These Are The 7 Best Low-Maintenance Campers Available


Sometimes life gets a bit hectic. As soon as we enter adulthood, we’re continually trying to balance every aspect of our busy lives. We have jobs, families, houses, vehicles and much more that need tending to.

Unfortunately, buying a camper in the hope that it will make the holidays a little easier is not always the answer.

Most RVs require a lot of maintenance to keep them running smoothly. That said, there are some that need a little less ongoing work.

On today’s agenda, we’re looking at the seven best low-maintenance campers available. Some of these may not be right for you, and others might be the perfect fit.

But either way, you will get an idea of what to look for and what to expect.

What Is A Low-Maintenance Camper?

Camping With Campvan

For starters, if you’re looking for the giant fifth wheel trailers, you’re not going to find them here.

Large travel trailers and RVs generally require quite a lot of maintenance. This is simply because of how they’re built, not to mention their immense size.

One example of this is the roof. Most are made of plastic or fiberglass and, as such, require cleaning, waxing, and polishing at least three or four times a year.

Even with that kind of care, you may still have to replace the roof after the first five years.

With low-maintenance campers, you do still have to take some care of them. Especially items such as tires.

These are susceptible to wear and tear and could spell disaster if neglected. But the amount of work is less.

When considering low-maintenance, I automatically think of the campervan category. These are large vans that the manufacturer has modified to accommodate traveling and living.

Because it’s just a modified van, the camper itself won’t need much more maintenance than your everyday car would.

Of course, if it comes with a pop-up feature, which will likely have an RV roof, that will need annual maintenance.

For other people, when you ask them what a low-maintenance camper is, they might tell you it’s a small model.

This could include a teardrop or a pop-up. To determine what is low maintenance, it really comes down to what you feel requires less keeping.

Here’s a video with some more information on camper maintenance:

Best Low-Maintenance Campers For 2021

Let’s dive in a bit deeper and review each campers individually:

🏆Hymer – Aktiv 2.0

Hymer - Aktiv 2.0

Let’s start with a little contribution from Germany. The Hymer brand started back in 1956, when its founder, Erwin Hymer, began engineering travel trailers instead of airplanes.

Since then, the Hymer brand has produced countless travel trailers that redefined what we know as leisure travel. And the Aktiv 2.0 will not disappoint you.

Being based on the Ram ProMaster chassis, this camper van has everything a low-maintenance traveler would want.

The Aktiv is relatively simple, yet sleek and efficient. It gives you all the conveniences you need, without all the accessories to weigh you down.

At the front, you have the driver and passenger seat. These can rotate, so when you’re parked you can use them as comfortable recliners. The driver’s seat rotates to fit the small dining table, where you also have a comfy sofa.

Toward the back, there’s a small kitchen with a sink, a two-burner cooktop, refrigerator, microwave, and plenty of storage. Across from here, you’ll find a wardrobe and your onboard toilet.

At the back, there’s more storage with overhead compartments—all made from wood, which adds to the aesthetics of the European design.

This campervan knows how to be versatile. The layout has three phases: daytime, alternate daytime, and night time.

Remember the comfy sofa by the dining table? Yes, that will convert into a bed fit for two people.

The alternate daytime and night-time layouts focus on the back. Here you can relax during the lazy afternoons on the sofa. When night time comes around, you can fold it out and it becomes a king size bed.

For more information, take a look at this video:

Campervan – Treasure Chaser

Campervan - Treasure Chaser

Campervan offers you the alternative of renting out one of its campervans.

What says low maintenance more than traveling in a rented camper? Of course, you can also buy them if you want to.

Campervan offers a wide selection of campers. Still, the Treasure Chaser was the one that truly captured my attention. Built on a Ram Promaster 136-inch high van, it gives you plenty of head space, in which you can plan your next route!

The Treasure Chaser will undoubtedly get you where you need to be. It rides smoothly, despite what’s packed into the back.

Looking behind the driver seat, you’ll find a dining table with a three-person couch, fitted with seatbelts. Just behind this, there’s a large wooden platform where, during the night, the sofa folds down and you have a queen-sized bed.

In the back of the van, you have your kitchen. Although this is only a van, they didn’t forget about the countertop space. And you actually have a reasonably sized kitchen.

