7 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 1500 lbs


You don’t have to be a frequent jet setter to go on lots of adventures and experience the wonders of nature.

Lightweight travel trailers are an excellent option for those of you who like to hit the road with your friends or family and find somewhere new to explore during your leisure time.

Trailers remove the hassle of booking hotels and arranging transport, you can just pack some stuff, pick your holiday destination and off you go.

Whether you decide to park up by your local woods for a couple of nights in the great outdoors, or venture cross-country to faraway shorelines, travel trailers provide an enjoyable and cost-effective experience to suit all budgets. 

Why choose a lightweight travel trailer?

You may wish to purchase a lightweight travel trailer under 1500 lbs if you are travelling solo or as a couple. Lightweight travel trailers tend to be more cost-effective, save fuel, are easy to store and easy to tow.

Without all that added weight that comes with a larger trailer, you will benefit from a more compact vehicle which doesn’t take up as much space. This means that you can park your trailer up in a wider variety of destinations and easily transport it by towing. 

Standy trailers

The downside to some lightweight travel trailers is that you can’t stand up inside them. While this may not be an issue for many travellers, some prefer to be able to stand up and move around properly inside their trailer.

If being able to stand up inside a travel trailer is something that is a valuable factor for you, you can opt for a standy trailer. The clue is pretty much in the name, these trailers are still lightweight, but feature a taller height to allow passengers to stand up.

Standy campers are relatively minimalist, so they would suit people who are looking for a simple, light trailer with basic amenities and without all the bells and whistles that come with a fully kitted out mobile home (which tend to come with a hefty price tag, too).

Once you’ve decided that a lightweight travel trailer is the best vehicle for all of your travel needs, it’s time to search for the perfect one.

It can be daunting when you first look at all of the trailers available on the market today, but don’t worry, we’ve taken the time to narrow down your search.

Check out our list of top lightweight trailers below, complete with specifications, features and pros and cons, so you can pick out the best choice to suit your budget and lifestyle.  

So, without further adieu, here are the 7 Best lightweight travel trailers under 1500lbs, in descending order of weight:

1. TAXA Cricket 1,500 lbs

2. Timberleaf Classic 1,400 lbs

3. Rustic Trail Papa Bear 1,295 lbs

4. Timberleaf Pika 1,025 lbs

5. Meerkat 920 lbs

6. Go Little Guy MyPod 760 lbs

7. Oregon Trail’ R DoDrop Alpha 550 lbs

Now it’s time to get into the details. These trailers all have their own individual qualities, so you’ll be sure to find out that’s perfect for you. Keep reading to learn more about each of our top trailers.

1. TAXA Cricket Camper (1,500 lbs)


Length: 15 feet.

Exterior Height: 6.11 feet.

Exterior Width: 6.7 feet.

Interior Height: 6.10 feet.

Hitch Weight: 170 lbs.

The TAXA Cricket Camper features space for four people to sleep. It offers a bunk bed option to accommodate up to four, and is one of the more roomy travel trailers in our selection. It’s quite similar to a teardrop trailer, with a streamlined, lightweight and compact shape.

It’s got a rugged design with a well-thought out, spacious interior design, fully fitted with integrated electrical and plumbing systems. It also features a rear hatch so you can fully experience the beauty of nature wherever you go. 


Rear hatch feature is an added bonus allowing you to experience the outdoors from the comfort of your trailer.

Well constructed, practical and spacious interior 

Added bunk bed option is a great bonus to allow sleeping space for up to four people


Relatively basic interior design, not as modern as some other trailers on the market

2. Timberleaf Classic


Overall Length: 11.10 feet.

Height: 65 inches.

Dry Weight: 1,400 lbs.

Tongue Weight: 110 lbs.

With a sleek, retro design and lots of impressive features, the Timberleaf Classic is a great option for travellers who are looking for a trailer under 1500lbs but still want to feel at home on the go.

Featuring a ceiling fan, built-in sink. solar panel hooks, a roof rack, a sunroof, a mounted toolbox and a custom wood cooler, this trailer is highly functional and boasts an impressive build quality.

The trailer is also insulated and durable, with a tough aluminum siding making it perfect for all seasons and weathers. It’s carefully hand-made, which assures high-quality craftsmanship, and comes in a range of color options, which give you more choice in the appearance of your trailer. 


Modern retro design and multiple color options 

Insulated and durable for all weathers

Lots of handy features for seasoned travellers


May not suit all budgets

3. Rustic Trail Papa Bear


Dry Weight: 1,295 lbs.

Interior Height: 69 inches.

Exterior Height: 4 feet.

Interior Width: 5 feet.

Interior Length: 10 feet.

The Rustic Trail Papa Bear trailer is an affordable option if you value both space and compactness. These trailers are built-to-order, which means the build quality is always top-tier. With it’s teardrop design, the Rustic Trail Papa Bear features an impressive interior, with space for up to three people around the table.

You’ve also got everything you need for a good night’s sleep on the road, with a functional bed, kitchen area, USB charging ports, smoke detector, sliding windows and lots of space for your luggage, all for a budget-friendly price. 


Considering it’s compactness, it offers enough space for up to three people around the table, and lots of space to store luggage and equipment.

Impressive build quality as it is made to order. 

Cost effective for travellers with a lower budget.


It’s affordability means it doesn’t have some of the features that other trailers on the market may have, such as a sink and a stove area.

4. Timberleaf Pika Teardrop Trailer

7 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 1500 lbs 4


Length: 12 feet.

Dry weight: 1,025 lbs.

