Best Boonie Hat For Hunting Trips: Gear Up for Success

Best Boonie Hat For Hunting

The best Boonie hat is versatile. You can use these Boonie hats for protection against the elements in any outdoor activity.

Are you ready to elevate your hunting experience?

Discover the top picks for the best boonie hats that offer excellent protection, comfort, and camouflage for your hunting adventures.

Find the perfect boonie hat to enhance your outdoor performance and keep you stealthy in the field.

5 Best Boonie Hats On The Market

TRU-SPEC Multicam Boonie Hat
More Information
Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat - Breathable Lightweight Wicking Protection
More Information
Dorfman-Pacific Weathered Outback Hat With Chin Cord (XX-Large, Brown)
More Information
LETHMIK Outdoor Waterproof Boonie Hat Wide Brim Breathable Hunting Fishing Safari Sun Hat Grey
More Information
Rapiddominance Boonies, Black, Small
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Our Buying Guide showcases the top five best Boonie hats. Our choices are based on various factors such as the fabric, style, uses, pros, and cons. Another primary element for ranking these hats is to identify the best Boonie hat for hunting.

1. Winner: TRU-SPEC Military Boonie

TRU-SPEC Military Boonie
  • Adjustable Tactical Hat: This bucket hat with strings meets US...
  • Efficient Design: These sun hats for men feature brass screen vents to...
  • High-Performance Bucket Hats for Men: Our outdoor camo hat is perfect...

This Tru-Spec Boonie is the best camo Boonie, the best for military exercises, and the best all-around hat for sun protection. 

Whether you want the best Boonie for hunting, fishing, hiking, or any other leisure pursuit, this one comes out tops.

This best Boonie for hunting will make even the most discerning outdoorsman a happy camper. 

It comes with loads of extras like storage space and adjustable fittings.


Material: 50/50 nylon and cotton blend

Closure: No closure

Color: MultiCam


  • Tru-Spec men’s Boonie hat is excellent for protection against all-weather conditions.
  • Multiple storage space ensures you have somewhere to put your pocket knife, tin opener, and anything else that fits in small spaces.
  • An adjustable chin strap makes for an excellent fit.
  • A wide brim hat with Bemis seam tapes offers superior protection when exploring the outdoors.
  • The MultiCam color design is available in Tropic, Arid, Black, Desert 3-Color, and Army Digital for extra protection when hunting game.
  • This best Boonie hat for the sun is also available at an affordable price, despite its high-quality material and superior design features.
  • This best military Boonie hat brand by Tru-Spec ensures that the design caters to all extramural activities. Use this Boonie while hunting, hiking, camping, or simply enjoying a home barbecue.


  • One customer was disappointed with the advertising of this product as the brim was larger than shown in the image.
  • Note that this camo Boonie hat is not 100% content but a 50/50 nylon cotton blend.
  • Product information does not specify whether this is the best waterproof Boonie hat.
  • Wash to shrink to size if the fit is initially a bit loose.

Product Information

  • Imported
  • Hand Washable
  • Adjustable and meets military specs
  • Made from 100% cotton with a 50/50 nylon-cotton rip-stop and flexible chin strap with cord lock for an adjustable fit
  • Multiple loops to carry items and additional camouflage
  • Inbuilt map pocket

2. Runner Up – Sombriolet Sun Hat

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Boonie
2,637 Reviews
Outdoor Research Sombriolet Boonie
  • WATER RESISTANT SUN PROTECTION: A wide shade with a varied...
  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: The side vents and external breathable...
  • MULTIPLE USES: Whatever you are doing outside, this hat has you...

Try the Sombriolet sun hat as an ideal option for the best Boonie hat for hiking. 

If you’re not into hiking, this men’s Boonie hat provides excellent protection no matter what activity you choose.

Our Buying Guide features this best Boonie hat as second on the list because of its moisture-wicking material. 

If you’re standing for long hours fishing, for example, add some sun protection lotion to your face and neck, and you’re set for the day.


Material: 18% nylon, 14% polyester

Closure: Pull-on closure mechanism

Color: Multiple options


  • This product is not the best waterproof Boonie hat, but it doesn’t need to be waterproof. Unique materials ensure this hat is water-resistant, which keeps your face dry in sweltering conditions due to moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Breathable panels and airy side vents help prevent excess sweat while the headband is moisture-absorbent.
  • Keep the sun off your face with a firm brim that includes foam-stiffening support.
  • No matter how active your outdoor activity becomes, you can use one hand to adjust the drawcord to keep your Boonie on your head. You can also remove the drawcord if it bothers you.
  • This best men’s Boonie hat is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 3.8 ounces.
  • Choose from multiple colors, including pumpkin, cascade, mars, dusk, fatigue, khaki, and others.
  • Use your Sombriolet best Boonie hat for sun on the beach, playing tennis, kayaking, or for any other activity during the hot summer months.


