10 of the Best Small Truck Campers


If you are a keen camper, campervans are the obvious choice as they combine travel and comfortable living whilst out in the wilderness. Sometimes campervans can be too heavy to drive and have a lot of maintenance, so something simpler but with the same qualities as a campervan would be perfect. 

A small truck camper may be the perfect space for you during camping trips especially if you travel either on your own or with another person.

The small truck campers have tents built into the trucks so that you can sleep inside a more secure location and feel better protected from the weather and wildlife.

Sleeping inside a small truck camper is a lot more comfortable than sleeping inside a tent and will definitely lighten your load when traveling.  

Here are 10 of the best small truck campers on the market for you to see what camper would be best suited to all of your needs. 

1. Standard Snap! Treehouse

This small truck camper from Snap! Treehouse includes an insulated tent built into the rooftop of the aluminum truck. Each of the treehouses is measured to perfectly fit your truck and to ensure that they are installed safely and securely as the treehouses have clamps that attach to your truck bed.

When the treehouse is closed for driving, there is no need to pack up any of your gear as it will stay in place even when it is closed.

The sleeping platform inside the truck is raised and is also waterproof so that you are completely protected from the rain during the night and there is no danger of water damage inside the truck. The sleeping platform comes with a memory foam mattress.

When opening the treehouse, there are hydraulic pistons that make the tent easy to put up and close so there is no risk of damaging any of the equipment. 

The hydraulic pistons also help to lift the sleeping deck inside the tent and help to lift the roof of the treehouse. The treehouse is wind and all-weather proof and there are 3-layer windows including a transparent vinyl screen, an insect net, and a privacy layer.

Inside the tent, there are two USB ports to charge any electronics. 

There is seating and standing room inside when the sleeping platform is in use as the sleeping deck is 4ft above the truck bed. There is easy access to the treehouse through the side and back doors which make it easy for you to move your gear around and transport it in and out of the treehouse. 


  • Measured to ensure that the camper perfectly fits your truck 
  • Your gear stays in place when the treehouse is closed
  • The sleeping platform is waterproof
  • Memory foam mattress included
  • Hydraulic pistons ensure that the tent is easy to put up and down
  • Wind and all-weather proof
  • 3-layer windows 
  • 2 USB ports inside of the treehouse
  • Easy access to the treehouse through the side and back doors
  • Seating and standing room inside the treehouse


  • The sleeping deck is 4ft above the truck bed so may be difficult for taller people to move around inside the treehouse while the sleeping deck is in use

2. EarthCruiser GZL Pop-Up Camper

The EarthCruiser GZL Pop-Up Camper is the perfect balance between having home luxuries and camping.

This small truck camper has many facilities that will help you to feel at home right away as soon as the camper has kitchen appliances and running water so that you can enjoy home luxuries in the great outdoors. 

The bed inside the camper is foldaway so that you are able to have space inside the camper but you are able to have a comfortable sleep. There is also a water tank, a cooktop, a freshwater tank, a propane tank, and a refrigerator and freezer.

You are also able to add additional features inside of the camper such as a dining table that folds away, a water purifier, and a Bluetooth stereo.

The camper is made of fiberglass so is lightweight on your truck and won’t weigh you down when traveling. The fabric of the tent is dual-layer so that it is insulated in the cold months and also blocks out light.

There is a door at the back of the truck so that you can enter the camper that has steps so that you are easily able to leave and enter. 

There is a portable toilet inside of the camper and also a shower section with hot water so that you are able to wash inside your camper. Everything you need is inside the camper so there is no need for additional storage or sleeping space. 


  • Made of lightweight fiberglass 
  • Kitchen appliances and running water inside 
  • Foldaway bed 
  • Water tank and fresh water tank
  • Refrigerator and freezer 
  • Add additional features inside 
  • Back door and steps to leave and enter easily 
  • Lots of storage space inside
  • Portable toilet and indoor hot water shower inside


  • There are a lot of luxuries that people may not want on a camping vacation 

3. GFC XL Platform Camper

The GFC XL Platform Camper from Go Fast Campers makes it very easy for you to set up camp as you just have to pop up the roof of the camper and lift to expose the tent.

