Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S.


As the nomadic lifestyle becomes increasingly popular, more and more people are interested in converting vans into campers, with the aim of bringing all the comforts of home on the road.

For people who are looking to explore the great outdoors, experience a change in scenery, and have the freedoms that come with a mobile home, then campervan conversions can be the perfect solution. 

However, when it comes to embarking on a van build journey, there are a few things that you need to consider. Are you prepared to take on a long and challenging task of doing a DIY conversion, or would you rather hire a van conversion company that has the skills, expertise, and tools to do it for you? 

If you’d prefer to take the latter approach, luckily there is a vast number of van conversion companies all across the U.S. We’ve taken the time to sift through some of the most popular conversion companies to help you get a head start on your research.

Each of the companies listed has at least 5 fully completed van builds, multiple employees, that they abide by standard operating procedures. We have not listed any companies that are relatively new to the game, or those that operate from their home garages. 

In this guide we’ve made sure to include their location, expertise/specialities, and their value for money. We hope this list will help you make their first steps into building the van of your dreams. 

Best Campervan Conversion Companies by State

The easiest way to help you find a company near you is to organize them by state. The states included have been listed in alphabetical order. 


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 1

Boho Camper Vans, Tempe

At Boho Camper Vans, you can build, rent or sell a custom campervan conversion. The team builds an average of 5-7 vans per year, and has a catalogue of their work that you can sift through for inspiration. Each of their builds is unique, however, the team are fond of using natural wooden finishes which gives their vans that truly bohemian look. You can add your own personalized touch by choosing custom upholstery, flooring, curtains, beddings and kitchen tiles, which will make your van truly your own. 

In terms of specifics, their base builds include a battery bank which will run all of your appliances through roof-mounted solar panels as well as a DC-DC charging system that will power your batteries on the move. As a campervan is a n off-grid home, the base build includes a dual zone fridge, roof fan, and a 25 gallon freshwater tank that works with both the sink and outdoor shower. There are also interior LED lights and outlets so that you can power up your favorite gadgets. 

In terms of costs, base builds start in the $30-40k range, however, unlike most upfitters, Boho Camper Vans offers financing, so that you can make the payments more manageable. 

Where to find them: 1719 W University Dr Suite 187, Tempe, AZ 85281 

How to contact them: +1 480-530-0800’


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 2

Adventure Co., Placerville

The team at Adventure Co. offer base designs, upgrade options, and customizable van builds. Although they work on a variety of vehicles, they primarily focus on the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and the Ram ProMaster. You can check out some of their previous work on their website, but they mainly focus on sleek, modern, and natural interiors. 

In terms of costs, base builds start at around $36,000, but if you’re looking to make upgrades, you can do the conversion in a few different stages which can help you split the costs. When it comes to custom builds, Adventure Co. says that “if you can dream it, we can build it.” Each of their custom builds typically have a 3 month turnaround. 

Where to find them: Shop visits are by appointment only, so you must email before scheduling a visit. Their shop location is in Placerville, California, but design appointments are also available in Santa Cruz. 

How to contact them: Register interest via their website

American Van Works, Stanton

American Van Works have been operating since 1971, which means that they’ve been in the van conversion game for quite some time. They work on both commercial and lifestyle campers, to give you the perfect vehicle for both work and recreational purposes. They’re very active in the “van lifestyle” community and have customized over 1000 vehicles. Although they work on a number of different vans, they specialize in Mercedes Sprinter Conversions. 

They’re designs use primarily modular systems, which provides some great space saving solutions. In terms of costs, AVW doesn’t have an estimation guide on their website, but they do offer financing.  

Where to find them: 11151 Beach Boulevard Stanton, CA 90680

How to contact them: 714-898-1827

Cardiff Campervans, Encintas

The folks at Cardiff Campervans like to focus on weekender campers, which use a modular system. They don’t do full conversions like enclosed bathrooms, fixed cabinets, or hot water systems, however, they’re narrow focus means that they’re costs are reduced. An average build is somewhere in the region of $18,000-$27,000, and only takes around 2-4 weeks to complete. 

They specialize in Ford Transits, Ram ProMasters, and Mercedes Sprinters. If you’re not looking to fully commit to the van life, and looking for an affordable way to get away for the weekends, then Cardiff Campervans is a great choice. 

