Fishing Boat Names and Their Meanings

Creative ideas for fishing boat names

Everyone knows that it’s bad luck not to name a boat, and nobody takes this superstition more seriously than a fisherman.

A fishing boat with the right name is said to lead you to good fortune in the water, and if you’re looking for something fitting to call your vessel, there are some great names to choose from.

What are the most popular fishing boat names?

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to name your next boat, some of the more common titles given to these vessels are Squid Pro Quo, Why Knot, Get Reel, Fish Wife, Angler’s Dream, Lady Luck, and Finally Fishin.

However, there are no set rules in place for what a fishing boat needs to be called, so you can use your imagination.

A good name can make or break the success of a fishing boat if anglers are anything to go by. This superstition has been around for centuries and a nameless vessel is not a chance you want to take, so read on to see the most popular names around for fishing boats.

You can tell a lot about a fisherman by the name of their boat, and there are some names out there used more than others.

Check out our list of the most popular fishing boat names to give you inspiration when crowning your next vessel.

#1: Squid Pro Quo

Fishing boat named Squid-pro-quo

Squid Pro Quo is often at the top of any boat name list, and not just fishing vessels.

The clever play on words is mimicked after ‘quid pro quo’ which is another way of saying ‘tit for tat’ and you’ll often see it splayed across boats everywhere, even if they’re not in the business of catching squid.

#2: Lady Luck

If there’s one thing fishermen want, it’s good luck, and what better name for your vessel than the master of it all – Lady Luck.

Lady Luck is a popular choice because it gives a nod to the fact that boats are supposedly females and makes it feel as if there’s a better chance of catching a fish when you’re on a boat with this name.

#3: Game Plan

Fishing boat named game plan

Fishing boats with the goal of catching game fish might like Game Plan as their moniker, and this play on words is the perfect choice for a sporting boat.

Some popular game fish include trout, sharks, and bass, so if you plan to catch any of these, you might want to consider this for your boat.

#4: Why Knot

Why Knot

You never need a good excuse to go fishing, and if you’ve often wondered if you should take your boat out for a spin, you might have even answered ‘Why Knot’.

This is a popular choice because it combines a little bit of humor with some nautical terminology, and is the perfect name for a fisherman who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

#5: Fin Finder

Boat named Fin Finder

Fin Finder is another favorite of anglers because it tells you exactly what its job is, or at least what it hopes to achieve.

This could be read as a play on words of fish finder, the popular technology that most boats are fitted with to help them find a catch, and it’s one of the better options for those who only use their vessels for fishing.

#6: Get Reel

There are plenty of puns out there to choose from when naming boats, and anything with ‘reel’ in it seems to feature heavily.

Get Reel is another classic and one you’ve likely seen before, so if you’re looking for something funny that gets straight to the point, consider painting this on the side of yours.

#7: Angler’s Dream

Boat cruise Anglers Dream

When you’ve got a boat that’s worthy of showing off, you’ll want a name that proves it, which is why Angler’s Dream is such a good one.

This gives you a chance to parade your boat and show how lucky you are having something like this to fish in, but just make sure your vessel can live up to the hype.

#8: Finally Fishin’

If you feel like you spend your whole life waiting for the chance to go fishing, this is the name for you.

Finally Fishin’ is how most anglers feel when they get out there, and whether it’s the weekend you’re grateful for or finally being able to retire, it seems to be one of the most popular choices.

#9: Fish Wife

tinas trippin

A fishwife was an old-timey career of a woman who sells fish, and this boat name is particularly popular with female anglers.

The name Fish Wife could indicate that you’re married to your love of fishing, or that you just want to show off that it’s a female who owns this amazing vessel, so whatever your reason, go for it.

#10: Snapperologist

An ‘ologist’ is usually used to refer to an expert in their field, and if you’re a fan of catching snapper or any type of fish really, this could be for you.

Snapperologist might sound like a mouthful but it looks amazing scribbled on the size of a boat, and it’s a name that’ll make people think.

#11: Sushi Hunter

fishing boat sushi hunter

You don’t have to be a fan of sushi to name your boat this, but it certainly helps. Sushi Hunter is a hilarious vessel name that might just bring you luck and help you brings lots of fresh fish on board.

It’s a great talking point as well, so don’t be surprised if you get lots of visitors on the dock wanting to commend you for the name.

#12: GoFish

Go Fish

The classic game of Go Fish has been reimagined and is one of the most commonly used names for a boat.

Not only is it a classic card game, but it states the very purpose of the boat you own: to go fishing. If you prefer boat names simple but with a touch of humor, this is a great one to go with.

#13: Hook Line & Sinker

Who doesn’t love a good boat name that references popular fishing terminology?

Hook Line & Sinker refers to some of the more commonly used items for fishing, but also the classic phrase that means a fish that’s so ravenous it didn’t just take the bait, but the hook, line, and sinker as well. Some would call this a good omen, and as anglers, we’ll use any bit of luck we can get.

#14: The Big Fish

Small boat named the big fish

The Big Fish is a smart choice for a larger fishing vessel, but it could be even funnier on a small boat as well.

The name is a term for someone superior to others or bigger than the norm, and it’s popular among anglers who want to show off their boat to the world.

#15: Seas the Day

Last but not least, Seas the Day is another great play on words, replacing the traditional ‘seize’ with the ocean-themed ‘seas’.

This is a great boat name if you want something funny and lighthearted, and is a good multipurpose option if you also happen to use your vessel for other activities on the water.

Owning a fishing boat can open up a lot of opportunities for where and how you throw a line in, but they also take a lot of work.

If you want to find out more about these fishing vessels, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions that can give you a push in the right direction.

What Size Fishing Boat Do I Need?

The best size of fishing boat should be determined by where and how you plan on using it.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAn offshore fishing boat is usually one measuring larger than 30 feet and an inshore one between 17 and 20 feet, with other sizes, recommended for things like water sports, cruising, and bay boating.

What Is Bad Luck on a Boat?

The best size of the fishing boat should be determined by where and how you plan on using it.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAn offshore fishing boat is usually one measuring larger than 30 feet and an inshore one between 17 and 20 feet, with other sizes, recommended for things like water sports, cruising, and bay boating.

Where Are Fish Stored on a Fishing Boat?

Depending on the size and configuration of a boat, the fish may be stored in boxes or a compartment called the fish hold.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAny fish caught should be immediately covered with ice to keep them fresh, and you should aim to get them back on land and refrigerated as quickly as possible.


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