You are also able to open all of the panels on the camper by unlocking the latches that are all keyed for your safety when inside, but you are able to easily move your gear around. 

The sturdy beams inside make sure that the tent is secure and the outdoor aluminum panels resist corrosion. There is also a texture powder on the aluminum that protects the panels from scratches and keeps your camper tidy.

The camper is bolted to the truck so that it is secure and is in no danger of falling or becoming unstable. 

When the tent folds down when the camper is closed, the tent is 6 inches so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The tent is made out of a watertight vinyl fabric that has a mesh layer inside to keep insects out of the tent.

The tent has a translucent panel that insulates the camper and lets natural light inside. There are lights inside the translucent panel that you can dim and brighten.

Mattresses come with the camper and you create the beds using panels. If you are traveling alone, you can slot the panel vertically into the tent so that the bed is secure and place a mattress on top.

You can also create a double bed by slotting the panels horizontally so that you can sleep two people inside. There are USB charging ports inside and the roof racks can carry 500lbs when the roof is closed and 100lbs if you still want to use the camper. 


  • Easily pop open the roof of the camper and push the tent up for a quick and easy set-up
  • Latches around the camper panels are locked for your safety
  • Sturdy beams inside the camper ensure the tent is secure
  • Aluminum panels are corrosion resistant and coated in a powder that prevents scratching
  • The camper is bolted to the truck so it is stable
  • The tent is 6 inches thick when folded away
  • The tent is made out of watertight vinyl that has a mesh net to protect against insects
  • A translucent panel insulates the camper, lets natural light in, and has lights inside that can be dimmed
  • Mattresses and bed panels included
  • USB charging ports
  • Can carry 500lbs on the roof or 100lbs on the roof when still using the tent


  • Sleeps a maximum of 2 people, not ideal for families
  • You must slot the bed panels in securely for your safety when sleeping

4. Capri Campers Cowboy Model

The small truck camper from Capri Campers has lots of amenities inside for you to enjoy your vacation and enjoy being in your camper. The exterior of the camper has reflective-cooling technology for when you are camping in the sun and is also lightweight so that the camper doesn’t weigh down the truck. 

Inside the camper, there is lots of storage for all of your gear so that you have the most space possible inside the camper.

There is storage space underneath the sink, stovetop, and bed so that there is room for a portable toilet and storage for kitchen utensils, clothes, and any important items you need on your trip.

There are dual USB ports and interior lighting, but there are also three windows so that natural light can get inside. There are several safety features such as a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm so that you feel safe and secure when inside.

You are able to choose what interior wood grain you have in the camper so that you can customize the interior to your liking. You can also choose the color of the exterior so that your camper is one of a kind. The motorized fan vent inside ensures that you can keep cool inside. 

There are extra amenities that can be added inside the camper at an extra cost such as air conditioning, refrigerators, and showers so that you can customize your camper to your exact vision.  


  • The exterior of the camper has reflective-cooling technology 
  • A lightweight camper doesn’t affect the weight of the truck
  • Storage inside includes overhead cabinets and space under the sink and the bed
  • Stovetop and kitchen sink inside the camper
  • Dual USB ports
  • Three windows so that natural light can get inside
  • Safety features such as a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher
  • Customize your camper by choosing the interior wood and exterior color
  • Motorized fan vent inside to keep the camper cool
  • Extra amenities can be added 


  • No foldaway bed to make more space

5. AT Overland: Habitat

The Habitat small truck camper from AT Overland allows you to comfortably relax inside this camper as it has lots of facilities with some home luxuries to accompany you.

The camper is made from aluminum and composite materials and the closed roof of the camper can be walked on and can hold a maximum weight of 600lbs.