Where to find them: Encinitas, CA 

How to contact them: 760-349-6761 (or enquire on their website)

Cascade Campers, Grass Valley

Cascade Campers’ goal is to be an affordable van conversion company. Because of that, their choices are limited and the team only exclusively works on Ram ProMaster City Cargo vans (2015 or later). Their full price is a flat $8,000 (plus tax), and the team works on an average of 14 campers per month. 

Although their features are simple, they’re what you’ll need to get yourself on the road. The standard features include a 42-inch wide, and 6 foot 4 long two-person bed (which converts into a couch bench), five-gallon water tank and sink, house battery system, roof-mounted solar panel, domestic fridge and more

Where to find them: 343 Railroad Avenue, Nevada City, CA 95959 

How to contact them: 916-468-4007

El Kapitan, Huntington Beach

This Southern Californian company is focused on speaking to your “inner longings for perfection.” Their focus is on design, technology, and craftsmanship, and they pride themselves in creating luxury campers for their clients. If money isn’t an issue, then El Kapitan can provide you with everything you need. 

Their speciality is Mercedes Sprinters, and in terms of costs, you’re looking at $150,000 and up for the van chassis and conversion. 

Where to find them: 5831 Research Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 

How to contact them: 714-896-8267 

Epoch Restorations and Adventures, Ventura

If retro or vintage vans are more your speed, then Epoch Restorations is the place for you. VW buses and Airstreams are their specialty, and they do everything from bodywork to custom builds. The team at Epoch can renovate your vintage vans by adding solar panels, sinks and water tanks, LED lighting, and sleep and storage solutions. 

Their rates are relatively cheap for individual restorations, and you can also rent their campers for your weekends away. 

Where to find them: 1800 N Olive Street, Ventura, CA 93001 

How to contact them: +1 231-420-8144

Glampervan, San Francisco

Operating from the San Francisco area, the crew at Glampervan will upfit your camper with one of their signature designs. As the company doesn’t do any custom builds, it means that their costs are low and they have quick turnarounds. Their prices range from $30,000 to $85,000, and they’re currently only working on Ram ProMaster 136 roof vans only. Known as the Glampervan MUV, it’s a design that can comfortably sleep two people. Check out their brochure here. 

Where to find them: 1960 Mandela Parkway, Bay 7, Oakland, CA 94607 

How to contact them: 415-696-0884

Humble Handcraft, Ventura

Humble Handcraft first started in the tiny home industry, but recently they’ve dipped their toes into camper conversions. They’re most known for their unique woodworking and cosy interiors, which bring a sense of comfort to your mobile home. They pride themselves on following a green initiative by using sustainable materials, avoiding chemicals, and using recycled energy. Their builds include functioning kitchenettes, spacious beds, and clever storage solutions. For pricing, you’ll have to contact them for a quote. 

Where to find them: 185 N Olive Street, Ventura, CA 93001 

How to contact them: +1 805-628-3336

Outpost Vans, Oceanside

At Outpost vans you can get a custom conversion package, as well as the ability to rent their vans. Although the team works on numerous vehicles, their focus is primarily on Fort Transits, Mercedes Sprinters, and Ram ProMasters. Check out some of their previous work here

In terms of costs, their custom conversions tend to cost somewhere in the range of $55,000 – $85,000, and takes an estimated 3-4 months to complete. They also offer financing if you would prefer to split the costs.

Where to find them: 105 Copperwood Way Suite D, Oceanside, CA 92058 

How to contact them: 760-643-7896 

Vannon, San Luis Obispo

Vannon is a small, family-owned business that offers both full vehicle builds and part installations. As a small company, they specialize in converting Mercedes Sprinters and Ram ProMasters. Not only do they do custom conversions, but they also sell individual parts for those that want to DIY their van. For a full van conversion, the costs will be somewhere in the range of $50,000 – $90,000. 

Where to find them: 4675 Thread Lane, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

How to contact them: +1 805-242-6414


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 3

Alpine Mechanisms, Colorado Springs

Alpine Mechanisms have been working in the outdoor adventure industry for over 25 years, and the way they work is pretty unique. They have a small team of professional designers and fabricators who try to design and build each van component in-house. That includes interior furniture, swivel seats, and roof racks. 

They can design full custom conversions, or individual parts for upgrading, like plumbing systems, electric systems, or air heaters. 

Where to find them: 2150 Spectra Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 

How to contact them: +1 833-257-6324

Aspen Custom Vans, Aspen

This is a small company founded and run by a Colorado family who live the van life themselves! At Aspen Custom Vans, you can both rent or build a custom conversion. They also offer van build consultations, and if there are parts of the build that you want to DIY yourself, they’re more than happy to oblige. 

