The 7 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms & Showers

The 7 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms & Showers

Pop-up campers are ideal for RV travelers who wish to bring their home comforts with them. Just because you are out on the road all the time doesn’t mean that you should have to give up the usual comfort amenities.

These campers are just as easy to tow and transport as other small campers, so there is no reason you should be going without them. 

This type of camper is popular with many groups of people, but particularly among female travelers and families who don’t want to deal with the stress and dirty conditions of using a public restroom.

It is also beneficial for those who want to live off the grid occasionally, away from the amenities of an RV park. This type of RV lets you get out in nature without forcing you to use that nature as your restroom. 

Naturally, RV manufacturers have taken notice of this need, and the market is now flooded with possibilities and an endless choice of pop-up campers with bathrooms. This may lead you to think, “What is the greatest popup camper with a bathroom for me or my family?”

Several factors may have an impact on what camper you will want to buy. This covers things such as the size of your family, the bathroom features you want, and how you intend to use the popup camper.

To help you on your pop-up camper journey, in this article we will take a look at some of the most popular pop-up campers with restrooms on the market right now, as well as the essential characteristics that make them so popular.

We will also cover other features of the camper, as while one may come with a nice bathroom, that is not the only feature you should look out for when choosing the right camper for you.

At the end of this article, we have also included a guide on what you should consider when buying a pop-up camper with a bathroom, such as the different types of toilets you can find in these RVs and the benefits and drawbacks of each. 

1. Aliner Lxe A-Frame Camper With Shower

Aliner Lxe A-Frame Camper With Shower

This is a terrific little camper for a couple who wants to hit the road and hook it up to their mid-size SUV.

It might also be an excellent option for a contractor who needs a place to stay while working on a remote project but only needs enough space for one person to be comfortable.

Because of its ultra-lightweight 180-pound hitch weight, you won’t even notice it’s behind you. This is a sturdy “Expandable” popup camper with a thoughtfully designed bathroom, though it also includes a few other nice features that any camper would appreciate. 

There is a convertible couch bed in the sleeping quarters that can easily accommodate two people or one person who will have enough room to then stretch out and relax.

A two-burner stove is immediately connected to the kitchen’s massive propane system, meaning that you can cook your meals and will be able to stop relying on takeout or weird-tasting street food.

The base model also has a microwave and a small refrigerator/freezer combo so you can take enough food for two people out on the road with you.

For doing the washing up, the Aliner camper has a small sink and a pop-up faucet that helps to save on space. 

The Bathroom

In the bathroom area of the A-Liner LXE Base Model, you will find a flip-up half-wall and a flushable plastic toilet.

This camper also comes with shower facilities found right next to the toilet, with the shower curtain able to be raised or lowered and held in place by special curtain hangers. This not only provides privacy but also keeps the water contained in that area

The whole system is kept running smoothly thanks to a 6-gallon water heater and an 11-gallon fresh water storage tank.


  • Payload Capacity of 705-pounds
  • Hitch Weight of 180-pounds
  • Dry Weight of 1,795-pounds
  • GVWR of 2,500-pounds
  • Sleeps up to two people
  • 6-Gallon Water Heater
  • Plastic Toilet
  • 11-gallon Freshwater Storage Tank
  • Shower With a Privacy Curtain

2. Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285 SST Pop Up Camper

The 7 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms & Showers 1

The Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285 SST was designed to be light and portable while still providing all of the necessary bathroom facilities for a small-to-medium-sized family, or for a group of friends.

This is one of the larger pop-up campers on this list as when fully set up, it can accommodate up to seven people. There are three types of beds available: a king-size bed, a queen-size bed, and two convertible sofa beds.

Despite the large number of people that can fit into this popup camper, it does not feel as crowded as one might expect. The space has been designed well so that a lot of amenities can fit inside.

There is a small dining area with two couch-like chairs and a table, with the seats doubling as a hollow storage area. There is also another small couch to the side with more storage inside. For the kitchen, you will find a small sink and a two-burner stove that should be enough for you to cook a variety of meals.  

Though it is quite large, this camper can be pulled by a mid-size SUV with a powerful tow package, thanks to its light hitch weight of only 296 pounds. This means that you can take this camper almost anywhere with ease. 