The liftgate locks for the security of your gear inside the camper so that there is no danger of it coming loose or unlocking during a drive. 

The AT Overload: Habitat has a cantilever sleeping platform that fits a variety of different trucks. The cantilever sleeping platform is fully insulated and has shell walls and carpet inside the platform.

The tent is all-season so you are able to use the camper at any time of the year and feel comfortable in any weather conditions. There is a built-in mattress inside that comfortably sleeps up to 2 people and you can fully stand up inside. 

The truck topper has 5 LED lights inside and also has 4 LED lights on the liftgate so that you are able to safely utilize the gate. The topper has a built-in awning that extends out of the side of the truck so that you can relax outside the truck.

The base finish of the aluminum is a protective clear coat that protects against weather and corrosion but doesn’t completely protect from scratching or scuffing. If you want a camper that is protected against scratching, there is the option to have a painted layer. 


  • The camper is lightweight
  • The cantilever sleep platform is fully insulated
  • There is carpet inside the truck topper
  • The tent is all-season
  • Built-in mattress
  • Sleep platform is in its own private ‘attic’
  • The closed roof of the camper can hold 600lbs
  • The liftgate securely locks
  • LED lights inside the camper and on the liftgate
  • A built-in awning extends out of the side
  • Protective clear coat  and scratch-resistant paint option


  • No cupboard storage
  • No room for a shower inside

6. Travel Lite RAYZR FB-M

The RAYZR FB-M small truck camper from Travel Lite is easily removable so that you can use the camper but you are also able to use your truck as normal. The camper is all-weather so it will be stable through all different weather conditions.

The camper is made out of aluminum that fits perfectly on top of your truck and inside the camper, there is a compact campervan interior. This gives you all the comfort of a mobile home whilst being lightweight on the road. 

Inside the camper, there are amenities inside for a comfortable and stylish stay. The walls, roof, and floors of the camper are insulated so that you can stay warm all year round and protect your gear and belongings.

The bottom board of the camper is made from corrugated vinyl that adds strength and stability to the camper when you and your gear are inside. 

There are LED lights inside so that you are always able to see what you are doing and natural wood is constructed inside to combine nature with home comfort. There is also a 12,000 BTU furnace inside to keep you warm and includes a 45 amp converter/charger for the camper. 

There is a 20lb gas tank inside the camper and a 2 burner stainless steel stove so that you can cook all of your meals from inside the camper without having to cook outside if it is dark.

You are also able to add additional features inside depending on your preferences such as a microwave, a porta-potty, a water heater, and an outdoor shower. 


  • An all-weather camper
  • Lightweight 
  • The walls, roof, and floor are insulated
  • Corrugated vinyl adds stability inside 
  • LED lights inside
  • Natural wood inside
  • 12,000 BTU furnace
  • 45 amp converter/charger
  • 20lb gas tank
  • Stainless steel stove
  • The option to add extra amenities inside 


  • If you choose to add a shower, it would be outdoor
  • Water heater not included 

7. Bahn’s Custom Truck Campers

Bahn Truck Campers aim to work closely with their customers to customize their campervans so that their needs are perfectly met.

This ensures that you never have to compromise on a camper and that as a customer, your camper is designed perfectly for you. 

Bahn Campers do 100% customizable campers but we have found what sort of amenities you are able to choose from.

The campers are extremely luxurious so you can stay in complete comfort. Firstly, you have the option of choosing a king or queen-sized bed and even having bunk beds inside if you have a family. 

You can also customize your camper to have single side doors, double back doors, or both! It is up to you how much access you have to the camper and what would make your space the most relaxing for you.

Choose from a range of styles of custom wood veneer cabinets to make sure that your belongings are safe and not cluttering your camper. 

Full-length roof racks can be installed on the roof of the camper so that you can carry bikes, surfboards, or kayaks to use on your vacation. There is space for a family dining area and a kitchen inside.