They will convert just about any van, but they specialize in Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Ram ProMaster, Ford Transit, and Ford F-350 conversions. Contact them for a quote. 

Where to find them: Aspen, Colorado 

How to contact them: +1 970-948-4556 

Colorado Adventure Vans, Golden

At Colorado Adventure Vans, you can get 100% tailor-made camper vans. Their motto is that “if it fits in our shop, we can do it” – meaning they will work on just about anything. You can purchase an already completed van, rent, and have your own custom design manufactured. The costs for a full conversion are around $100,000, but you can also arrange to have part-installations. 

Where to find them: 871 Brickyard Circle, Golden, CO 80403 

How to contact them: +1 303-907-9368 

Colorado Campervan, Loveland

The team at Colorado Campervan have been designing and building custom conversions since 2009. As well as custom builds, they have a range of basic layouts and interiors which start at $24,000. You can also get individual components installed, like pop up tops. 

They specialize in converting Ford Transits, Mercedes Sprinters, Ram ProMasters, Ford E Series, Chevy Express/Savannahs, Winnebagos, and Nissan NVs. 

Where to find them: 1531 E 11th Str, Loveland, CO 80537

How to contact them: +1 970-699-6000

Colorado Custom Coachworks, Arvada

This conversion company doubles as a DIY shop, and is located just outside of Denver. They work on a huge variety of vehicles, from school bus conversions to 4×4 off-grid adventure rigs. This is a pretty unique business, as not only can you hire them to install a bespoke design, but you can also rent their tools if you’re looking to DIY your van. To check their prices, you can go to their website to get a quote

Where to find them: 4255 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO 80216

How to contact them: 1-866-994-2229

Oasis Campervans, Boulder

If you’re after a minivan conversion, then the folks at Oasis Campervans have got you covered. They can do partial or full builds for Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Chrysler Pacifica. Each of their van conversions can sleep either 1 or 2 people, and typically only take 2-3 weeks to complete. As they only convert minivans, their costs are significantly less than full cargo van builds and start at around $10,000. 

Where to find them: 557 Burbank Street Unit D, Broomfield, CO 80020

How to contact them: 720-422-4810

San Juan Vans, Durango

Located in Southwest Colorado, this family-run shop is perfect if you’re on a budget. Specializing in Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ram ProMaster conversions, San Juan Vans offer a 1-to-1 approach and their basic builds and layouts start at just $19,000. 

Where to find them: 580 S. West Street, Bayfield, CO 8122

How to contact them: 970-884-2926

TourRig, Golden

TourRig is one of the best van conversion companies in the country. They focus on modular systems, but they also will build custom designs that will fit your vans needs. Their team of 15 focus on Mercedes vans and minivan conversions, which usually take around 6-12 weeks to complete. For their pricing, contact them for a quote. 

Where to find them: 1300 Brickyard Road, Golden, CO 80403 

How to contact them: (303) 710-2914 


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 4

Custom Coach Creations, DeLand

Custom Coach Creations has over 25 years in the RV industry, and it is the place to go if you want a Class-B RV. They focus on modular designs and components to convert your van to your every need. As well as recreation vehicles, they also specialize in upfitting mobile offices, medical transport vehicles and medical testing vehicles. Their services are really good value for money, and they can do a full conversion for as little as $18,000.

Where to find them: 1855 Patterson Avenue, DeLand, FL 32724

How to contact them: 386-469-9573 

Freedom Vango, Jacksonville

Although Freedom Vango can work on just about any vehicle, they specialize in Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and Dodge ProMaster conversions. Not only do they build custom rigs, but they’re also available to consult about DIY conversions. They may not have been in the market for long, but they have over 35 camper builds in their catalogue, and their business continues to grow. For pricing, contact them for a quote. 

Where to find them: 3563 Regent Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32224

How to contact them: (904) 479-2400

Mango Vans, North Miami Beach

The team of builders, travelers, and dreamers at Mango Vans are passionate about creating tiny homes on wheels. Their philosophy is to create simple, efficient, and sustainable vans that take you anywhere you want to go. They have years of experience designing and creating all sorts of vehicles, and you can get your own fully customized vehicle that matches your budget. Their basic conversions start at $38,000. 

