Top 3 Off-Road RVs for Extreme Outdoor Adventure

Top 3 Off-Road RVs for Extreme Outdoor Adventure 2

Off-road RVs are thrilling vehicles that can make your next trip more extreme. You can travel across all kinds of terrain in them, making the great outdoors that much more accessible. 

If you’re ready to see natural beauty like you never have before while feeling like the Indiana Jones of the RV world, check out the top three vehicles discussed below:

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1. Sniper X X.9 Overland Camper Trailer

If you’re looking for one of the best off-road RVs that’s lightweight, the Sniper X X.9 is your best bet. It keeps things compact while still including plenty of exciting features. The large side-awning protects you from the elements while giving you double the space to lounge or enjoy your dinner. 

Plus, many customers note that it helps you maintain a pleasant temperature even when the winds are howling. You can also head inside this off-road RV, where the comfortable mattress and interior lighting create a relaxed and homey feel. 

Overall, the Sniper X X.9 is an excellent choice for your next big adventure. Read below for the specifications and some of the various features:

Sniper X X.9 Overland Camper Trailer

Overall Length:13 ft., 2 in.
Height When Closed:6 ft., 6 in.
Body Length:9 ft.
Height When Open:6 ft., 1 in.
Axle Weight:4,000 lbs.
Width:6 ft.
Tare Weight:1,830 lbs. 

Main Features
Two food-grade water tanks (44 gal. total):16 in. x 7 in. off-road wheels (33 in x12.5 in. x16 in. A/T tires)
ORV coil suspension and off-road shock absorbers:Full-size spare tire
Pop-up roof with marine dust seals, two compression latches:Bedside USB ports
Canvas/mesh upper windows:Multiple large storage compartments
Sizeable bedside windows that include insect screens and blinds:Queen-size bed
Fold-up bed with table:Stainless steel slide-out kitchen
Side kitchen awning 18 in x 6 in:Two-burner propane stove
Touch-controlled LED lights:12-volt power outlets
Built-in shower enclosure:Two 10-lb. propane gas holders

Cabin A/C:Cabin Heat
Off-road RV

2. Winnebago 4×4 Revel

This luxury off-road RV is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. It comes with a laundry list of excellent features and even includes a Hydronic heating system so that you won’t need to purchase an add-on to stay warm on cold nights. 

Winnebago knocked it out of the park with this one, just like they do with all their vehicles. Raving reviews note how smoothly it drives, nimbly making its way over rough terrain. Customers love how it never scrapes the ground or bottoms out. 

They also note the large amount of storage space. Some adventurers may prefer a bit more cabin room, but it’s perfect if you have a ton of stuff you want to keep compact. Best of all, the Revel can even handle deep snow with the proper set of tires. 

Winnebago 4×4 Revel

Exterior Length:19 ft.,7 in.
Awning Length:9 ft.,6 in.
Exterior Height:10 ft.
Interior Height:6 ft., 3 in.
Exterior Width:7 ft., 1 in.
Interior Width:5 ft., 9.75 in.
Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating:13,350 lbs.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating:9,050 lbs.
Gross Axle Weight Rating:Front: 4,101 lbs.Rear: 5,360 lbs.

Main Features
MBUX touchscreen center with navigation, Wi-Fi, intelligent voice control, and rear camera:Adaptive cruise control
USB charging points:Portable single-burner induction range top
Refrigerator/freezer:Shower with surrounding walls
LED ceiling lights with dimmer switch:Deluxe powered ventilator with rain cover
Swiveling cassette toilet:Power-lift bed with storage
Reading lights:Luggage rack
Hydronic heating system with LED touchscreen panel:

Front-cab air mattress:Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ air conditioner

3. Off Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0

The Expedition 2.0 is an extreme off-road RV made by a Canadian company. It’s the company’s most popular model because it handles rugged terrain easily. You’ll love the all-metal construction that protects you from mildew, mold and fire. 

This off-road RV makes adventuring anywhere a possibility with a 50-degree departure angle and 21 inches of ground clearance. The interior itself is comfortable and completely secure so that you can sleep peacefully after a long day of driving. 

This RV is excellent if you’re on a budget since Off Grid allows financing options. You can get the Expedition 2.0 for as low as $125 bi-weekly, and you don’t even need to put any money down upfront.

Off-Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0

Dry Weight:1,700 lbs.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating:3,500 lbs.
Tongue Weight: 290 lbs.
Overall Height:79 in.
Overall Width:89 in.
Interior Length:80 in.
Interior Height:46.5 in.
Interior Width:56.5 in.

Main Features
Queen Memory Foam Mattress:Interior LED Lighting
Digital Voltmeter Display:31 Gallon CSA-Approved Potable Freshwater Tank
4 USB Ports:Dometic Stainless Steel Dual Burner Stove
55L Fridge Freezer on Integrated Slides:
Eccotemp L5 Hot Water On-Demand With Outside Shower Attachment:

Exterior Bluetooth stereo dual speakers:Custom-designed wrap
Convertible Couch Bed Upgrade:24 in. smart Smartcast LED TV and mount bracket
360-degree Maxcoupler Hitch:6500 BTU Furnace
XO Jack:69L Truma Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer
Spare tire carrier:Maxxfan Deluxe 7500 fan upgrade
3D-printed device holder:Black vinyl door privacy shades
Additional lighting:Pair of EAZ lift jacks

Bells and Whistles You Should Consider Adding to Your Off-Road RV

Now you know the top three off-road RV options on the market. You should look into purchasing one of these bad boys and hitting the road for a thrilling trip. Before you do, though, you should consider what else you want with you on your vacation. 

You may need a few extra gadgets and gizmos on your adventures in your RV. Read below for a few suggestions of products that can improve your next trip:

  • Flood Lights: Consider purchasing some high-performance LED lightbars if you plan on off-roading in the dark. After all, extreme terrain is already challenging, and it can be downright dangerous without enough light.

    Look for water-resistant options that can withstand both high and low temperatures. These features are essential if you plan to travel in extreme weather. 
  • Portable Air Compressor: You’ll need a suitable air compressor to adjust your off-road tires to the ideal pressure level. Plus, it’s also helpful for inflating your bike tires, an air mattress or anything else you need to pump air into.
  • Inclinometer Gauge: This must-have RV product helps you monitor your tilt, which is crucial to preventing rollovers. Plus, you may want to know how far you’ve pushed your off-road limits, just for the thrill of it.
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