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a little cramped, but that’s to be expected with a popup camper due to the small space. Still, this bathroom fits both a toilet and a small shower.

The shower is supported by a 23-gallon freshwater tank. The room has a little shower curtain that separates the shower from the rest of the room when in use. 

A cassette toilet is provided, allowing you to easily remove the small black water storage tank for a quick trip to the dump station as needed. This type of toilet means that you will not require a second portable waste storage tank to be purchased and transported.

Compared to other campers on the market, the one in the Clipper Classic seems more well-made and robust than its competitors, so if you are focusing on the bathroom alone then this will be a good choice for you. 


  • Hitch Weight of 296-pounds
  • Dry Weight of 2,840-pounds
  • GVWR of 3,296-pounds
  • Payload Capacity of 456-pounds
  • Cassette Toilet
  • Sleeps Up To 7 PeopleFresh 
  • Water Tank Capacity of 23-gallons
  • Shower With Curtain

3. Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper T21DMHW

The 7 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms & Showers 2

The Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side T21DMHW popup camper is ideal for couples or families with one child who wants to travel in style while still having access to a regular RV bathroom. 

This is an “Expandable Camper,” a smart take on the pop-up concept. This type of camper makes you feel like you are staying in a luxury tent rather than a small RV or camper. 

Inside this camper, you will find a queen-size bed and a convertible couch bed restricting the number of persons who may sleep in this to just three.

However, having less bed space has opened up the camper and provided more room for a well-equipped kitchen, additional floor space, and a huge bathroom.

As well as these nice features, another benefit of having less sleeping space is that there is much more storage space available. The front of the camper is essentially one large storage area that can hold everything you will need for long trips away. 

The tow vehicle for this camper should be a light-duty to a half-ton pickup truck, as it has a hitch weight of 353 pounds.

The Bathroom

A cassette toilet and a 5-gallon black water tank are included in this popup camper. This means that you will have to manually empty the tank once it is full by taking it to an RV dump station. Accessing the tank is easy to do as you can get it out through a small outside hatch. 

There is also a spacious shower stall with a formal plexiglass door, a somewhat unique feature as many campers with bathrooms only use a shower curtain for privacy. In the same space, you will find a small but robust plastic sink. 

The whole system is supported by a gigantic 26-gallon freshwater tank that can easily hold enough water to bathe two to three people for several days. There’s even a six-gallon hot water heater in case you want to take a lengthy, steamy shower.


  • Dry Weight of 2,700-pounds
  • Hitch Weight of 353-pounds
  • Payload Capacity of 653-pounds
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity of 26-gallons
  • Shower With Plastic Basin and a Glass Door
  • Cassette Toilet
  • Sleeps Up To 3 People

4. Jayco Jay Sport 12SC Camping Trailer

The 7 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms & Showers 3

The Jayco Jay Sport 12SC is a well-crafted popup camper with a bathroom. Because it is a true giant in the RV industry, Jayco has access to high-quality materials, components, and cutting-edge engineering at a very low price.

This model includes a king-size bed, a queen-size bed, and two convertible couch beds. On paper, this means that this camper can sleep up to eight people.

However this may make the camper feel a bit overcrowded and may be difficult to do if you are traveling with single adults or teenagers. If you want more room inside the camper then it may be best to limit your party to six people. 

Other interior features on this camper include a small kitchen area with a sink and two-burner stove and plenty of seating area. Outside you will find a retractable awning with screened sides, giving the feeling of being on a front porch.

The Bathroom

The Jayco Jay Sport 12SC features a cassette toilet and a removable 5-gallon black water storage tank. This type of toilet eliminates the need for you to carry an inconvenient portable waste tank with you when you go to the bathroom.

There’s also a little shower with a curtain for privacy. It is supported by a 28.2-gallon fresh water storage tank, which is rather large for a popup camper with a bathroom.

While this is not the best bathroom design that you will find on this list, the basic elements of it will still suit you well enough if you are going for short trips away. 


  • Hitch Weight of 280-pounds
  • Dry Weight of 2,270-pounds
  • GVWR of 3,250-pounds
  • Payload Capacity of 980-pounds
  • Black Water Tank Capacity of 5-gallons
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity of 28.2-gallons
  • Shower With Curtain
  • Cassette Toilet
  • Sleeps up to 8 (though only 6 is recommended for the best experience)

5. Forest River Rockwood HW296

The 7 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms & Showers 4

The Forest River Rockwood HW296 has been designed to provide all of the conveniences and luxuries of home to families searching for a popup camper with the added benefit of featuring a basic bathroom.

