The Top Tactical Vests Reviewed

The Top Tactical Vests Reviewed

Today the military tactical vest is used most commonly by law enforcement and soldiers.

The tactical vests are popular with law enforcement and military, but also offer benefits and are used for hunting, paint ball and fishing.

Our team of experts narrowed down the best tactical vests on the market.

Here’s The Best Tactical Vest, Backed By 20+ Hours Of Research

Onetigris Molle

Onetigris Molle
  • OneTigris DOOM Tactical Vest 2.0 for Men: Adjustable waistband from...
  • Ideal for training, and other outdoor activities, etc.
  • Modular system vest with plenty of molle webbings for attachments

Why is it better?

  • Very adjustable to fit multiple body shapes
  • Long panels allow you to hold additional patches
  • Padded straps don’t tear into your shoulders

5 Best Tactical Vests

With that in mind, let’s now take a closer look at our top picks.

OneTigris Multicam Tactical Vest (Multicam)
More Information
Condor Modular Chest Set (Multicam)
More Information
vAv YAKEDA Tactical Vest Outdoor Ultra-Light Breathable Training Airsoft Vest Adjustable for Adults (US, Alpha, One Size, Regular, Regular, Black)
More Information
Marmot Tactical Vest Durable Mesh Vest with Detachable Belt & Holster for Subcompact/Compact/Standard Pistol
More Information

Let’s dive into the specifics and review each tactical vest individually. You can use the list below to jump and review specific models, or you can read along and go through all the information.

  1. Onetigris Molle
  2. Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set
  3. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest
  4. YAKEDA Tactical Vest
  5. Marmot XL Tactical Vest

Best Overall: Onetigris Molle

Onetigris Molle
  • OneTigris DOOM Tactical Vest 2.0 for Men: Adjustable waistband from...
  • Ideal for training, and other outdoor activities, etc.
  • Modular system vest with plenty of molle webbings for attachments

This is as tactical as it gets. OneTigris is a brand you’ll see a lot on Ammo Atlas, and it’s for products like this.

Built with 500D cordura nylon and molle webbing, it’s as durable as they come.

Equip yourself with multiple add-ons through the loop panel and extra long section for hooking on other items.

With comfortable straps, you won’t feel the cordura digging into your shoulders.


  • Very adjustable for fit multiple body shapes
  • Long panels allow you to hold additional patches
  • Padded straps don’t tear into your shoulders
  • Detachable breathability padding for good airflow during game play
  • Top handle for hanging up when not in use


  • Not sized correctly

It’s an abrasive material, hence why it’s good for tactical vests, but OneTigris made it as comfortable as possible for long-term use.

With that comfort comes adjustability. Regardless of your body type, this vest can find its home on your shoulders.

Adjust it to meet your midsection and shoulders separately, giving you a custom fit every single time.

Last but not least, this was designed to be fairly lightweight at just 2 lbs.

Mobility is a big concern with tactical gear, and for that attention to detail, OneTigris takes the cake for the best tactical vest.


  • Material: 500D Cordura Nylon
  • Size: Adjustable to fit most
  • Weight: 2 Pounds


  • 500D Cordura® Nylon construction
  • 3 by 6 patch panels at the front and back

Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set

Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set
  • Multicam
  • 9 built-in 5.56 mag pouches
  • 5 internal mesh pockets

Condor’s take on the tactical vest brings a slew of alternate benefits over your more traditional model, which is what makes them stand out.

First, you get a hydration pouch to store a bladder in. While it doesn’t include the bladder itself, this is more than you find on most vests.

Internal mesh pockets give you the option to hold onto smaller items that you wouldn’t want slipping out of an external pocket.


  • Built-in magazine pouches (5.56 x 9)
  • Five separate internal mesh pockets for close quarter storage
  • Hydration carrier slot (doesn’t include actual pouch)
  • Heavyweight webbing for modular attachments
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • Universal size

There’s five of them, and while they’re relatively small, they serve their function well.

Now for the most important part: it’s built out of multicam for a sturdy, yet comfortable design.

As a part of that design, the chest plate is removable and adjustable, allowing you to contour this vest to your body shape and size.

