Important Questions To Consider When Choosing The Best RV Campsite

Important Questions To Consider When Choosing The Best RV Campsite

Finding the best RV campground can make the difference between an excellent vacation and a crowded annoyance.

While it can be a big inconvenient finding the right spot, campgrounds are still significantly cheaper than hotels and restaurants. Plus, you get to enjoy nature and other RVers.

Because finding the perfect RV site is a personalized decision, it depends on a variety of factors.

A young couple on a tight budget will probably need a different location than a large family on vacation.

To help narrow your parameters, we have included some questions and resources to consider before looking.

Proximity To Landmarks And Activities?

RV Near Landmark

Are you just looking for somewhere to park your RV for the night? Or are you in search of a nice campsite to spend the week?

If you are staying for a more extended amount of time, it is worth it to find a location that is close to mountains, rivers or the beach.

Activities like hiking trail, pools, kayaking, fishing and sporting areas are also a plus. If you plan on visiting a town or city in a car you brought along, look for an RV park closer to the area.

Price Or Quality?

Are you planning on spending more money on an excellent location and conveniences, or are you on a tight budget?

RV parks and forest camping areas offer a plethora of benefits, from improved scenery to amenities. However, depending on where you camp these locations can be a bit expensive.

Typically, these spots charge around $20-$50 per day.

If you do not correctly budget out your trip, you may find yourself struggling before the end of the trip.

If you are in a pinch and cannot afford, or find any, campsites in the area try spending the night at a truck stop, Walmart parking lot, or Casino RV area.

While not ideal, it is better than the side of the road when you need somewhere to sleep. The website Free Campsites is an excellent resource to find locations to boondock, or dry park, in for the night.

Do You Need The Campgrounds To Be Pet-Friendly?

Pet in RV

Do you have pets you are bringing along?

If so, you have to be careful; some RV parks and campsites do not allow dogs. This rule might be for environmental reasons (dogs tied to trees with leashes can damage the bark) or safety reasons (past dog attacks or wild animals might be a concern).

Some areas simply just add an extra charge. Make sure to check beforehand to confirm that your place of lodging allows pets.

For example, the Fallen Leaf Lake allows two pets per site.

Also, if you plan on hiking, choose trails that allow animals because many do not.

Do You Need The Campgrounds To Be Kid Friendly?

Are you bringing along children on your RV trip? If so, it might be worth finding locations that cater to them — nothing is worse than a bored child.

Many RV parks feature playgrounds, horseshoe, recreation areas, horseback riding, rafting, and pools to entertain the young ones.

Hiking trails and fishing areas can also be an excellent way to kill time in between meals.

Should You Stay At A State Park?

State Parks

State parks offer a more secluded, in-nature experience for RV travelers.

Regarding the environment, you cannot ask for a better location. There are reasonably priced and often have a variety of activities within the park itself.

Unfortunately, they are usually far away from most stores and towns. Wi-Fi, cable, laundry, and showers should not be counted on in state parks.

Generally, this is “roughing it.”

Most state parks also do not offer water or sewage-hook up at most locations. Campers are typically limited to two-week stays.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Do you want a small area to cook dinner and sleep, or a large, wide-open space to pass the football and barbecue?

Depending on your answer, you should look for a specific campsite or RV parks that have accommodations you need. If the area is not big enough, see if there is a nearby community space you can utilize.

What Types Of Facilities Offered?

RV Park Shower Stalls

If you plan on staying for a while, you should probably check an see if your campsite offers showers, sewage hook-up, and laundry.

Other features, like Wi-Fi and cable, may also be important for some travelers that need to work remotely.

Services Or General Store Onsite?

Are there nearby stores to get camping supplies like food, toiletries, and firewood?

Nobody can remember everything when they pack.

If you have left behind something important, it can be a pain to drive an hour to the nearest Walmart. This tip is usually only pertinent for state park RV campers staying for an extended period.

If you find yourself in a remote state park, far away from supplies, make sure to stock up before setting up correctly.

Always Read Reviews

This question is a quick and easy way to rule out a few lodging options. Read a few reviews and choose the camping sites with the highest ratings.

Usually, anything with four or more stars is a safe bet.

While the “perfect” campsite likely does not exist, you can certainly find the perfect campground for you.

It might seem unfair to have to pay to see nature but remember that park admittance helps pay for essential services, like park ranger salaries and preservation efforts.

Locally owned RV parks also need business to stay open and operating, so consider this before sleeping in a Walmart parking lot. There’s no need in staying at Arizona luxury RV camps, but an average paid location is 100x better then unsafe or contaminated place.

For a reasonably comprehensive campground directory list, check out this website.

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