The 8 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 3,000 lbs

The 8 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 3,000 lbs 2

Travel trailers have come a long way from what they used to be. Gone are the days when they were just a step up from being a tent, as now they include all of the comforts and luxuries you can find in your home.

Not only do they allow you to camp in style, lightweight trailers offer versatility as they also provide optimal gas mileage. In addition, their lighter weight enables you to do far more off-roading than you would be able to with larger or heavier campervans. They also provide you with more freedom as they are easier to tow and maneuver around, and can be pulled by much smaller vehicles, so there’s no need to increase your expenses to accommodate a larger trailer.  

We’ve put together a list of the best travel trailers that you can find under 3,000 pounds. Although their living spaces are small, we’ve selected models that have made the most out of space whilst also providing luxury and comfort. 

What are Lightweight Travel Trailers?

The average travel trailer weighs around 5,200 pounds when unloaded, but you might have to upgrade your vehicle in order to be able to safely transport your trailer which can add to your costs. Lightweight trailers are a great alternative and weigh in at around 3,000 pounds or less. Not only does this make them easier to move and tow, but it also gives you better gas mileage while you’re on the road. 

They also provide more freedom as you are able to take many of them off-road, and you can fit them into smaller campsites, which frees you from limitations that larger trailers have. Not only are there various models, but there’s also tons of different floor plans that make the most of the space and offer both spacious living and sleeping areas. 

How we Chose the Best Lightweight Travel Trailers

When choosing the best small and lightweight trailers, our priority was to only choose models that weighed 3,000 lbs or less. However, some trailers may have a gross weight which exceeds the limit slightly as the water and gear that will be stored on board has been taken into consideration. With that being said, all of the following trailers have a dry weight of less than 3,000 lbs, even with standard fittings and fixtures. 

We also looked at other criteria that you should consider when picking a lightweight trailer, such as: 

  • Floorplan options (e.g. are there slide outs for sleeping space?)
  • Design features and upgrade options 
  • Interior and exterior construction quality 
  • Interior height and exterior length 
  • Customer reviews and experiences 

Now, let’s take a look at the best small and lightweight travel trailers available on the market today. 

1. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD Travel Trailer

The 8 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 3,000 lbs 3

This lightweight camper has a versatile living space which is equipped with lots of storage space, packing everything you need into a compact 20-foot trailer. Weight in at a dry weight of 2,829 pounds, this trailer has the capacity to hold an extra 1,000 pounds for passengers, cargo, water, and fuel. 

What the Flagstaff E-Pro really excels at is championing a design which optimizes storage in a small space. Forest River has cleverly included exterior storage beneath the interior wardrobe located at the front of the trailer. This enables you to be able to bring far more equipment out on the road with you. 

In terms of features, the E-Pro 19FD comes with a queen size bed which can convert into a sofa for relaxing and entertaining during the day. The mattress is also heated, which means that you never have to worry about being too cold when going to sleep. The dinette also serves a secondary purpose as it can be converted into a secondary sleeping area which can accommodate one adult, or two children. 

There are also full kitchen amenities such as a gas oven, 3-burner stove top, sink, microwave and fridge-freezer, as well as bathroom facilities like a toilet, and shower and tub combo, which provide you with everything you need for both comfort and convenience whilst out on the open road. 

Forest River have really thought through the design of the Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD model, and have even included a range of exterior features that make setting up camp that extra special. Cool off in the shade under the 13-foot awning, or grill some burgers on the exterior gas griddle, all whilst enjoying music through the bluetooth speakers.