Your external pockets act as magazine pouches. There’s nine in total, each equipped to fit a 5.56 mag.

In a situation that calls for immediate action, you can keep your eye on the target and quickly swap out your magazines as needed without blinking.

Everything is easily accessible from your point of view.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Weight: 2.35 Pounds


  • Adjustable waist
  • Built-in hydration carrier

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

No products found.

As a budget-friendly option, UTG also made this ultralight at just two pounds.

In reality, wearing this makes you feel like Batman: you get a full pistol belt, durable design, and plenty of pouches.

Those pouches include a few for pistol mags, and some for rifle mags on the opposite side.

Utilize the shoulder radio pouch, cross-draw holster, and the built-in sniper shoulder, which reduces stock recoil.


  • 600D polyester construction withstands excessive abrasion
  • Built-in sniper shoulder for better recoil protection
  • Pistol and rifle mag pouches
  • Reinforced drag handle
  • Heavy duty back panel webbing


  • Poor quality zipper

Every square inch of this vest has been optimized to be useful, but still be accessible from the wearer.

All too often, you get bulky vests that are stiff as steel and bolster almost no accessibility. To combat that, UTG made this vest out of 600D polyester.

That’s points for durability, but still allows you to maneuver and glide through tactical situations with ease. It’s not body armor, but it’s going to protect you against a lot.

As a final note, everything is adjustable. The shoulders, the chest plate; it’s all moveable so you can get the perfect fit for mobility and tactical use.

You’re not going to be very useful if you can’t move around easily.


  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Weight: 2 Pounds


  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Hydration Bladder Compatible

YAKEDA Tactical Vest

YAKEDA Tactical Vest
  • 【ITEM SIZE】★ Adjustable for adults, S-XXXXL: the maximum waist...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE】★ Adjustable shoulder and side straps,belt design...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】★ Made from durable, comfortable high-density 600D...

Ready to get loaded for bear?

YAKEDA is your ultimate companion. 

Crafted out of 600D polyester and mesh, it’s designed to be comfortable while also being protective.

That’s rear-resistant and lightly abrasion-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about minor scrapes or cuts along the way.


  • Vast waist adjustment range
  • Extra durable buckle to hang onto all your gear
  • Shotgun shell + detachable mag/flashlight pouches
  • Suitable for various situations
  • Indeed feature hook-and-loop closure


  • Cheap construction

YAKEDA includes an extra large belt with a durable buckle to hold everything up, and adjustable sizes that range from small to quadruple extra large—that’s probably the most one-size-fits-all solution that we’ve ever heard of.

But it’s not just about the vest, it’s about what you can do with it.

On the right, there’s a series of five shotgun shell holsters, and on the left there are three detachable magazine/flashlight pouches.

That doesn’t include the additional magazine pouch, draw holster, and multiple utility pouches. You’re like a one-man army when you walk around in this vest.


  • Material: High Density Fabric
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Weight: 3.55 Pounds


  • Reinforced rescue pull handle
  • Velcor for personalized lables

Marmot XL Tactical Vest

Marmot XL Tactical Vest
2,000 Reviews
Marmot XL Tactical Vest
  • Adjustable Size - Adjust Both Side Straps and Belt to Fit You. The...
  • Detachable - Detachable Shotgun Shell Holder , Equipment Pouch ,...
  • High Quality and Lightweight - Made Of Durable Comfortable Lightweight...

As we come to a strong finish, we leave it to Marmot.

This vest speaks for itself. First and foremost, the design is somehow able to be breathable, while still having a 600D polyester construction for durability and anti-abrasion.

The zippers are high quality, and you’re going to need that to hold up all the stuff you can pack in this vest.


  • Multiple sub pouches for smaller pistols
  • Six shotgun shell slots on right breast pocket
  • Breathable 600D polyester mesh construction
  • Modular webbing velcro
  • Molle system


  • Cheap zipper

Shotgun shell holsters, removable tactical pouches, and even a side holster right above your belt are all yours to control.

It’s all accompanied by the utility belt that includes a highly durable buckle to prevent the whole thing from dragging down on you.