There is also room to have a bath and toilet installed inside. The freshwater tank can hold up to 100 gallons and a solar charging system to make the camper more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. 


  • Bahn Campers make 100% customizable campers so your camper will be unique
  • Choose between a king or queen-sized bed
  • Customize your camper to have whatever doors work best for you
  • Wood veneer cabinets keep your storage safe and tidy
  • Full-length roof racks installed on the roof
  • Space for a large dining area
  • Kitchen area
  • Bath and toilet can be installed inside
  • The freshwater tank can hold up to 100 gallons
  • Solar charging system 


  • Extremely luxury and there isn’t a reason to immerse yourself in the outdoors to cook or eat which some may find difficult

8. OVRLND Custom Pop Up Camper Shell

This pop-up camper from OVRLND has a standing height of over 6’5ft so that you have room to store all of your gear and there is room to relax with friends and family.

The walls of the camper are all vertical so that there is lots of space inside as OVRLND aims to not waste any space as soon as the camper is fit onto your truck. 

Inside the truck topper, there is a full-size queen bed that is collapsible so that you are able to use both the bed space and the space below as it turns into a single.

There are 4 canvas windows in the camper that have a mesh layer that protects you from insects, and the rest of the camper is made from lightweight aluminum. 

Inside the camper, there are side extruded rails that you can make into anything you want, such as adding more shelving or making a countertop to cook on just by adding some hinges.

You can utilize the space inside for whatever you need and you can choose what door design works best for you as you are able to have barn doors so that you can easily move your gear in and out. 

There is plenty of storage room inside as there are custom storage cabinets so you can keep your camper tidy and there are 2 USB ports so that you can charge your electronics inside.

There is a moveable USB light and switch and a 12V accessory port so that you can have everything you need inside.


  • A standing height of 6’5ft inside
  • The walls are all vertical for more space inside
  • Full-size queen bed
  • Collapsible bed to make more space
  • 4 canvas windows with a mesh layer
  • Camper made from lightweight aluminum 
  • Extruded rails allow you to utilize space however you want
  • Barn doors at the back
  • Custom storage cabinets
  • 2 USB ports
  • USB light and switch
  • 12V accessory port


  • No built-in sink or kitchen area

9. Vagabond Outdoors- The Drifter

The Drifter from Vagabond Outdoors is made from lightweight aluminum that isn’t heavy on your truck and doesn’t affect your travels as the camper can be set up in a matter of seconds so it doesn’t take up your day. You can also quickly pack the camper up ready to drive quickly so it doesn’t affect your vacation. 

The design of the camper has a one-piece lid design that opens up into the tent. The tent is waterproof and has 3 windows so natural light can get inside the camper. The ceiling is insulated and there is a sleeping platform where you can set up for the night.

The sleeping platform doesn’t get in the way of the truck bed when it is fully extended. There is a high-density 2-piece mattress and cover included. 

There is plenty of standing and sitting room inside the camper, even when the sleeping platform is extended, so the sleeping platform doesn’t get in the way of the space inside. To attach the camper to the truck, you need to safely secure the clamps to make sure that the camper is secure when driving and sleeping. 

There is an awning on the side of the tent that extends out for extra shelter and shade outside when you want to spend time amongst nature either relaxing or eating.

The camper has mesh and blackout curtains so that you are able to have privacy and protection from insects and any other hikers when you are in your own space inside. 


  • The camper is quick and easy to set up when attached to the truck bed
  • Safely fastens onto the truck bed with clamps
  • The camper has a one-piece lid design for simplicity and easy set-up
  • Waterproof tent
  • There are 3 windows
  • The sleeping platform doesn’t get in the way of other spaces inside
  • There is a high-density 2-piece mattress and cover included
  • Sitting and standing room inside
  • Awning on the side of the camper
  • Mesh and blackout curtains


  • USB ports aren’t included only as an extra

10. Leentu’s Flagship Truck Camper

The small truck camper from Leentu weighs only 150lbs as it is made from fiberglass so is lightweight and not too heavy on the back of the truck.