Where to find them: 2057 NE 160s St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162 

How to contact them: 305-317-1530 


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 5

Sync Vans, Bellevue

The team at Sync Vans offer both semi-custom and full-custom van conversions. Their semi-custom designs use modular systems that fit either 144” or 170” vehicles, and these designs can be a great way for you to save money on your build. Sync Vans will work on any van models, as their aim is to bring their clients’ dream van to life, but they have the most experience building Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits, and Ram ProMasters. For costs, you’ll have to enquire online, however, you can check out some of their previous work here

Where to find them: 120 Clover St, Bellevue, ID 83313

How to contact them: +1 208-721-1200


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 6

AWOL Adventure Rigs, Cushing

This Maine-based upfitters is located further east than any other van conversion company in the U.S. Their background in marine woodworking means that they have some pretty unique designs that can make your camper one of a kind. The team work on both luxury and basic camper designs, and their excellent craftsmanship means that you can count on them for quality. You can take a look at some of their previous work here, but in terms of costs, you’ll have to contact them for a quote. As well as custom designs, they also sell fully-furnished vans.

Where to find them: Cushing, ME 04563

How to contact them: 207-701-7607


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 7

Van Do It, Blue Springs

This company has been in business since the 1950s, which means that they have a lot of experience and expertise under their belt. They’re also one of the very few conversion companies that exist in the Midwest. They have a team of over 25 people that create, design, and build custom designs. Some of the features include modular systems, hydraulic lift systems, beds, storage solution, and seating for up to 8 passengers whilst in transit. Their current set up means that they are only exclusively working on Ford Transit conversions. In terms of costs, a full conversion can be anywhere between $58,000 – $108,000, but these costs can also include the purchase of the van. 

Where to find them: 2925 NW State Highway 7, Blue Springs, MO 64014

How to contact them: 816-944-2229


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 8

Beartooth Van Works, Belgrade

Beartooth Van Works have been in the conversion industry since 2016, and the team already have quite a lot of completed builds. They design bespoke camper vans that can fit your every need; whether you’re a weekend warrior or you’re looking to fully commit to van life, Beartooth have you covered. To check out some of their previous builds, you can find their portfolio here. The team does just about anything, from seating for up to 8 passengers, to pop-top roofs for extra sleeping space. In terms of costs, you’ll have to contact them for a quote, but they also have a few fully completed vans for sale which range in price from $145,000 – $200,000. 

They specialize on Mercedes Sprinters, but the team also work on other vehicles like Ford Transits, and Ram ProMasters. You can also purchase a Mercedes Sprinter from them to begin building your dream van. 

Where to find them: 698 Jetway Drive, Belgrade, MT 59714 

How to contact them: 406-686-1956 

Kestrel Van Concepts, Kalispell

The owners of Kestrel Van Concepts spent 6 months living in a van full-time, so they’re no strangers to the lifestyle and knowing the sort of features you’ll need. They specialize in Mercedes Sprinter conversions, but can also work on Dodge ProMasters and Ford Transits. They also use modular designs that can comfortably sleep up to 4 people. For a custom build, contact them for a quote!

Where to find them: Kalispell, Montana

How to contact them: 406-249-1865 

North Carolina

Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 9

Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles, Fairview

This upfitters is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and has been converting vans since 1997. The team offer both custom conversions and pre-built campers, and have a wide variety of options to fit your needs and budget. They also specialize in using sustainable, eco-friendly, and locally-sourced materials wherever possible. They currently only work on Mercedes Sprinters and Ram ProMasters, but they’re also looking to expand their departments to help DIY builders. Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles is a very budget-friendly company, as their basic build packages start at only $5,000. 

Where to find them: 33 Sayles Lyda Road, Fairview, NC 28730

How to contact them: 28730


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 10

Creative Mobile Interiors, Grove City

Founded in 1993, Creative Mobile Interiors offer custom conversions for a variety of different vehicles. As well as mobile homes, the company also works on commercial conversion builds such as medical vans, mobile dog groomers, and mobile barber shops. They also work on a variety of models, whether it’s RVs, mini-buses, trailers, or motor coaches, so there’s no need to worry about having a certain model of van. In terms of turnaround, most builds take 2 to 4 months to complete, and costs vary depending on design and amenities. 

Where to find them: 6237 Seeds Road, Grove City, OH 43123

How to contact them: 614-539-4600


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 11

Adventure Wagon, Tualatin

Adventure Wagon specializes in designing modular interiors so that you can find the best layout for your needs. The benefit of modular interiors is that they can easily be added and removed from your van as your needs and lifestyle evolves. They have over 1,000 conversions under their belt and specialize in converting Mercedes Sprinter vans, with their costs starting at around $11,500. 

