How Much Do Teardrop Campers Weigh?

How Much Do Teardrop Campers Weigh? 2

Are you looking for a teardrop camper but are curious about how much they weigh?

Teardrops are generally considered to be small, compact trailers. However, they can get heavy and fancy, if you’re willing to part with a little extra cash.

With any trailer, it’s absolutely essential that you know its weight before buying or renting it.

After all, you wouldn’t want to splash out on a trailer that your car is incapable of pulling!

Let’s focus on teardrop campers and find out how much they actually weigh.

What Is A Teardrop Camper?

Red Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop campers are an excellent choice for the person who loves adventures and living on the basics, but with some of the added comforts of home.

They have a unique shape, totally different from any other RV you may see. This is also why not many manufacturers specialize in producing them—which is a shame!

Teardrop campers are some of the most compact yet fun and adventurous travel trailers out there.

They are truly retro-styled, originating all the way back to the 1930s. The unique, teardrop shape of these trailers is what gives them their name.

Teardrops were at the height of their game during the 1930s and 1940s. This was mostly due to their light weight.

They were easy to tow with cars that had less than 100 horsepower motors. Once larger trailers and more powerful vehicles came around, teardrops sadly fell out of fashion.

Fortunately, they’re making their way back into the RV scene. They are still lightweight and easy to tow, meaning you’ll have a better fuel consumption.

Especially because you can tow most models with a normal car—no need to bring the large truck.

Teardrops are generally considered small trailers, but in most, you can easily fit two to three people.

The smaller versions usually have a sleeping area, with a kitchen in the back that you have access to from the outside.

But let’s get into some weight specifics.

How Much Do Teardrop Campers Weigh?

Knowing the weight of your camper is probably one of the most important things to be aware of before heading out. Fortunately, most teardrops are light and easy to tow.

However, some models do range in size and the amenities included, thus their weight can vary.

To give you an idea, I’ve included below some examples of teardrops and their weight.

American Teardrop Osprey

Teardrop Trailer

The American Teardrop Osprey offers one of the lightest trailers you will find on this list.

You have the option of three different styles: a twin bed sleeper, a “full”, or a queen bed.

If you’re looking for a lightweight teardrop, the twin is your pick. This little camper weighs in at just 518 pounds, with a size of 3 feet, 6 inches by 7 feet. Any car can easily tow this for miles, even an electric vehicle.

If you don’t mind pulling something a bit heavier, you can choose the queen bed trailer. This larger model has a weight of 620 pounds with a humble size of 5 feet, 1 inch by 8 feet.

The American Teardrop Osprey is simple, yet eye-catching, with its LED exterior lighting. It gives you an entry door plus a window. On the inside, you have beautifully carpeted walls.

This travel trailer won’t give you all the comforts of home with all the luxury amenities, though. Keep in mind it is lightweight and pretty much only comes with the basics.

But it will bring you a lot closer to nature and will give you space for yourself.

NüCamp T@g Teardrop Travel Trailers

NüCamp T@g Teardrop Travel Trailers

The T@g teardrops are considerably larger than the American Osprey ones above. They are also a bit more luxurious.

The manufacturer NuCamp gives you the choice between two floorplans: the T@g and T@g XL. Both of these are a around twice the weight of the model above, weighing in at 1,046 pounds and 1,210 pounds respectively.

If you don’t mind a heavier trailer, both of these are an excellent pick. One of the reasons that they have more weight is simply because they have more accessories. Both offer a large bed, a TV, and a radio.

At the rear end, you will find a kitchen, fitted with a microwave, a sink, and a small cooler.

What also makes the T@gs heavier is the 11-gallon freshwater tank, as well as the air conditioning unit you’re towing along.

Of course, this does only come with advantages, giving you some luxuries, while still enjoying the ruggedness of nature.

PeeWee Campers

White PeeWee Camper

PeeWee Campers is a well-known name in the travel trailer industry. However, it wasn’t until recently that they began producing teardrops.

