The Bulldog tactical shotgun case comes with generous padding and a high-quality zipper.
  • This best soft shotgun case is suitable for shotguns with either a pistol grip or a folding stock.


  • Shotguns with 20” barrels won’t fit in this case unless you modify your shotgun’s buttstock.
  • It does not provide hooks for a shoulder strap, which is uncomfortable to carry if you’re walking long distances when hunting.
  • It is not lockable. Your shotgun is easily accessible to anyone.

Product Information

  • Locking: Non-lockable
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs.
  • Model: BD492
  • Interior dimensions: 33”x1.5”x8”
  • Manufacturer: Bulldog Cases
  • Color: Black

4. Waxaya Soft Shotgun Case

Waxaya Soft Shotgun Case
  • Soft Shotgun Gun Case dimension:Exterior 48" x 9.8";Interior 46" x...
  • Full-length zipper:Full zipper to allow case to be opened up and lay...
  • Multifunctional: The gun case for rifle is shockproof and sturdy,...

Our Buying Guide ranks the Waxaya Soft Shotgun case as fourth on the list of the best soft shotgun cases. Enjoy a hunting adventure, tactical activity, or shooting at the range using this best soft shotgun case for scoped rifles.

This best shotgun case travel review brings out unique specs that make this case among the best product purchases for hunting. In addition, its unique features make it one of the best multifunctional best shotgun soft cases for use in any gun-related activity.


  • Material: 600D nylon fabric. 
  • Padding: Soft padding protects your shotgun from scratches.
  • Water-resistant: Waxaya Soft Shotgun case is water-resistant.


  • The Waxaya soft shotgun case is lockable to provide maximum safety. In addition, you can use an excellent padlock to ensure that your weapon does not get into the wrong hands.
  • It contains extra compartments to carry other accessories. You can store your rifle and still have enough side pockets for ammo or slings, making it the best shotgun case for duck hunting.
  • It can fit scoped rifles of up to 46” in length.
  • The Waxaya Soft Shotgun case is multifunctional. Whether you are going for hunting, shooting range, tactical activity, or traveling, this is the best soft shotgun case for you.
  • A full-length zipper provides easy accessibility to your shotgun.
  • The material and color of the soft shotgun case protect your shotgun while giving you an excellent choice of camouflage.
  • This soft shotgun case includes slots for a sling or shoulder strap. So you can conveniently carry this case with you on long walks in the woods.
  • Fabric construction of 600D nylon fabric is best for keeping your shotgun from rusting.
  • A padded handle also gives you comfort when carrying this best soft shotgun case.


  • More padding is needed for maximum comfort at the handle.
  • Color choices are limited.
  • You cannot fit riffles longer than 46” into this soft shotgun case.

Product Information

  • Locking: Non-lockable
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.
  • Model: B08HJ7YGMF
  • Interior dimensions: 46”x9.4”
  • Manufacturer: Waxaya
  • Color: Black, ACU, Camouflage

5. Flambeau Outdoors 6448Sc

Flambeau Outdoors Shotgun Case
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The heavy-duty polymer construction of the...
  • SECURE LONG GUN STORAGE: This case is designed to fit (1) scoped rifle...
  • EASY-TO-CARRY: The Express Gun Case is designed to go with you...

If you are a fan of hard shotgun cases, go for the Flambeau Outdoors 6448C 48” Express Gun Case. 

Whether you own a shotgun or a scoped rifle, this hard shotgun case will serve you well. It guarantees the safety and portability of your shotgun for both travel, and it is the best shotgun case for duck hunting.

The construction of this hard shotgun case is rugged. The heavy-duty polymer material is robust, giving your gun maximum protection when in storage. This shotgun casing also consists of convoluted padding to protect your weapon against wear and tear.

Hunters can worry less about safety thanks to the unique lockable design of this product.

The lightweight material used in construction and the low-profile handle make it easy to carry your gun wherever you want. Spend more time outdoors hunting or at the shooting range, thanks to the portability of the best hard shotgun case.


  • Material: Heavy-duty polymer material for strength and durability.
  • Padding: Secure inner padding.  
  • Water-resistance: It is water-resistance, making this the best case for keeping your shotgun from rusting.


  • This best hard shotgun case can fit either a 46” rifle or a shotgun with its scope.
  • This best shotgun case for duck hunting is easily portable. You can put it at the back of your vehicle without worrying about damage.
  • The rugged material used in construction provides durability and strength, making it the best shotgun travel case.
  • Four lockable snap-tight hasps help to keep your rifle secure all the time, no matter how rough the outdoor activity.
  • A soft inner lining is yet another feature that gives your shotgun maximum protection from scratches.
  • All hunters value extra features in a tactical shotgun case, and this one has enough storage space for your ammo and other small accessories.


  • Carrying this hard shotgun case for long distances can be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this tactical shotgun case falls short in that it does not have soft padding on the handle to protect your hands.
  • You cannot fit a shotgun or rifle longer than 46” in this casing. There is also limited space for a gun scope in this product.
  • Anyone can unlatch the locks as these are not secure and don’t restrict access by unauthorized shotgun users.
  • This hard shotgun case does not have thick foam inside to hold the shotgun in one place.