Dry Weight: 2,829 lbs 

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,890 lbs 

Length: 20’

Exterior Height: 9’7”

Interior Height: 6’6”

Sleeps: Up to 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children 

Slideouts: None 

Key Features:

  • Spacious bathroom with tub and shower combo 
  • Heated double mattress which doubles as a sofa
  • Laminated roof and walls 
  • Roof-mounted solar panel 
  • Aluminum cage construction
  • WiFi Ranger 
  • Exterior grill and speakers 
  • Fully equipped kitchenette 
  • Starting price of $19,877

2. Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

Jayco is one of the most well known trailer brands, and their Hummingbird line is one of the most popular lightweight trailer models. There are 6 different floor plans to choose from, of which 5 are under 3,000 lbs, which gives you plenty of choice when it comes to finding the interior that you’re looking for. The Hummingbird line also has some of the best kitchens that you’ll find in a small trailer. 

Out of all the floorplans, we’re big fans of the 16MRB model, mostly because of the convenience of the design and the use of space. Inside, there is a generously sized Murphy bed which opens out across the sofa which stows away to a 2 x 4 size. Although there isn’t a dinette, the couch is roomy enough and can double up as a dining area. 

In the rear of the trailer you’ll find a bathroom, which is complete with a toilet, sink, and corner shower – providing you with everything you need for comfort on the road. In addition there is a lenient closet and a storage closet, which guarantees storage space. 

The kitchen may be on the smaller side, but for a lightweight trailer that is usually expected. Nonetheless, it’s fully equipped with a refrigerator, convection microwave, two-burner range stove, sink, and cabinet and pantry space. 

The Hummingbird 16MRB is 19’10” in exterior length, and has an interior height of 6’6”. On the exterior you’ll find a 10 foot power awning, which comes with remote controlled LED lights, which is perfect for spending summer evenings under the stars. You’ll also find 3 outside storage compartments which come in handy when it comes to long-term RVing. 

Dry Weight: 2,890 lbs 

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,550 lbs 

Length: 19’10”

Exterior Height: 7’8”

Interior Height: 6’6”

Sleeps: Up to 2

Slideouts: None 

Key Features: 

  • Large Murphy bed
  • Fully equipped rear shower (toilet, sink, shower cubicle)
  • Kitchenette fitted with stove, sink, refrigerator, and convection microwave 
  • Storage solutions both inside and on the exterior of the trailer 
  • Goodyear radial tires 
  • 10 foot power awning 
  • Starting price of $13,503 

3. United RV iCamp Elite

This little model from United RV is one of the cutest lightweight trailers on the market. Weighing in at a dry weight of 2,366 lbs – well below the average lightweight trailer weight – and with GVWR of 3,000 lbs, the fuel efficiency is one of the best on the list. 

To achieve this incredibly lightweight trailer, the iCamp Elite is reinforced with aluminum tubing, which not only significantly reduces the weight, but it is incredibly durable. It also comes with an attractive Gelcoat high-gloss fiberglass exterior, which is incredibly easy to clean if you’ve gone off-roading with your trailer. Speaking of off-roading, the front pulling handles make it very easy to maneuver and tow your trailer, which will reduce hassle.

In terms of interior, expect funky, retro designs, which adds a unique style to the trailers. The cabinetry is made from high-grade plywood, which helps keep the trailer light, but it is finished off with semi-gloss PU paint for durability and style. The floors are made of four layers of lamination, which helps to improve insulation, and also gives the trailer an attractive finish. 

In terms of kitchen amenities, there’s plenty of overhead cabinet space, as well as a 3-way refrigerator, stainless steel sink, and a two-burner stove top. There is also a modular bathroom, which is complete with both a toilet and a shower – providing you with the comforts you need whilst traveling. 

In terms of sleeping space, the dinette converts into a large sleeping area that can comfortably sleep up to three people. There’s also the option to add a television and audio system for entertainment. 

In terms of headroom, it’s a little on the small side with an interior height of 5’11”, however, it is one of the smallest and lightest trailers on the list, and the reduced ceiling height makes the trailer more compact.