  • This best Boonie hat brand is reasonably priced, but some people may consider it to be on the expensive end.
  • The Boonie sides curve upwards, so don’t expect a hat with a flat brim if this product appeals to you.
  • The hat brim does not have stitching to reinforce it, so it can be a tad floppy.
  • An air pocket at the rear of the hat tends to pucker, which tends to spoil its overall appearance.

Product Information

  • Imported
  • Hand wash only
  • Water-resistant
  • Sun protection with a UPF 50+ rating
  • Moisture-wicking headband
  • Breathable side vents
  • Multiple-use best Boonie hat

3. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Boonie

Dorfman Pacific Men's Boonie
  • OUT IS IN – It’s not called the Outback hat for nothing. Built for...
  • PROPER PROTECTION – This old western hat isn’t just for show. With...
  • THAT’S NOT A HAT – THIS is a hat. With an interior brow band and...

Known as the outback hat due to its Aussie origins, this Dorfman best Boonie hat is truly stylish. 

With the leather appearance of this best men’s Boonie hat, you can take on a rugged look while testing your prowess outdoors. 

Despite the elegant look of this best Boonie, you still get the benefits of protection from sun, wind, and rain.


Material: 52% cotton, 48% polyester

Closure: None specified

Color: Black, brown, bark


  • This best men’s Boonie hat offers excellent breathability as an outback hat made from a mix of cotton and polyester.
  • The fabric combination also ensures that this product is strong, resistant to unsightly wrinkling and tears.
  • Although this best Boonie hat brand is attractive, it is also highly functional. Customers will enjoy its highly rated sun protection factor due to the hat’s broad brim. You will also revel in the fact that this best men’s Boonie hat affords 360-degree protection from adverse weather conditions for your face, ears, and nape.
  • The Boonie brim is a broad 2.7″, with adjustable shaping to suit any preference.
  • Step out into hot days with confidence in this men’s Boonie hat with its premium moisture-wicking properties.
  • Use the chin strap to adjust this western hat for comfort.


  • Some customers complain about receiving defective Boonie hats via the post. One complaint was that the crown peak was weak, making it look as if the product had been used or was due to a poor-quality check.
  • Sub-standard stitching was present in this best Boonie brand, which was disappointing for this customer.
  • Unfortunately, this is not the best waterproof Boonie hat, but neither is it made to be waterproof.

Product Information

  • Broad brim
  • Interior brow brand
  • UPF 50+ sun protection rating
  • Tear-resistant
  • Shapeable rim
  • Western-style

4. LETHMIK Summer Hunting Boonie

LETHMIK Summer Hunting Boonie
3,303 Reviews
LETHMIK Summer Hunting Boonie
  • LETHMIK is tending to the men and women who seeks Sleek style and High...
  • LETHMIK Outdoor Waterproof Boonie Hat Wide Brim Breathable Hunting...
  • FOLDABLE & CRUSHABLE - High quality materials and craftsmanship,...

LETHMIK makes the best Boonie hat for hiking, fishing, and any other outdoor activity you can conceive. Of all the men’s Boonie hats in this Buying Guide, this is the best waterproof Boonie hat on the list.

If you’re after an all-around, all-weather hat for any outdoor activity–this is the one. This Boonie hat has just about everything you would look for in an outdoor hat despite its low price.


Material: 100% Polyester

Closure: Drawstring closure

Color: Gray, black, beige


  • Suitable for women and men who want to look stylish, even in the outdoor environment.
  • This best waterproof Boonie hat has a wide brim for complete sun protection.
  • Quality stitching and support ensure that this Boonie hat retains its shape for years to come.
  • Lightweight polyester fabric weighing only 0.2 lbs. ensures an extra cooling feature in this product.
  • Additional cooling qualities of this Boonie hat include breathable mesh fabric on the crown and sides.
  • Your Boonie hat is foldable and crush-resistant to ensure you stay stylish. This hat takes up so little space that you can store it in your pocket when not in use.
  • An adjustable wind chin strap keeps this hat where it’s meant to be at all times.
  • Style your hat in various ways without losing its integrity.