Where to find them: 18135 SW Boones Ferry Road, Portland, OR 97224

How to contact them: (503) 427-0140

Outside Van, Portland

Outside Van is another Mercedes Sprinter conversion company which is located in the Pacific Northwest. Their clientele consists of adventure seekers who are after purpose-built, custom vans. Their designers will help to configure your vehicle so that living in your van is entirely possible. You can also buy the vehicle chassis and upfit as an all-in-one package, and they provide a 3 year warranty on each component. The team is also keen to begin production on Ford Transits in the near future too, and as for costs, you’ll need to contact them for a quote. 

Where to find them: 19509 NE Riverside Parkway, Portland, OR 97230

How to contact them: 800-971-8830

Overland Van Project, Portland

The team at Overland Van Project have completed over 140 conversions, and they are another high-quality upfitter in Portland. Each of their builds takes around 10-14 weeks to complete, and the team specializes in Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Dodge ProMaster, and Military LMTV conversions. Their base prices start at around $45,000, and you can check out some of their previous projects here

Where to find them: 2850 NW 29th Avenue, Portland, OR 97210

How to contact them: [email protected] 

Van Specialities, Tualatin

Founded back in 1973, Van Specialities has a lot of experience in the van conversion industry. Not only do they build custom interiors, but they also sell individual parts and accessories, which is perfect for DIY builders. They work on a variety of vehicles including SUVs, RVs, pickups, and vans. On their website you can find a quote generator which will give you a rough estimate of what your build might cost. 

Where to find them: 19400 SW 125th Ct, Tualatin, OR 97061 

How to contact them: (503) 218-2065


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 12

Off Highway Van, Salt Lake City

At Off Highway Van the team can build you a custom conversion, but they also have a variety of standardized designs and build packages that will get you out onto the road as soon as possible. They focus on Mercedes Sprinter and Ram ProMaster conversions, and each custom build takes around 6-8 weeks to complete. They also sell individual parts if you’re looking to take on a DIY conversion. Their prices range from $51,000 – $95,000, but these costs include the purchase of the van as well. 

Where to find them: 1210 S 3600 W Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

How to contact them: 801-382-7374

Vertical Vans, Salt Lake City

Vertical Vans is a family-owned conversion company which focuses primarily on Ram ProMaster, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ford Transit Conversions. You can check out some of their previous builds here, and custom builds typically take around 6-8 weeks to complete. Their conversion costs start at around $51,000. 

Where to find them: Salt Lake City, Utah 

How to contact them: +1 608-792-7291


Best Camper Van Conversion Companies In The U.S. 13

Freedom Vans, Bellingham

What was once started by a van life couple has grown into a team of 12 dedicated to designing and building custom van conversions. Like most conversion companies, Freedom Vans focuses on Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits, and Ram ProMasters, and you can take a look at some of their previous builds to get a sense of their work and style. As they work on a variety of designs, and each is only limited by a client’s budget, their conversions can range anywhere from $25,000 – $125,000 in price. 

Where to find them: 1414 Meador Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98229

How to contact them: (360) 656-5386

Northwest Custom Vans, Wenatchee

The team at Northwest Custom Vans has an exciting portfolio of designs that you can choose from, or you can hire them to design and build a custom conversion. They offer both full and partial uplifts, and some of the amenities include solar panels, vent vans, insulation, wiring, flooring, paneling and battery systems. The team primarily work on Ford Transits and Dodge ProMasters, but also accept Mercedes Sprinter conversions. Their build can take anywhere between 1-5 months to complete, depending on the complexity of the build, and their prices range from $65,000-$120,000 for a full conversion. 

Where to find them: 701 N Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee, WA 98801

How to contact them: 508-330-5564

Final Thoughts

As the “van lifestyle” grows in popularity, it’s clear to see that more and more people are eager to spend more time in nature, not only to improve their physical health, but to look after their mental health too.

Most van conversion companies are committed to helping people explore and spend more time outdoors, so they put a lot of hard work, quality craftsmanship, and passion into each of their builds.

With so many fantastic companies out there, the options are limitless, and these are just a few of the best that we have selected. Although the Midwest isn’t home to many conversion companies, the ones that are there are exceptional.

The West Coast and Northwest however, have an abundance of camper van upfitters to choose from, especially in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and California. 

We hope this list has helped you get started on your hunt for the best conversion company for you. Just remember to keep in mind your budget, design expectations, and what sort of amenities you are looking for. 

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