Dry Weight: 2,366 lbs 

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,890 lbs 

Length: 14’

Exterior Height: 8’1”

Interior Height: 5’11”

Sleeps: Up to 3

Slideouts: None 

Key Features: 

  • Retro, stylish design 
  • Aluminum tubing to reinforce trailer, but also reduce the weight
  • Multiple storage options including overhead cabinets and a wardrobe
  • Modular fiberglass bathroom 
  • Multipurpose kitchenette / bed
  • Starting price of $11,500

4. Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer

If luxury is what you’re after then the Spirit Deluxe lightweight trailer from Casita is what you’re looking for. At a dry weight of 2,408 lbs, this trailer fits nicely into the lightweight category, and with a GVWR of 3,500 lbs, you can fill it up with a lot of gear. 

There are two separate dinette areas which both convert into sleeping areas (one into a double bed, and the other into a single bed), which provides some pretty comfortable sleeping arrangements. The side dinette also has a screened picture window which augments your dining experience. 

The shower and toilet options are both separated which not only serves a functional role, but provides privacy as both the shower and toilet can be used by two people at the same time. There’s also mesh screen windows and a power fan roof vent for ventilation in the bathroom areas. 

In the kitchenette you will find a sink, refrigerator, and a three-burner stove, all neatly organized in a galley kitchen. There’s also a separate sitting area which provides a little privacy away from the kitchen / communal area, and both the sofa and kitchen dining area are plush upholstered. The swivel chairs also offer a comfortable retreat, and can even be used as a mobile office if you want to work on the move.  

They also have a standard model which can sleep up to five people, however, it doesn’t come with a bathroom, as it uses that space for the extra sleeping areas. 

Dry Weight: 2,210 lbs for standard model and  2,480 lbs for deluxe model

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,500 lbs 

Length: 17’

Exterior Height: 8’11”

Interior Height: 6’2”

Sleeps: Up to 3 in deluxe and 5 in standard 

Slideouts: None 

Key Features 

  • Heavy duty steel frame for durability 
  • Insulated interior 
  • Lightweight fiberglass interior furniture 
  • Fiberglass shell construction 
  • 50 cubic feet of storage 
  • Solar panel add ons 
  • Starting price of $24,996 for standard, and $26,694 for deluxe 

5. Happier Camper HC1

This cute little trailer from the Happier Camper is both ultralight and compact. The HC1 model is extremely versatile, and offers flexibility and freedom of where you can travel. In addition, the dry weight is only 1,100 lbs, which puts it well below the average weight of a lightweight travel trailer and it is one of the lightest on the market. With that in mind, it makes it excellent for fuel efficiency, and also means that the trailer can be towed by just about any vehicle. 

Despite the incredible light weight, the HC1 has a GVWR of 3,500 lbs, which is perfect for cargo, water, fuel, and passengers. 

One of the biggest appeals of a Happier Camper is their highly flexible Adaptiv™ design system.  This is a modular design system that allows you to adjust and personalize your camper with the floor grid. The modular components are made from durable materials which can easily be rearranged, stacked on top of one another, and can be removed and used outside when setting up camp (which means that you don’t have to carry around extra outdoor equipment). 

The floor panels use frame-mounted D-ring tie-downs which allow you to easily rearrange the components, but also keeps them sturdy and in place whilst in transit. This unique customization system is perfect for flexible living. Each camper comes with 20” x 20” stackable storage cubes, a cushioned bench which can convert into two double bunk beds, as standard kitchenette, toilet, cooler cube, and table top. One of the drawbacks is that there is no shower, or separated area to function as a bathroom. 

With that being said, the HC1 is one of the most compact and lightest campers available on the market, and their retro design is a fan-favorite. 

Dry Weight: 1,100 lbs

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,500 lbs 

Length: 10’

Exterior Height: 7’4”

Interior Height: 6’1”

Sleeps: Up to 5

Slideouts: None 

Key Features: 

  • Incredibly lightweight (can be towed by almost any vehicle)
  • Unique modular system allows you to personalize camper to your needs and preferences
  • Ample storage with stackable storage cubes and exterior hatches 
  • Off-grid and solar ready 
  • Large rear hatch allows for easy loading and unloading 
  • Panoramic windows 
  • Insulated fiberglass shell 
  • Starting price of $35,000

6. LANCE 1575 Ultra Light Weight Trailer

If you’re looking for more room, then you will definitely be impressed by the LANCE 1575 model. They’re design and engineering skills are certainly superior, and they are able to fit a range of fixtures and features into a lightweight trailer with a dry weight of just 2,775. 