There’s a peninsula-style countertop, giving you lots of room for prep. Additionally, you have a one-burner stovetop, a sink, and a refrigerator. The van also comes with an inverter to supply you with hot water.

One of the most exceptional features of this van is the large picture windows. This allows you to sit inside and enjoy the view, even while it’s raining outside.

The Treasure Chaser only sleeps two adults, but Campervan also has a model called Bunkhouse. This larger van can fit five adults. Instead of the kitchen, they included bunk beds at the back, alongside a queen bed at the front, plus lots of storage.

ModVan – CV1

ModVan - CV1

The ModVan CV1 is an excellent camper. For starters, the seats are very comfy: they’re fitted with comfortable leather and secured with steel brackets on the van floor. All of the seats have the required seatbelts, for a safe and legal road trip.

The second row of seats stays upright. Instead, you get a removable bed that you can fold in and out as needed. This bed has a durable frame, with lightweight beams to secure it while it’s in use.

When it’s time to sleep, you fold the bed over the modular storage cabinets, giving enough space for at least two adults.

During the day, you can remove the beams and store them under the seats. For the bed itself, you can save that in the storage cabinet above the passenger side.

Now for the top, this camper comes with a pop-up roof, where there’s an additional sleeping quarter. This is another foldable bed, that, when in use, is resting on a steel beam frame surrounding the pop-up roof.

To access the bed, you go through an opening at the front and then simply enjoy your night under the stars.

During the day, you fold the bed in and you’ve got 6 foot of height inside the van. Before you drive off, simply fold down the roof and secure it with mechanical latches.

Additional Features

As you can see, this ModVan comes with a lot of features. I mean, they advertise it as a family RV.

They didn’t forget about the kitchen. Here, you have a sink and a two-burner stovetop. The sink is deep and likely similar to the one you have at home. One neat feature is that this kitchen is moveable, meaning you can take it outside for a grill fest.

This van will also give you plenty of countertop space. It features a moisture-resistant surface that will keep it protected through any environment.

At the back, there’s a small flushing toilet, connected to a 6-gallon black water tank, with curtains for privacy.

To keep you warm, you have a 14,000 BTU propane heater and a 1,500 BTU electric heater. And for the warmer days, there’s a 10,000 BTU rooftop air conditioning unit.

One of the reasons why you’ll love this camper is because it also works for everyday use. You can remove everything inside, even the seats. So if you’re a busy soccer mom or a handyman, you can still use this low-maintenance van.

For a visual tour, watch here:

Airstream – Tommy Bahama® Interstate

Airstream - Tommy Bahama® Interstate

Now onto something a bit more familiar, namely Airstream. We’re all familiar with Airstream’s fantastic collections of RVs, and this campervan is cut from the same cloth.

Although the Tommy Bahama Interstate can only accommodate two sleeping adults, you can bring up to seven people along for the ride. This van is perfect for a day at the beach.

The Interstate Airstream was made in cooperation with Mercedes. It gives you all the luxuries you need for a surprisingly reasonable price.

When you enter the van, you see the driver and passenger front seat. Both of these can rotate and then you have a small table. For the captain of the trip, there’s a special corner right behind the seat.

As you rotate the driver’s seat, there’s a small “office” consisting of a small countertop and an LED TV. Here, the driver can plan the route or enjoy a cup of coffee while resting.

Just behind the office, there’s a storage cabinet with hangers, to store coats or shirts, etc. There are more storage options through the van. You’ve also got plenty of room behind the back seat.

To the side of the first wardrobe, there is a humble wet bath. Here you have your shower, sink, and toilet. Everything in here is water resistant, so don’t worry about the tight space while showering.

In the kitchen, it almost looks like a travel trailer. Thanks to Airstream, the kitchen seems roomy and convenient for cooking.

They give you a two-burner cooktop, with a convection microwave underneath and a spice rack/storage unit to the side.

You also have a rounded sink and a refrigerator on the other side of the van. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of space for prepping a lunch. Needless to say, this van has got it all.

For a closer look, feel free to watch this video:

Winnebago – Revel 4×4

Winnebago - Revel 4x4

If you love going off the grid, spending your time exploring new territories with nobody else around you, then listen up. This campervan from Winnebago is perfect for these settings.