PeeWee offers you five different teardrop models in three varying sizes: tiny, small and medium. These range in weight, and, of course, price.


Let’s start with the smallest model, the Small-Fry. This model weighs less than 400 pounds! PeeWee advertises it as a motorcycle-friendly alternative to the heavier teardrops.

This little guy comes with nothing but the basics. But if you’re often traveling with other motorbike enthusiasts, going from place to place, this is perfect!

You won’t have to pay for a hotel or motel, and will be able to sleep comfortably in your own bed.

Big Brother

Their largest and newest model is the Big Brother. And oh boy is it a huge upgrade from the Small-Fry!

The Big Brother is over 600 pounds heavier, weighing in at 1,010 pounds. It’s a “stand-up” version of the smaller teardrops, with interior measurements of 6 feet 4 inches high and 10 feet long.

This model is perfect for two people traveling together.

Inside there are bunk beds that fold into a couch, with storage underneath. You get a porta potty, air conditioning unit and a little kitchen.

PeeWee also provides you with a large selection of extras that you can add on. One amazing thing about PeeWee is that it works on demand. This means that you buy directly from the company and can customize your teardrop.

Remember, though, what you choose to include will also affect the weight of the camper.

Little Guy Max Teardrop Camper

Teardrop Trailer

Little Guy Max is the perfect example of a heavier and larger teardrop. The Max weighs in at 3,140 pounds and comes with plenty of deluxe features.

The teardrop itself is considerably larger than the ones above. The camper has a length of 21 feet, a width of 7 feet, and a height of 9 feet 1 inch.

What makes this teardrop that much heavier, besides its size, is all the amenities you get. The inside is 6 feet 7 inches high, and contains a large queen-sized bed, a kitchen, wet bath, and a convertible dinette.

You can easily fit three people or two adults and two children inside.

What’s so great about this trailer is that the company, Little Guy Trailers, kept its construction lightweight, giving more room for amenities.

There are also options to customize your trailer. Depending on what you choose to include, this will have an impact on its overall weight.

Just be sure to calculate the correct total weight before buying, to confirm that your vehicle can tow it.

Why We Love Teardrop Campers

Woman Hanging On Teardrop Trailer

There are plenty of reasons to love a teardrop, but let’s just mention a few here.

Firstly, teardrops are incredibly stylish. Their unique shape and, usually, small size make them very appealing to nature-loving campers.

Most will give you the basic amenities, sometimes less, but that’s what we love! Being surrounded by nature, with a small, lightweight teardrop that you can park pretty much anywhere.

Imagine waking up to the most glorious mountain view with no everyday distractions. Or cooking, tailgate-style, under the open sky, enjoying nothing but your own company or that of a lucky passenger. That’s camping.

Another reason to love a teardrop is their towable nature.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times already, they’re lightweight, making them super easy to tow.

For most of the examples above, you won’t even need trailer brakes. Of course, it’s required that you get them if your trailer is heavier than 3,000 pounds.

Plus, they define the word versatile, fitting all types of campers. Take for example the Small-Fry. This model is perfect for towing behind a motorcycle. Then there’s the Max, which is excellent for a small family vacation.

Closing The Door

Teardrops began as small, compact travel trailers, basically just a simple upgrade from a tent.

Nowadays, they vary in sizes and weight, some weighing under 400 pounds, while others tip the scales at more than 3,000 pounds that is still much less than average weight of the fifth wheel trailer.

This just goes to show how versatile they are and why they’ve become the choice for many campers today.

Teardrops are perfect for the raw campers, who love to indulge themselves in nature, living on nothing but a bed on two wheels.

Other manufacturers have catered to the need for a lightweight family trailer, providing more room and amenities. And if you would like to crank it up a notch – pop-up campers are here to help with a slightly bigger weight.

How lightweight do you prefer your teardrop trailer?

Please let us know in the section below.

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