There’s no compromise when it comes to design and quality, as each trailer is equipped with LANCE’s “Super Slide” dinette, which includes a full equipped galley kitchen fitted with a mounted three-buner stove top, range hood and light fan, double-door refrigerator, sink with a pull out sprayer, and residential-style cabinetry. 

The bed also provides luxury comfort as the DIX queen innerspring pillow top mattress where you can rest your head each night. Within the bathroom there is a spacious shower with adjustable shower head, marine toilet, and a skylight to let in as much natural light as possible. 

To keep the trailer lightweight, each one is constructed using Lite-Ply™, which is also extremely durable. There are also several large windows and skylights that help bring natural light in, which makes the space feel bigger, and brings nature in. 

We’re big fans of this trailer, which serves a functional purpose, whilst also providing luxury and elegance, and as LANCE puts it so beautifully: Small is the new big. 

Dry Weight: 2,775 lbs

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,500 lbs 

Length: 20’5”

Exterior Height: 9’10”

Interior Height: 6’6”

Sleeps: Up to 4

Slideouts: None 

Key Features: 

  • Skylights and large windows throughout make the space seem bigger
  • Fully equipped kitchenette and bathroom 
  • USB charging ports
  • Interior and exterior speakers 
  • Block foam insulation 
  • Aluminum frame for lightweight design and durability 
  • Starting price of $27,995

7. Airstream Sport Lightweight Travel Trailer

Airstream has been in the RV industry for decades, and the company has built up quite a positive reputation during that time. Fans of Airstream can always rely on them for sleek yet functional designs, and their lightweight Sport trailer is no different. 

With a dry weight of 2,860 lbs, this trailer offers all of the features and luxuries of Airstream’s other travel trailers, just in a lighter and more compact design. There are two different floor plans available for the Sport model, however, only the 16RB trailer has a dry weight under 3,000, so this is the one we’re going to focus on. 

Each Sport trailer has a dedicated sleeping space, as well as a convertible dinette for a larger sleeping capacity. There’s also an onboard bathroom, so equipped with a shower cubicle. There’s also a pass-through door to the exterior wall which allows you to use the shower outside. This is a great feature if you’re nature or extreme sports enthusiast and don’t want to dirty your trailer after coming back from an expedition. 

The kitchenette uses stainless steel appliances for longevity, and each includes a built-in refrigerator, two-burner stove top, and a sink with a cover which increases your countertop space when meal prepping. Each kitchenette comes with a microwave, but you can also upgrade to a convection microwave which allows you to grill and roast which will expand your cooking options. 

You’ll also find plenty of storage on board as there are both lower cabinets and overhead lockers which provide plenty of areas for you to store gear, kitchen utensils, and personal belongings. You’ll also find an exterior storage locker, as well as a retractable awning, which will give you the opportunity to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. 

Dry Weight: 2,860 lbs

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,500 lbs 

Length: 16’

Exterior Height: 9’3”

Interior Height: 6’5”

Sleeps: Up to 4

Slideouts: None

Key Features: 

  • Plush ultraleather seating and pillow-top memory foam mattress for ultimate comfort
  • Bluetooth stereo 
  • Shower can be used both indoors and outdoors (pass-through door to the exterior) 
  • UV protected aluminum exterior which has been fluorocarbon treated
  • USB ports 
  • Optional solar panel package 
  • Starting price of $48,900

8. KZ Spree Escape Mini Lightweight Travel Trailer

The Escape Mini from KZ is light on weight but not on style. With a dry weight of just over 2,800 pounds, you can enjoy flexibility whilst living on the road without heavy towing slowing you down. However, there’s no scrimping on comfort, as the Mini’s edgy interior makes the trailer look elegant but also welcoming. 