Weight-saving technology allows you to fit more gear into your camper as it won’t be too heavy to drive when you are off on vacation. 

The fabric of the tent is marine-grade and is weatherproof so that you are safe and dry in the camper in all weather conditions and there is a lofted bed inside.

The bed comes with a high-density foam mattress that can be converted into seating so it saves space inside the camper. 

There is over 6ft of standing room inside Leentu’s camper so you can comfortably move around the camper without crouching down. There are lots of space-saving features inside the camper as there is a foldaway table so that you can enjoy a dining area but not have a crowded space. 

The roof is reinforced so it is strong and stable and there is a ventilation fan inside so that you can keep cool and not feel too cramped in the camper.

There are 5 USB charging ports so your whole family can charge their electronics and a 120V AC receptacle. There is LED lighting inside that you are able to brighten or dim depending on your preferences. 


  • The camper is lightweight and weighs 150lb and is made from fiberglass
  • Weight-saving technology means you can store more gear inside 
  • Over 6ft of standing room 
  • Foldaway dining area
  • Reinforced roof
  • Marine-grade fabric tent
  • High-density foam mattress
  • The bed can be converted into seating
  • Ventilation fan
  • 5 USB ports
  • 120V AC receptacle
  • LED lighting inside


  • No built-in stove or sink inside 

Buyer’s Guide

When buying a small truck camper, there are a few things to look out for before purchasing to make sure that your camper is perfect for your needs. 

The quality of the tent

It is important to make sure that the tent is made from good quality materials as you will be spending the night in the tent so you want to make sure that you will be safe and secure.

It is very important to make sure that the tent is insulated and waterproof. It is also a good idea to make sure that the tent is all-weatherproof so it can last in all weather conditions. 

The tents can also have layers inside the fabric for extra protection. The tents have a mesh layer to protect you against insects, a blackout layer for privacy, and a transparent layer so you can let natural light into the tent.

It is important to feel safe inside the camper and also protect your belongings. 

Decide what amenities are important to you

You will need to decide which amenities are the most important to you inside the camper as they all come with a variety of different facilities. If you are looking for a more minimalistic camper, you will need to choose a camper that you are comfortable with.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more luxurious camper, there is the option of having a camper that has a kitchen, toilet, bath, and shower installed inside so you have it all inside your truck. 

The sleeping platform

It is important to be happy with the quality of the sleeping platform inside your camper before purchasing. In some campers, you are able to choose between a king or a queen-sized bed with a high-quality mattress that is perfect for comfort.

You can also use your sleeping platform as a space-saving feature as some of the campers have beds that you can fold away or turn into extra seating. There is also the option to build your own sleeping platform with panels so that there is more room inside the camper. 


Storage is extremely important inside the small truck campers as you want to utilize as much space as possible and not take up too much room with your gear. There are lots of space-saving techniques inside the campers as you can get foldaway tables or have a built-in awning.

There is also the option to have storage cabinets installed inside so that your belongings don’t get damaged or broken, 


Being prepared when you go on vacation is very important and it is important to stay safe and connected. In most campers, there are multiple USB ports so that you can charge your electronics up and keep them at full charge so you can use them whenever you need them.

Having lights installed inside the camper is important so that you can see what you are doing and they are also an important safety feature. 


Overall, if you are a keen camper, a small truck camper will definitely make your vacations easier, lighter, and stress-free.

You will be able to keep all of your belongings inside the camper and lighten your load when hiking, and you won’t have to worry about packing lightly as you won’t have to worry about storing the gear in a hotel or unsafely in your truck bed.

As you can sleep in the truck camper, you won’t have to find a place to pitch your tent as you can easily pop open your camper and get a good rest straight away! 

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