  • Not machine washable.
  • Do not brush this Boonie hat, or it will negatively influence the fabric’s appearance.
  • Not all hat designs fit everyone. One customer claims that the hat depth is too much, leaving a large space of emptiness around his crown.
  • The fit of this hat is also not ideal for some people’s head shapes as it lies too far down on the forehead and covers the ears. Perhaps a smaller size would have been a better fit for this customer.

Product Information

  • Imported
  • Hand wash only
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Rear drawstring with adjustable elastic
  • Packable for easy travel
  • Adjustable brim for various style options
  • Air vents
  • Sizes available from 7-7 5/8 (22-24”)

5. Rapiddominance Boonies Hat

Rapiddominance Boonies Hat
810 Reviews
Rapiddominance Boonies Hat
  • Lightweight and crushable with flat top and floppy brim
  • 45-Percent Polyester, 55-Percent Cotton
  • Military specs

Rapiddominance is the best Boonie hat brand when it comes to camouflage. Avid outdoors people will also find this to be the best Boonie hat for the sun, whether you need it for military use or hunting.

Start your adventure in hiking, hunting, kayaking, or even gardening with protection to keep your head safe from challenging weather conditions. Consider this men’s Boonie hat if you love hunting season to make yourself invisible in forested areas.


Material: 45% polyester, 55% cotton

Closure: Drawstring closure

Color: Universal digital


  • Get your best camo Boonie hat in various colors, including black, digital woodland, khaki, olive, woodland, woodland digital, desert, digital universal.
  • The excellent universal digital color designs make this best men’s Boonie a perfect choice for military ops and hunting as you become virtually invisible against the landscape.
  • Available in sizes from small to XL.
  • The chin strap and secure cord lock ensure your Boonie stays on your head. The strap is also adjustable for comfort.
  • Carry this best military Boonie hat with you wherever you go because it is lightweight, crush resistance, and easily foldable. Military men should also find that this Boonie meets military specs.
  • Store valuable things in the multiple bands around the hat, including lighters, small tools, and other vital outdoor items.


  • Boonie hat quality and size vary between suppliers.
  • Some of these best Boonie hats are made in Vietnam, while others are manufactured in Bangladesh, resulting in product variations.
  • Due to various suppliers, the stitching quality also differs in these imports.
  • Depending on the supplier, these Boonie hats may come with different logos.

Product Information

  • Imported
  • Lightweight, crushable
  • Flat top and brim
  • Military specs
  • Secure cord lock on chin strap

Boonie Hat For Hunting FAQs

Boonie hat for hunting

The men’s Boonie hat has a fascinating history. This best Boonie hat was initially used in the military to protect forces from the heat in tropical climates. Now, the Boonie hat includes additional branch loops around the top for foliage to increase camouflage.

Read on to discover the uses of the best men’s Boonie hat and how it should fit. Learn whether Boonie hats are waterproof and several ways to clean your men’s Boonie hats in our FAQs section.

What is the best Boonie hat good for?

The best men’s Boonie hat is made from a firm fabric with extra stitching in specific areas like the brim for support. 

Other than containing branch loops around the crown in some hats, the Boonie hat also comes with mesh paneling and ventilation for cooling. Some of the best Boonie hats include fastening snaps to secure the sides of the hat, which give it the appearance of an Australian bush or giggle hat.

During the Vietnam War, the Boonie hat became popular to protect soldiers from the sun, rain, and wind. Many of the best military Boonie hats offer loads of protection from the weather, but their primary purpose is camouflage.

Soldiers insert sticks and leaves into the straps on their hats to blend in with their environments.

Other than making Boonie hats for tropical climates and foliage, manufacturers also create other camo Boonie hats to blend in with deserts and other environments.

Besides being the best military Boonie hats with a range of fascinating camo designs, these hats are suitable for other purposes. 

Many outdoors people wear these hats for hunting as it gives them an extra edge when stalking their prey.

Whether you’re into fishing, game hunts, duck hunting, or simply hiking or kayaking, the best Boonie hats for men provide vital protection from the elements.

Some men enjoy colorful Boonie hats to make a fashion statement while walking. Others wear their Boonie hats when gardening or enjoying an outdoor barbecue with the family. 

Many men and women will opt to wear the best Boonie hat for the sun while enjoying a day at the beach.

Whether you want the best waterproof Boonie hat or simply want to appear stylish in the best Boonie hat brand–this headgear is versatile and multipurpose.