Product Information

  • Model: 6448SC 48″ Express Gun Case
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.
  • Interior dimensions: 46”x10”x3.50”
  • Manufacturer: Flambeau
  • Color: Black


Large shotgun case

We provide well-researched answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about shotgun cases. Purchasing the best shotgun case for duck hunting has never been easy. Many people often wonder what to look for in the best shotgun or tactical shotgun case.

As a shotgun owner or a potential owner, you should understand the importance of a shotgun case. Understand whether a shotgun fits in a rifle case or even if you need a shotgun case for your weapon.

Does the law allow you to travel with a shotgun in your vehicle, and what makes for the best shotgun case?

This best shotgun case review provides many details about the best soft shotgun and hard shotgun cases to protect your weapon.

When it comes to purchasing a shotgun, here are some of the FAQs that should answer several of your questions.

Will a shotgun fit in a rifle case?

Best Shotgun Cases for Ultimate Protection: Travel with Confidence 1

Yes, most pump-action shotguns or semi-auto weapons will fit in the best shotgun case. Shotgun classification goes according to gauges. Gauge measurements follow the diameter of the bore and the size of the shotshell.

When the gauge number is small, the bore is larger. A shotgun, being among one of the early inventions in the world of guns, is relatively larger than other guns.

Most rifle cases can fit weapons up to 48”. Larger shotguns can typically fit into a rifle case if you modify the case. However, shotgun case modifications should consider the safety, security, and softness of the inner lining of the case.

Remember, safety comes first, and you should consider this element if you plan on modifying a shotgun case.   

Does a shotgun need a case?

Benefits and safety measures of shotgun cases

Like any other shotgun, the weapon and ammunition require the best shotgun case for storage while traveling. A shotgun case is essential because it keeps the gun safe from harm during transportation and storage.

The best soft shotgun cases also often have a design that includes waterproof materials. These waterproof materials make the best cases to keep your shotgun from rusting. Shotgun cases are also designed to be lightweight for better portability.

Thick padding holds the shotgun in place and cushions it in case of impact. Soft padding at the handle also protects your hand from harm when carrying the case.

The best soft shotgun cases are also customized to meet airline standards for packing. You are not allowed to travel by air without having the best shotgun travel case.

Shotgun cases also have another vital feature that is vital for the safety of others. It is more challenging for children to access these weapons when the best shotgun case has a secure locking mechanism. You also get to limit damage to the shotgun when you store it in a closed casing.

If you go for field training, you also need the best tactical shotgun case. You can carry several shells and other accessories using the side pockets in the best tactical shotgun case.

Choose from any of the products listed in this best shotgun case review to purchase the most appropriate casing for your storing and carrying needs. 

Can you keep a shotgun in your car?

Shotgun car set hangers

You can travel with a shotgun in your vehicle. However, the government provides guidelines concerning transporting shotguns in cars. For example, one State guideline is to store your shotgun in a safe shotgun case. Therefore, always ensure that you choose the best shotgun case that provides maximum safety when traveling with a gun in your vehicle.

If you leave a shotgun inside a car, it should be adequately hidden inside a case. You should preferably place the gun in a case and store it out of sight under the vehicle seat, behind them, or in a locked trunk. In addition, you should ensure that you always lock the vehicle and protect it with a working alarm system to curb theft.

When traveling with a shotgun in your car, the federal government provides an act that stipulates rules to govern this activity. For example, the Safe Passage Act states that shotguns should be unloaded and away from the passenger compartment during travel.

You can also carry your shotgun in case of any life-threatening situation, provided it is concealed, and you have a permit. It is also vital that you check specific State laws to be on the safe side when traveling with a weapon.

What makes a good gun case?

Best Shotgun Cases for Ultimate Protection: Travel with Confidence 2

For one, to completely conceal your gun, you should have the best shotgun case. For a gun case to be considered good, it must contain certain features.

The first and most crucial consideration is the size of the case. Your shotgun should fit snugly in the case to avoid the gun from moving. Next, determine the shotgun gauge and purchase a case that is right for its size.  

Select the best soft shotgun case where the outer lining is rugged, waterproof, and is made from rip-stop to resist tears.

The straps of the best shotgun case for duck hunting should be adjustable to fit shoulder size and strong enough to avoid tearing or breaking.

The best shotgun case is also one that is light and portable. Your shotgun case should consist of a firm, soft inner padding that provides adequate cushioning from bumps during travel and hunting.

Strong straps and handles are essential to have a better grip on the case while in the woods. If the casing is not secure, you can modify the best shotgun case with internal tie-down systems.

The best tactical shotgun case should also be anti-scratch.

Some of the best shotgun cases have additional compartments. For example, extra pockets create room for the storage of bullets and accessories.

Go through our best shotgun case review to learn more about the best shotgun cases available.


Hunters may find it challenging and overwhelming to search for the best shotgun case for their weapons. Take the time to go through this Buying Guide to select one that works the best for your specific shotgun or rifle.

When traveling, purchase the best shotgun travel case in line with State laws. The best shotgun case provides a snug fit and complete protection for your weapon. Any of the best soft shotgun cases should also be large enough to accommodate a rifle.


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  1. The version I have is called the Remington Premier Gun Case. This is for the scoped rifle, which has a larger comb and retails for about $40. It has nylon carry handles but no shoulder strap. There is a side pocket that holds a few cases of 12 gauge shot.

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