Its 4×4 drive will take you to places that a conventional travel trailer wouldn’t be able to reach. Winnebago built this tough campervan with the active outdoor enthusiast in mind.

The design of the van is pretty straightforward and simple, making it low-maintenance from the start. The base of the van is a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis.

It has a 3-liter turbo-diesel engine that’s capable of producing 325 pounds per feet of torque through a 4WD system. You can switch between high and low range when you’re going offroad.

On the inside, there are the standard rotating front seats. To the side, there’s a pull-down dinette with a two-seat bench, fitted with seatbelts.

Here, you can fold down a flex bed, with space for two people. Across from this is a kitchen, with an induction cooktop and a large sink.

Underneath, you’ll find a refrigerator and freezer, plus loads of storage. Across the van, there’s a wet bath with a toilet. If you don’t need a wet bath, you can use it as a storage cabinet.

At the back of the van, Winnebago fitted a pull-down bed. While you’re driving or not sleeping, you can elevate the bed up into the roof and use the floor space for luggage.

To help you go off grid, there are solar panels fitted to the roof. These will provide nearly all the electricity you need for the van.

For more info on the Revel 4×4 watch this video:

Outside Van – Unicorn

Outside Van - Unicorn

Another camper meant for going off road is the Unicorn from Outside Van. Also based on a Mercedes Benz® 4×4 chassis, this van will take you to new places.

Outside Van lets you pick and choose the interior as you like. You’re provided with some beautiful options, such as natural bamboo cabinetry and LED light bars. You can finish it off with a selection of custom colors.

On the inside, you can choose the number of sofas, seats, and roll-over beds that you want to be included.

For extra luxury, there’s a custom Thermofit mattress, so you and your guests can sleep comfortably.

The roll-over couch/bed can stand against the wall when you need more space.

As for the kitchen, there is an induction cooktop, a sink, and in the overhead compartments, you have a microwave.

Everything in this van can practically fold away to give you more room, or convert into seats when driving.

If you’re traveling with friends, there are bunk beds in the back. But, if you only need a rear bed for two, you can remove the last one and use the space underneath as storage.

For some privacy, Outside Van has included padded “walls” that you can use to close off the back area. These zip up behind the passenger seats so the people in the back have their own room.

If you have an active soul, you can opt to get bike racks fitted. As an added bonus, there’s also a bicycle repair stand in case you need to change a wheel.

Craving a closer look? Watch here:

Roadtrek – SS Agile

Roadtrek - SS Agile

If you’re looking for the perfect low-maintenance escape pod, then look no further. The SS Agile is bright and spacious — the perfect stress-free home away from home.

All along the van, large picture windows bring some much-appreciated daylight.

Everything is beautifully crafted, from the fabrics to the finishes. Additionally, Roadtrek offers you options to customize the van to your needs.

The SS Agile has two layouts: daytime and night time. During the day, you have a large dining table just behind the rotating front seats. Here you can enjoy a meal or read a good book before taking off for a new adventure.

To the side, you have a fully loaded kitchen with plenty of countertop space and a two-burner stovetop. There’s also a wet bath with a toilet.

At the back of the van, you have two seating areas: one at the end of the kitchen, plus a large sofa in the back. The back also contains a TV and a wardrobe.

Although spacious enough, this van only has sleeping room for two people. Its night-time layout features a fold-out bed at the back. Here, you and your partner can enjoy a cozy evening, catching up on some movies.

In terms of driving, the van comes with enhanced safety features. This includes blind spot monitoring, collision prevention, high beam assist, and lane keeping.

Of course, never drive while feeling drowsy, but this will keep you safe just in case.

Take an in-depth look at the SS Agile here:

Relax And Enjoy

The RV lifestyle is all about simplicity. You say goodbye to the amenities of home and the daily routine, to travel on the road, living on the basics.

That said, many RVs are the opposite of low maintenance.

Fortunately, if you’re willing to compromise when it comes to space, then a campervan will serve you well. These usually require much less maintenance, since they’re based on a conventional vehicle.

We hope that our list of low maintenance campers was helpful to you.

If you have any further questions, please leave us a comment below.

And as always, don’t forget to like and share our list with friends and family.

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