In short, it’s a pretty amazing vest. You’re given a tactical advantage over whatever sits in your path.

Everything is lightweight, easy on your collar, but the pads don’t do a whole lot for your shoulders.

Use your radio pouch to stay in touch with your team while staying fully prepared for what lies ahead.


  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Weight: 2.78 Pounds


  • 500D Cordura® Nylon construction
  • 3 by 6 patch panels at the front and back

Tactical Vest FAQ


Different Tactical Vests

No, not for real. Despite bulletproof materials being easier to obtain nowadays, you cannot purchase them on Amazon.

Kevlar is one of the cheapest and most easy to produce bulletproof materials out there.

At most, on Amazon, you’re going to be able to find tactical and swat vests, which may offer knife protection at the very most.


A tactical plate carrier is basically a vest that has the ability to become stabproof or bulletproof but isn’t.

Since it’s difficult to find anyone, including Amazon, who will sell bulletproof vests, you have to buy plate carrier vests and get hard plates.

Depending on the material and size, plates can stop bullets or knives.

The thing to remember is that just because a plate is designed to be stab proof doesn’t mean the material of the vest is going to accommodate it.

The plate is what stops the knife or bullet in its tracks. The vest will be torn, and since most plate carrier vests are lightweight, you’re going to feel a lot of the impact.

Normal bulletproof vests take the material thickness into account during design.

Essentially, standard bulletproof vest material will all help to absorb the shock of a bullet or puncture, but plate carriers only distribute that pressure and impact to the surface area of the plate.


Military Vests

While isn’t known exactly what brand they use, professionals have been known to divulge previous vests and other tactical equipment used by the military branch that they are no longer a part of.

For instance, soldiers in Iraq (non-specific branches) were known to use SPEAR vests, as well as Eagle CIRAS Maritime vests, for maximum ballistic protection.

These vests are some of the highest quality available. They’re generally not available for public purchase, except in a few states.


No, a tactical vest cannot stop a knife. Tactical vests are not bulletproof or puncture-proof knives, which are usually labeled separately.

A tactical vest is used primarily for quick and secure access to necessary gear or weapons.

Tactical vests tend to include magazine pouches, shotgun shell holders, pistol holsters, removable flashlight holsters, and tactical belts.

Tactical vests are also lighter than bulletproof or stabproof vests. On average, they are two or three pounds, but a bulletproof vest can be around twenty pounds or more.

This is because of the plate material or thicker construction (kevlar), and thicker exteriors.

That being said, there’s no such thing as a truly bulletproof or stabproof vest; there’s always going to be a bigger, sharper knife or a more developed round that can shred through the traditional materials used in these vest designs.

With that in mind, some vests can be considered bullet-resistant or puncture resistant.

This means that the materials will resist the pressure or tension, but only to a certain degree.

This can either stifle a blade or deflect it entirely. There’s still the variable of the exact angle that either hit you from.

In short, you cannot anticipate every vest to deflect a knife. Buy the best one you can, and hope that you never have to find out how resistant it really is.


The tactical vests have become popular items among a variety of preppers and survivalists.

Some people buy these vests so that they can look fashionable, but many others have an interest in the value that they are able to deliver.

The majority of the tactical vests offer a fully-adjustable feature and are accompanied by a holster dedicated for the sidearm and 5 to 6 holders for your rifle magazines and up to 4 pistol magazines and a pouch that can be used for your shotgun shells.

They usually also come with Velcro so you can add in more compartments and a separate compartment for a radio.

Some of these vests feature a belt that is usually looped through the bottom part of the garment, which are made to hold 2 pistol magazines.

Today there is an extensive array of tactical vests to choose from.

It is obvious that a tactical vest is not designed to wear around your home all day, but for specific occasions when you really need it.


The immediate benefit of wearing tactical vests has to do with that you have all your gear in easy access situated on your chest.

You can easily access your ammunition, radio, and sidearm as soon as you need it.

One of the big advantages of a tactical vest will be your sidearm.

This offers easy access to your weapon and is securely strapped inside the holster.

Because the sidearm is situated on your chest, it is safely secured out of your way.

This is not the case with a drop-leg holster or a belt.


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