Best Rifle Cases for Superior Security: Preserve and Protect

Rifle cases are a crucial part of any outdoorsman’s equipment.

Used to keep your rifle and ammo safe, secure, and dry while out in the elements, a rifle case is a necessary addition to any hunting trip.

Some of the best rifle cases come in a wide range of makes and designs, from hard and soft cases to leather and polyester or other man-made materials and can be one size fits most or tailor-made to fit your rifle of choice.

In Hurry? Here’s The Best Rifle Case

Plano AW Double Scoped Rifle Case

Plano AW Double Scoped Rifle Case
1,155 Reviews
Plano AW Double Scoped Rifle Case
  • ‘Pluck to fit’ customisable foam inner
  • Lockable Dual stage latches
  • Pressure release valve

Why is it better?

  • ‘Pluck to fit’ customisable foam inner
  • Pressure release valve
  • Easy glide wheels

5 Best Rifle Cases

With that in mind, let’s now take a closer look at our top picks.

Let’s dive into the specifics and review each rifle case individually. You can use the list below to jump and review specific models, or you can read along and go through all the information.

Plano AW Double Scoped Rifle Case

Plano AW Double Scoped Rifle Case
1,155 Reviews
Plano AW Double Scoped Rifle Case
  • ‘Pluck to fit’ customisable foam inner
  • Lockable Dual stage latches
  • Pressure release valve

Plano’s known for being one of the most durable case brands out there, so I put it to the test by beating the hell out of this thing through extended use. It wouldn’t budge.

Built with a seriously dense exterior, this thing doesn’t budge for any reason. The pressure lock dual stage latches create a tight grip on the rifles inside, while the pluck to fit foam liner lets you contour your rifle to the case.

You don’t have to go shopping for one that’s already designed for your gun. On top of everything else, the maneuverability is pretty solid as well.

Gliding wheels along the bottom of the case make this super easy to transport, even if it’s just from your walkway into the back of your truck. Every little bit helps. Those wheels aren’t going to be of much use in the mud, so at the point, you will be carrying this.

Good news it there are two handles placed strategically to give you some of the best grip possible, and make moving this from the campsite back to your vehicle an absolute breeze. You’re getting a case to protect your gun, plain and simple.

It’s one area you shouldn’t skimp on, and Plano makes sure that above all else, your rifle will be locked down like Fort Knox.

Pelican V770 Multi-Purpose Rifle Case

Pelican V770 Multi-Purpose Rifle Case
727 Reviews
Pelican V770 Multi-Purpose Rifle Case
  • RUGGED PROTECTION: Crushproof high-impact polymer multi-purpose case,...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Cases are sealed against moisture and dust for...
  • FOAM: Comes with standard density foam that can be cut for a...

Pelican’s a pricier rifle case, but you pay for what you want to protect.

This high quality case comes made from high density plastic with a padded foam interior for cradling your rifle from A to B.

Because there’s no precut lining, it contours to your gun’s shape without sinking or sagging over time.

That’s excellent, but my favorite aspect has to be that somehow, they made the case itself fairly lightweight.

It’s not going to kill your back to lift this up. When you’re lugging items to and from the campsite during an all-weekend hunt, every single pound of carry weight counts.

Utilizing four heavy duty latches, this locks your gun into place and gives four separate points to add padlocks or a chain lock if you wish. These cases are designed to last well beyond the years that this rifle turns into an antique, so you’re making a one-time purchase.

Even if you knock this around a bit in the back of your truck on in the rafters in the garage, the shockproof design isn’t going to give out on you.

Savior Equipment Double Long Rifle Case

Savior Equipment Tactical Rifle Case
18,307 Reviews
Savior Equipment Tactical Rifle Case
  • [ULTRA DURABLE] - Constructed With Heavy Duty Industrial 600D PVC...
  • [ULTRA SPACIOUS] - Holds 2 Rifles & 2 Pistols w/ Additional Pocket...
  • [ULTRA SAFE] - Lockable Zipper Sliders On Both Firearm Compartments

It’s not a hard case, but it is majorly convenient when you need it.

If you’re heading out to hunt and don’t feel like having the bulky design of a hard plastic case, I understand, and so does Savior Equipment.

Using the durable zipper system combined with the straps along the interior, this case holds onto your guns without letting them knock around.

Even if they do, those zippers are built sturdily enough to prevent anything bad from happening to your rifle or assault rifle.

Made from a 600D PVC nylon blend, I would trust this thing to support my entire body. It’s a material grade that you only hear good things about. The higher the denier rating (hence 600D), the better it is.

But that’s not it. There’s a lifetime warranty on this, and having already owned Savior Equipment tactical gear, I can attest to its quality.

I expect to have it for as long as they say. One issue I had when I ordered the Drab Green from the sales page is that it holds a chemical smell for a few days after you open it. From my understanding, the other colors don’t run into this problem.

NcSTAR Double Carbine Rifle Case

NcSTAR Double Carbine Rifle Case
3,246 Reviews
NcSTAR Double Carbine Rifle Case
  • 45L"X11"H padded main compartment to secure and hold two Rifles,...
  • The secondary compartment is loaded with pockets to store extras such...
  • The three large exterior pockets (2 each 7"H X 5"W and 1 each 7"H X...

Soft rifle cases are either a hit or a miss.

I tested more than just the ones that you’re seeing on this list, and there were plenty of disappointments (and returns, for that matter).

NC Star rose above the rest. With a padded interior compartment, it cradles your rifle regardless of the size.