All of these design features are unsurprising when you consider that Rockwood is an industry leader in the RV world. 

The Forest River Rockwood HW296 can comfortably sleep up to six people with its king-size bed, queen-size bed, and convertible sofa, making this camper great for families or a large group of friends.

There is also plenty of setting space, with a U-shaped dinette that also doubles as an extra storage area that can be found under the seats. As well as this, the large couch holds even more storage space underneath. 

In the kitchen area, you will find a mid-size refrigerator, a three-burner propane cooktop range, two sinks, and plenty of cabinet space. 

When parked up you can make use of the retractable awning can be used to give more living space.

You should also keep in mind that several of these elements, as well as storage tanks, will add to the overall weight. Still, Forest River has tried to keep things as realistic as possible by trimming the fat wherever it could.

Despite its size, this camper can be safely towed by a full-size SUV or a half-ton pickup truck due to its 371-pound hitch weight.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is pretty large for a popup camper. There is both a flushing plastic toilet as well as a shower with a privacy curtain. The whole system is supported by a 26-gallon freshwater tank. The graywater and blackwater tanks each hold 12 gallons of water.

This is quite amazing for a black water tank in general. As a result of all of this, you’ll be able to boondoggle for days on end without needing to use an RV park dump station.


  • Hitch Weight of 371-pounds
  • Dry Weight of 3,721-pounds
  • Payload Capacity of 1,278-pounds
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity of 12-gallons
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity of 26-gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity of 12-gallons
  • Plastic Flushable Toilet
  • Modest Shower With Privacy Curtain
  • Sleeps Up To 6 People
  • Single Slide Out Section

6. Forest River Flagstaff 2020 23SCSE

The 7 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms & Showers 5

This is another Forest River camper, with the Flagstaff being one of their most popular lightweight campers.

This camper can be bought in a variety of configurations to suit your needs or family/party size. The Flagstaff 2020 23SCSE is a travel trailer designed for RV campers who prefer a modest washroom over a large sleeping area.

Despite including a bathroom though, the 2020 Flagstaff 23SCSE still features a king-size bed, a queen-size bed, and a convertible sofa bed. This amounts to the ability to comfortably sleep up to six people.

There is also plenty of seating areas with both a dining space and sofa. The kitchen space has a two-burner stove and plenty of cabinets to store all of your foods and goods.

It also has a slide-out section that maximizes the amount of internal space accessible. The hitch only weighs 294 pounds. This means that a mid-size SUV or a light pickup truck can tow it. 

The Bathroom

In the bathroom of the Forest River Flagstaff 2020 23SCSE, there is a shower with a curtain as well as a cassette toilet.

The cassette toilet is connected to a 5-gallon portable blackwater tank that can easily be removed when it is time to empty it.

When out on the road finding a dump station may be a bit difficult depending on where you are, but if you are staying in an RV park then this will be a much easier task. 


  • Hitch Weight of 294-pounds
  • Dry Weight of 2,933-pounds
  • Payload Capacity of 861-pounds
  • Water Tank Capacity of 26-gallons
  • Shower With A Curtain
  • Cassette Toilet
  • Sleep up to 6 people

7. Somerset Utah Pop Up Camper

The 7 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms & Showers 6

Somerset introduces a new form or configuration for its renowned Utah popup camper every year. In its 2020 edition, the Somerset Utah popup camper has a basic bathroom and can sleep up to 8 people.

While the living area may seem small compared to other campers you will see on this list, a single slide-out part extends the inside living area even further. If you’re traveling with a large family or a group of close friends, this gives you a little more living space. 

On the outside, you will find an awning that can be covered with a screen or mosquito netting.

It has a 290-pound hitch weight capability, making it easy to tow behind a mid-size SUV or light-duty pickup truck.

The Bathroom

The bathroom of the 2020 Somerset Utah camper has a small shower with a separate curtain for added privacy.

It’s supported by a 20-gallon freshwater tank, which may seem little in comparison to the 24 or 26-gallon freshwater tanks used by some of its competitors.