There are four different available floor plans for the Escape Mini, allowing you to choose different bathroom layouts, sleeping areas, adding dinettes or sofas, and even roomy slideouts. 

Most floor plans incorporate a convertible dining area that has a sizable tabletop which can function as an office space if you work on the move. There’s also wide window views which makes the space feel larger. The windows near the sleeping areas are tinted, and come with shades to provide privacy. 

Within the kitchenette, you will find a two-burner gas stove top, pantry, 4 cubic foot refrigerator, and a convection microwave that provides limitless cooking options. The bathroom also comes with a full tub, shower, sink and vanity, and a foot-flush toilet. There’s also plenty of counter and storage space, and a skylight for natural light and ventilation. 

As mentioned, KZ Spree wants this trailer to feel luxurious, and the maple wood interior does just that, whilst also making the inside feel homely. The residential linoleum can also handle temperature extremes in both hot and cold climates, making travel feel comfortable. 

Dry Weight: 2,888 lbs

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,500 lbs 

Length: 20’9”

Exterior Height: 8’9”

Interior Height: 6’10”

Sleeps: Up to 4

Slideouts: Yes

Key Features: 

  • Tinted windows for privacy 
  • Storage pockets 
  • Slideout rooms available for extra space 
  • Rustic maple cabinets 
  • Power awning 
  • Starting price of $12,725

9. KZ Escape E14 Hatch

Here’s another KZ trailer that outshines other lightweight travel trailers. The Escape E4 Hatch weighs in at 2,825 pounds, and features an innovative rear hatch door. Not only is this easier for unloading and loading, it also provides a refreshing air flow, and functions as a second covered outdoor space. This model also includes a 10 foot retractable awning. 

At the rear of the trailer you will find a convertible dinette. When the hatch door is opened, this gives you an unobstructed view of the outdoors whilst eating, and the screen will help keep bugs out whilst doing so. At night time the dinette converts into a large sleeping space which can fit two people comfortably. 

Within the kitchenette you will find an 8 cubic foot refrigerator and freezer, two-burner stove top, pantry and cabinet space, sink, and microwave. There’s also a separate bathroom which comes with a toilet and shower space, so you don’t have to worry about finding a campsite with showers. 

The interior height is 6’8”, which along with the rear hatch makes the trailer feel spacious. Overall, this is a great lightweight and affordable trailer which offers flexibility and freedom when roaming. 

Dry Weight: 2,825 lbs

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3,500 lbs 

Length: 18’10”

Exterior Height: 9’3”

Interior Height: 6’8”

Sleeps: Up to 2

Slideouts: None 

Key Features: 

  • Rear hatch provides air flow, easy unloading and loading access, and opens up space for a larger interior feel
  • Off-grid ready 
  • Industry leading dinette and bed system 
  • 10 foot retractable awning 
  • Starting price of $19,500

Advantages of Opting for a Lightweight Trailer

The most significant advantage of choosing a lightweight trailer is that they weigh less than 3,000 pounds, which means that they can be towed by a smaller SUV or van. Some lightweight trailers can even be towed by a sedan. 

Opting for a lightweight trailer means that you don’t have to pay to upgrade your towing vehicle, but you can still travel in style and comfort. The only significant difference between lightweight trailers and regular trailers is the size, however, smaller trailers are designed to make the most of the limited space, and typically include a lot of cool and versatile features that solves any space issues. For example, many features have multi-purpose uses, which means that they can function as more than one component without taking up extra room. 

In addition to the weight advantage, other benefits of choosing a lightweight trailer include: 

  • Affordability (costs are often cheaper than larger travel trailers) 
  • Easier to driver and maneuver around (can fit into smaller campsites) 
  • Better off-road capabilities (more freedom to where you can explore)
  • Functional and multi-purpose features take up less space 
  • Improved gas mileage as the towing weight is significantly less

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dry weight of a travel trailer?