When you inspect the whole thing, the heavy duty zippers and multiple buckle contact points not only make it feel tactical, but provide a more comfortable feel to it.

The buckle straps are adjustable and don’t drag on the ground as well. Your handles are completely padded, reducing the amount of strain it can put on you.

Carrying your guns, whether to the range or out to the campsite during a long hunt, can often be bulky and make it look like you don’t know what you’re doing. These soft cases make it a little bit easier.

On top of that, there’s also a water resistant and chemical resistant finish to this, thanks to the heavy duty PVC that’s included in the rest of the construction.

Utilize the exterior pockets to put in a red dot sight, extra rounds, or store your empty shells so you can learn how to reload your own ammo later. Either way, it’s a versatile case.

Plano Single Scoped Rifle Case

Plano Single Scoped Rifle Case
7,543 Reviews
Plano Single Scoped Rifle Case
  • PLANO PROTECTOR DOUBLE GUN CASE: Defend your firearms from damage with...
  • CARRY WITH CONFIDENCE: Thick walled construction with interior...
  • TSA APPROVED FIREARM TRAVEL CASE: Features heavy duty latches to...

Plano made the top and bottom of the list. You get what you pay for, and when you go on the cheaper side of anything, you’re going to come across some trade-offs.

That’s not to say that Plano’s simple rifle case isn’t good, it’s just not as resistant. You get four durable clasps that snap into place, as well as a few stands on the bottom when you need to prop this up beside you.

The handle is comfortable for short term walking, but hard plastic is, well, hard plastic—I recommend getting a velcro and fabric strap for around it. It also counts as an extra measure of protection to ensure it doesn’t open.

It’s plastic, and not listed as heavy duty, either. I would use this as a storage case, but bring it out as little as possible. More like a measure to protect your guns while at home.

This grade of plastic is prone to chipping, so be a little gentle when you snap the locks on, and consider keeping it out of the garage to prevent degradation during those hot summer months.

This is better than leaving the gun on a simple rack, but not the best defense on the market for your rifle.

Rifle Case Purpose

best rifle cases

Rifle cases are designed to hold onto your rifle when not in use.

This protects it from dust, debris and general damage that could otherwise happen, but that’s not where it ends. Rifle cases can:

Protect From Weather

Major changes in temperatures (usually outside or in garage storage), light rain, and humidity.

That last thing you want is your attached scope to fog up when you’re not even using it.

Protect From Water Damage

Waterproofing and waterproofing are two different things entirely. When something is waterproof, it receives an IP/IPX rating.

These will also account for dust resistance, but they’re mostly here to tell you how waterproof something is.

Lower ratings mean that it will resist rain or light moisture, but the highest ratings are what submersible phones use for their waterproofing.

A high rating might even be able to make your case waterproof during a flood.

Lock Up Your Gun Without A Safe

Intruder alert—what are you going to do?

While there are some great one touch gun safes out there, you might live in the middle of a big plot of land with plenty of open space.

A pistol isn’t going to be enough to defend your home.

These gun cases are a quicker way to access your guns while still keeping them locked up and away from children or incompetent people.

There are tons of other benefits of owning a gun case, including travelling more safely, in some cases using them as approved methods of transporting guns on boats and highways, and complying with local laws while moving a weapon from state to state.

Types Of Rifle Cases

rifle cases types

Just like different hunting situations call for different rifles, it’s important to pick the right rifle case to fit your unique hunting needs.

Not only can having the right rifle case make transporting your equipment in and out of your hunting site that much easier, it can help protect your rifle from the elements and make sure you have everything you need close at hand when you need it most.

Here are some of the most common types of rifle cases and their uses.


The first kind of rifle case is the soft case.

A soft rifle case can be more square in design or made to fit closer to the barrel of the gun in a triangular design made to take up less space.

The perks of these cases are that they are lightweight and easy to carry into your hunting site or tree stand without adding too much additional weight.

On top of this, they can come with a wide range of pockets and compartments to make storing your bird calls, ammunition, and hunting knives that much easier.

The downside of a soft case is that it is less likely to protect your rifle from jostling and more hostile weather conditions, such as pouring rain or snow.

They are also slightly less durable than a hard case but come in a wider range of materials and general sizes than hard cases do and can feature over the shoulder or handle straps.


The second kind of rifle case is the hard case.

These cases are similar to a lock box or plastic suitcase in design and are meant for long-term storage and transport. They can be made for longer rifles or short rifles and are often times made to store rifles that have been disassembled.

These are great for storing your rifles at home or for transporting multiple rifles from one location to another. However, due to their bulkier nature, hard cases are not ideal for hiking into hunting locations as they can add unneeded weight to your pack and can be unwieldy.

However, they do provide an additional level of protection against the elements and from general jostling as they usually feature a padded interior to protect your rifle from bumps and scrapes.

Hard rifle cases are usually made from plastic or another manmade material in order to allow them to be the as resilient as possible.

Whether looking for a long-term storage option or the perfect rifle case for your next hunting trip, making sure you invest in the best rifle case for your rifle can help prevent damages to your weapon of choice and can make your next foray into the outdoors go that much smoother.

Features To Look For In Rifle Cases

rifle outside of a rifle case

Waterproof seals. While it’s not likely to happen, what if you stored this in your garage (with a lock on the case latch, of course) and there was a flood?

Water getting into this case could possibly ruin your gun. At the very least, it’ll ruin the case.

Cases are designed to protect from water damage, dust, and general disrepair from leaving them idle for too long.

If it’s a hard case that’s built tough with high grade materials, as we mentioned earlier, then you’re good to go.


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