The fact that this popup camper features a recirculating toilet is worth noting. It decomposes, deodorizes, and allows for more efficient storage, which is unusual in the RV industry.

This toilet also eliminates the need to use the freshwater tank, allowing you to save those precious reserves for the shower.


  • Hitch Weight of 290-pounds
  • Dry Weight of 2,760-pounds
  • GVWR of 3,500-pounds
  • Payload Capacity of 740-pounds
  • Single Slide Out
  • Freshwater Storage Tank Capacity of 20-gallons
  • Recirculating Toilet
  • Shower With Curtain

Types of Toilets in RV Campers

A working bathroom in a popup camper is an extra touch of luxury that appeals to both families and groups of friends who want to travel light in an RV while keeping many of their home comforts.

Multiple types of toilets and showers are available in campers, with each having its own benefits and drawbacks. 

Here are the typical toilets you will find in an RV bathroom. 

Cassette Toilet

A cassette toilet, sometimes known as a “Cartridge Toilet,” is a toilet seat and station with a removable, portable black water tank that is permanently placed.

In an RV, a cassette toilet is a stationary toilet that stores waste in a “cassette” or waste tank. To be emptied, this cassette is generally accessed from the outside of the RV through an access door. This means that this dirty task is done outside of the living areas of the RV.

This is a type of toilet that has long been popular among European caravan campers. These toilets are perfect for small RVs and provide you the option of taking a toilet with you wherever you go.

It also saves money by eliminating the need for a separate portable waste tank for excursions to the RV dump station.


  • Easy to maintain – A cassette toilet is easy to maintain; all you have to do is dump it regularly, clean it like a conventional toilet, and deodorize it while it’s in use. This eliminates odors and can be used for several days without needing to be disposed of.
  • Cheap – It’s an inexpensive method to add a toilet to your RV or other camping setups. It can be stored almost anywhere and used as a temporary or permanent solution. A quality cassette toilet can be bought for less than $100. When you compare this to other options, you’ll see that you’re spending far less money than you would otherwise.
  • A fully plumbed toilet, like those found in many bigger RVs, is usually not an option in a smaller RV. Cassette toilets are fantastic solutions that work nearly identically to a house toilet and are suitable for use in small camping setups.
  • Are mobile – You can take a cassette toilet out of your RV and use it wherever you like. All you have to do if you’re going camping is take out your tent or RV and load it into your vehicle. You can now use a portable toilet when camping in the woods. These can also be used for a variety of purposes or setups, including being useful for children, in rural cottages, and in other locations where plumbing is unavailable.
  • The advantage of this style of toilet is that it is self-contained. There’s no need to vent it, plug it in, or plum it in any way, so you can bring it with you wherever you go. It’s ideal for people that rent RVs because of this. It’s really convenient to have your own portable toilet on hand.


  • Can get smelly – If you don’t clean your cassette toilet regularly, it might become quite nasty and smelly. If you don’t apply deodorizing chemicals while using them for liquids and solids, you will very quickly notice a smell.
  • If you only use water to wash it out, it’s best to empty it after each use as quickly as possible, especially if sediments can enter the waste holding tank. Chemicals, on the other hand, allow you to use them for extended periods while avoiding unwanted odors.
  • When it’s time to dispose of a cassette toilet, allowing it to fill up too much and leaving waste in it for too long can result in an unpleasant experience.
  • Can be awkward to dump waste – Aside from the unpleasant odors, dumping the toilet might result in some awkward situations. Many people dispose of them in public restrooms, which can be awkward when carrying your own toilet. Finding a spot to dump can be a constant effort if you are not in a campsite with a dumping station.
  • It’s preferable to dump these at a dumpsite, just like any other RV. You won’t have to worry about anything going wrong if you dump it down the campground’s sewer system.
  • However, if you’re a boondocker or don’t frequent campgrounds, you may have to be creative with your dumping techniques.

A Flushing Toilet

Larger travel trailer campers, fifth-wheel trailers, and motorhomes with bathrooms all have this sort of toilet.

When you flush the toilet, water is removed from the freshwater storage tanks and put into a blackwater tank.

The advantage of a toilet like this is that it has nearly no odor and works almost just like a regular toilet at home.

As a result of this toilet though you will likely need a larger freshwater storage tank as well as a larger blackwater tank.