How is a Boonie hat supposed to fit?

Boonie cap fit

Just as versatile as the men’s Boonie hat is in terms of use, it is equally versatile in how you choose to wear this hat type. You can exercise your style and practical preferences in several ways due to the retention strap on this headgear.

1. Loose front strap style

You can wear the retention strap hanging loosely around your neck when there is little wind around. If the wind does blow lightly from the front, this loose front strap style will still prevent loss as the Boonie hat will blow backward but seldom blow away.

Similarly, if you snag your Boonie hat on shrubbery while hunting, a loose front strap will prevent choking. And you will easily be able to retrieve your hat from the bush.

2. Loose rear strap style

You can choose the loose rear strap style to wear the best men’s Boonie hat. Simply tie the strap loosely and let it hang down your back. If it is a windy day and the wind is behind you, your hat may blow forwards, but the strap will keep it safe. You will need to experiment with retention strap length to prevent discomfort and ensure your hat doesn’t blow away altogether.

3. On top or underneath?

Opt to tie the retention strap on top of the hat or tie it up snugly underneath it. These two methods provide stylish versatility in calm weather conditions. Choose which one is comfortable for you.

4. Go strapless

You can also remove the strap from your best Boonie hat if it irritates you.

5. Go for a snug fit

Your best men’s Boonie hat should fit comfortably. Purchase a hat size that offers protection and is a snug fit. 

Some Boonie hat fabrics tend to stretch with use, so go for one that has a firm fit. Alternatively, some washable Boonie hats tend to shrink after washing, so experiment with the best Boonie hat brands to find your ideal fit.

Are Boonie hats waterproof?

Boonie hat for protection

A few of the best Boonie hat brands are waterproof. Most of these waterproof Boonie hats are water-resistant rather than waterproof. The reason for this is that these hats frequently include vents to promote airflow for cooling.

Many of the best waterproof Boonie hats are advertised as such due to the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric. This moisture-wicking fabric is sweat-absorbent, helping keep your face and head dry in hot weather.

Even though the best waterproof Boonie hats aren’t entirely waterproof, their design helps keep the rain away from the head. The best Boonie hat design includes reinforced stitching and thicker fabric in the brim and headband areas.

Thick material and stitching in select areas double protection from moisture–creating intense water-resistant Boonie hats for men.

Water-resistant Boonie hats are the preferred choice of headgear for many outdoor activities. These hats have been popular for decades and remain the choice for hunters, fishermen, hikers, and kayakers who understand the need to protect themselves from inclement weather.

Go through the Buying Guide to identify the best waterproof Boonie hat for your work or play. Whether you want a camo Boonie hat for military exercises or fishing, the list above offers you a choice of five of the best Boonie hats for sun protection and more.

Can you wash a Boonie hat?

Washing boonie hat

Most Boonie hats for men advise against washing them in an automatic washing machine. It is unwise to wash Boonie hats in a washing machine as the vigorous motion can damage any stiffening or stitching, making the hat floppy.

So, how then do you keep a Boonie hat clean?  Thankfully, you can use several methods to wash your Boonie hat.

1. Option one – brushing

Purchase a suitable brush to get rid of the dirt on your best Boonie hat. Use a brush with stiff bristles for this job. Something like a nail brush or a larger cleaning brush will do the trick. Dip the tip of the brush in a bit of water and vigorously brush the hat in a back-and-forth motion.

2. Cleaning treated men’s Boonie hats

When you have a men’s Boonie hat treated with oil or wax, rinsing it under running water should be enough to keep it clean.

3. Cleaning untreated Boonie hats

If you purchase a camo Boonie hat that has not been treated, then clean it with a stiff-bristled brush. You can also buy a powder cleaner to remove stubborn marks and remove these with the brush.

4. Waterproof spray

Purchase a waterproof spray to turn your water-resistant tactical Boonie hat into one that is waterproof. Waterproof sprays make cleaning your best Boonie hat much easier, as the spray prevents dirt from seeping into the fabric.

Instead, the dirt and grime remain on the surface of the waterproof spray, which you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth or powder cleaner.


Decide why you want to wear a Boonie hat and make your purchase decision according to this purpose.

Follow our FAQs to learn what Boonie hats are good for and how to wear the best men’s Boonie hats. Some Boonie hats are waterproof, and some are water-resistant.

However, an excellent waterproof spray helps keep your best Boonie hat clean, among other cleaning methods. Experiment with these cleaning methods to find the best one to keep your new headgear in tip-top shape.


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