The dry weight of a travel trailer refers to the average weight of a trailer when it leaves the factory, which includes the fittings and furnishings, as well as the trailer itself. However, dry weight does not account for fuel, water, passengers, or gear and equipment that you will load onto the trailer yourself. Dry weight is also not an indicator for the maximum weight a trailer can carry. 

Lightweight travel trailers have a dry weight of 3,000 pounds or less. Any trailer that exceeds the dry weight limit will not be classified as a lightweight trailer. 

What does Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) mean?

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR, refers to the maximum amount of weight that is safe for your vehicle. This includes the weight of the trailer, as well as fuel, passengers, accessories or gear which has been added to the trailer. If you exceed the GVWR of your trailer you will receive a ticket as it is considered dangerous to exceed the weight limit. It is therefore important that you know the GVWR for your trailer. 

Do lightweight travel trailers come with bathrooms?

Fortunately, most lightweight trailers do include bathrooms that have toilets, showers, wet baths and even shower-tub combos. This can put your mind at ease, as when traveling it’s hard to know when you’ll get your next bathroom break, or access to hot, running water. All of the trailers we’ve included in this list – except for the Happier Camper HC1 – all come with a fully-functioning bathroom. To these you can typically add 20 gallon water tanks, and water heaters (which are already installed) will do the rest for you.

Are lightweight travel trailers suitable for families?

On average, a lightweight travel trailer can comfortably sleep around 4 people, which makes them perfect for those looking to take a family excursion, or a group trip. Most sleeping areas serve multi-functions, so expect your bed to be a convertible kitchenette, or a Murphy bed. There’s also plenty of storage and living space that can accommodate families, so, there’s no need to worry about finding space for personal belongings, or somewhere where you can each relax during the day time. 

There are some lightweight trailers where you can upgrade your sleeping capacity, however, this can compromise other living areas. For example, the Casita Spirit Standard Model can sleep up to 5 people, but this comes at the expense of the bathroom.

What is the best lightweight travel trailer?

Out of all of the lightweight trailers we’ve reviewed, our favorite would have to be the Jayco 16MRB. This is one of the most affordable options which doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality and features. This trailer certainly makes use of the limited space that is available for smaller travel trailers, whilst providing you with everything you need to live remotely on the road. All in all, Jayco is a quality RV manufacturer, and during their time they have managed to create an exceedingly good reputation for themselves. Jayco also offers warranties on all of their RVs. 

We’re also fans of the Happier Camper HC1 model. It is an extremely lightweight design that can be towed by just about any vehicle, and the retro look of the trailer is definitely eye-catching. Their unique modular system is also great for personalizing your trailer, and they can be easily moved, rearranged and used outside. However, it is quite an expensive trailer, and the lack of a shower moves it down the rankings. 

Have you Picked your Favorite Lightweight Travel Trailer?

Each of the trailers included in this list include all of the most crucial components needed for life on the road, as well as some luxury features that set them aside from the rest of the market. 

When it comes down to making your own individual choice, it will depend on your needs, sleeping capacity, the GVWR, your budget, and what the towing capacity of your vehicle is. There’s also plenty of opportunity to add on features such as off-grid, off-roading, and entertainment systems that can help you to create your ultimate home on the road.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list has helped you start your search in finding the perfect lightweight trailer for you and your needs. What’s most interesting is that due to the limited space, most smaller trailers use clever multi-purpose functions to transform their trailers from sleeping areas, to living and entertaining spaces. What’s even more impressive is that most of these trailers have included bathrooms and well-equipped kitchenettes into their designs to provide users with all of the comforts of home whilst on the move. 

What’s great about lightweight trailers is that you don’t have to upgrade your existing vehicle, as most of this can be towed by smaller vehicles. This will also help to reduce your costs and provide you with far more freedom about where you travel. 

Are you excited by this list? Or do you have a personal favorite trailer we might have left off?

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