  • Inexpensive – this type of toilet is quite cheap, with it costing just slightly more than a cassette toilet 
  • Less messy – unless there is a leak somewhere, there is very little chance of you seeing any of your waste. It also requires less clean up or emptying than a cassette toilet
  • Less smelly – You won’t need to use deodorant packets or anything like that with these toilets as they do not smell


  • Uses your water supply – if you are not connected to any water mains then you will be carrying all of your water reserves with you. The flushing toilet will use these reserves in the flushing process, leaving you with less water to use overall.
  • Still have to dump – while these toilets store their waste in the black tank, this still needs to be dumped somewhere once it is full. That means that you will have to scout out potential dump sites and make sure that you get there before the tank is full.
  • Clogging – like flushing toilets, you will have in your home, the ones found in campers are susceptible to clogging. This can be a very annoying issue to fix once it happens.

Recirculating Toilet

Recirculating toilets are more common on small planes and boats and are still relatively new to the RV and camping industries.

This type of toilet is designed to be compact, making it appropriate for a popup camper bathroom’s limited space. It’s meant to function as both a waste containment and a flushing system.

It uses a chemical solution to deodorize and kill bacteria. This reduces the risk of unintended contamination while also removing the lingering odors that cassette toilets sometimes emit.

Some high-tech recirculating toilets have a special macerator that aids in the breakdown and dissolution of solid waste into minute particles. This improves the storage tank component’s efficiency while also preventing a very irritating clog.

A built-in filtration mechanism is included in the majority of recirculating toilets. It assists in the sorting of collected rubbish into several categories.

Any solid waste is caught by the filter and directed to a large holding tank where it is neutralized. Any viable liquids that are intended to be reused for flushing are simultaneously transported to a small tank containing a high concentration of bacteria-killing chemicals.

When it’s time to dispose of the waste, you can take it to a portable waste storage tank or a local RV dump station.

If you have a septic tank at home, you might also use it. Most recirculating toilets can hold three to five gallons of waste before needing to be flushed.


  • More “high tech” – the system on this toilet is very advanced as it can separate the liquids and solids from the waste and can repurpose some of the liquids into a cleaner liquids to clean the toilet on the next flush
  • Prevents contamination – a big issue with toilets is that they are dirty, and sometimes the bacteria from them can cause illnesses to people staying in the camper. This type of toilet prevents this by effectively killing any bacteria found in the waste
  • No smell – thanks to the deodorizing element, this toilet does not smell


  • Rare in RVs  – though they are slowly being used more in RVs, this type of toilet is still a rare find
  • Expensive – due to their lack of use in RVs, buying and installing one in your camper can be quite pricy


How To Choose the Best Pop Up Camper with a Bathroom

To choose the right option, you should pay attention to:

  • Bathroom size: it is better to choose small models. This will save space and costs.
  • Compactness in everything: some bathtubs can be folded away.
  • Bathroom walls should be hard-sided.
  • Module. This is important to see how much water you have left.

Do I Need A Portable Waste Storage Tank?

Not all pop-up camper trips must include a portable waste storage tank. But it is a convenient addition to your trip. This will help:

  • stay on the road longer without stopping,
  • store garbage in a special place,
  • not to have bad smells inside the camper,
  • convenience in getting rid of garbage (no need to go to the dump stations).

Do I Need Special Toilet Paper For My RV Toilet?

You can use special toilet paper if you want to flush it down the toilet. But the best choice will be to use the toilet paper that is convenient for you and throw it in the trash can. This will save your toilet from clogs.

What Can Be Done About Odors In A Pop up Camper Toilet

The following tips will help you prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors in the toilet:

  • the black tank must be closed,
  • clean the toilet regularly,
  • keep the ventilation pipe clean,
  • the waste container with the used toilet paper must be closed,
  • do not spare water when flushing.

You can also leave air fresheners in there to keep the scent fresh.

Do Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms Have Black Water Tanks?

In fact, not all pop-up campers with a bathroom have a waste tank. But most have a shower/bathroom and toilet with a holding tank.

Can You Put A Bathroom In A Pop Up Camper?

Of course. Not all, but most pop-up campers have a bathroom with a toilet. If you don’t have one, you can install it by choosing the one that fits the most, following the corresponding dimensions.

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