Headroom: 36 inches.

Gross weight: 1500 lbs.

For a really compact teardrop trailer, the Timberleaf Pika Teardrop Trailer offers great camper functionality for a very small size. It’s the smallest camper in manufacturer Timberleaf’s arsenal, yet despite it’s lightweight compactness, features an impressive 36 inches of headroom and a skylight to bring in natural light and make the interior appear larger.

This trailer is perfect for one person or a couple, and has the added bonuses of LED reading lights, cargo-net storage, USB charging ports and a multi-speed fan. It also has two entrances and sliding windows, with a well-thought out design and a comfortable interior.


Extremely compact and lightweight for towing and squeezing into tight spaces.

Decent amount of headroom so you don’t feel cramped.

Designed with comfort in mind, with an airy interior, functional features and a skyline to allow natural light in. 


For those that value a lot of space, this trailer is pretty compact.

5. Meerkat


Inside height: 60 inches.

Exterior height: 88 inches.

Overall length: 13 feet.

Inside length: 9.6 feet.

Tongue weight: 100 lbs.

Dry weight: 1,000 lbs.

The Meerkat is so compact that you can store it in a standard garage and tow it with a standard four-cylinder car. The interior is well-designed and functional, with a seating space that can be turned into a bed to comfortably fit two people.

The Meerkat offers excellent storage solutions, with each cushion providing storage space for your luggage. The seating space includes a kitchen area with cabinets, a sink, a 120V electrical system and an icebox to keep your drinks cool in the summer.

Another impressive feature for such a small trailer is the mounted closet you can use to store clothes efficiently throughout your journey. 


A comfortable and functional trailer for the size and price.

Can be easily stored and towed due to it’s compactness.


Not very weather-resistant and may not be the best option for hardcore travellers due to the lack of extra features and space.

6. Go Little Guy MyPod


Inside Width: 60 inches.

Inside Height: 37 inches.

Overall Length: 139 inches.

Exterior Height: 62 inches.

Tongue Weight: 110 lbs.

Dry Weight: 760 lbs.

For the solo travellers out there, the Go Little Guy MyPod is an excellent choice for a trailer under 1500 lbs that offers practicality during your escape from everyday life.

This trailer is incredibly compact and lightweight, comes in five different color options, features window shades and a three-year warranty. It’s also cost-effective and displays an ingenious design with everything you need for your trip for such a small size. 


Extremely lightweight and compact, perfect for solo travellers.

Really easy to store and tow. 

Five different eye-catching color options.


Lack of features due to it’s size, not suitable for multiple travellers. 

7. Oregon Trail R DoDrop Alpha


Height: 3.5 feet.

Length: 7 feet.

Overall Length: 120 inches.

Overall Height: 60 inches.

Weight: 550 lbs (basic configurations).

Tongue Weight: Generally, 10% of overall camper weight.

Last but not least, the Oregon Trail R DoDrop Alpha is the lightest trailer on our list.

Excellent for solo campers who would love to be able to take their vehicle off-road onto tough terrains, this lightweight and compact camper offers a durable, rugged exterior for travellers who love to be constantly on the road to the next destination.

It features a bed, a square tube steel chassis, and a hitch designed for towing the trailer off-road on various terrains. 


Excellent durability – a great choice for travellers who want to take their trailer off-roading on various terrains. 

Very easy to tow with off-road vehicles. 

One of the most compact and lightweight trailers you will find on the market today. 


Not the most comfortable of trailers with a lack of features, not suitable for long stays away.

Now you’ve had a look through our 7 Best travel trailers under 1500lbs, check out our buyers guide below where we take you through some of the common considerations to think about when searching for your perfect trailer. 

Buyers Guide

What makes a good trailer?

Whichever trailer you pick will depend on your individual needs, such as your current lifestyle and budget.

Are you planning to go on lots of trips with the family, or just with your pet dog? Do you have a relatively large budget to invest in a trailer, or are you looking for something functional yet cost-effective?

The main features to keep in mind when buying any travel trailer is that they should function appropriately for your needs, for example, do you need to be able to tow the trailer with your current vehicle? Do you need a kitchen area, or more interior space?

It’s important to ask yourself these questions before going ahead with your purchase. Check the specifications and product descriptions to ensure that you buy the right trailer for you.

No matter what your requirements, all trailers should feature a sturdy, high-quality build, basic functionality, safe and hygienic plumbing and electrical systems, safe vehicle mechanics for traveling and sufficient capacity for towing across whichever terrain you plan to travel over. 


Can I tow a travel trailer under 1500lbs with my current vehicle?

You can tow a lightweight travel trailer under 1500lbs with almost any vehicle. Make sure to check the product description just in case.

How long will a travel trailer last?

On average, a travel trailer kept in good condition will last around 10 years. This is only an average life expectancy, some trailers will last longer than others, which is why it’s a good idea to keep up with maintenance. 

Are travel trailers a good investment?

Considering they last around 10 years, travel trailers are a great investment. If you think about how many hotels you may book within 10 years, especially if you are a frequent traveller, the upfront cost of a travel trailer is still much more cost-effective.

Final thoughts

When you have decided that a travel trailer is right for you, remember to consider what you need from one. A lightweight, compact trailer is an excellent idea for saving space, fuel and for transporting the camper around.

The trailers we have suggested above are all fantastic options to make your adventures easier, spontaneous and more affordable, but each trailer has its own specific features which may suit some travellers over others.

Whichever travel trailer you opt for, we hope that this guide has helped you in your search for more lightweight adventures!

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