Best 10 Weight Fly Rod – For Heavier Lines And Lures

Best 10 Weight Fly Rod – For Heavier Lines And Lures

Looking for a 10 weight fly rod? Anglers have never seen a better time to be in the market for a 10 weight fly rod.

In Hurry? This Is Best 10 Weight Rod On Market


  • COST PRICE SALES –We offer this full kit with manufacturing cost...
  • ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY and LIFETIME Repairing Warranty - MAXCATCH as a 13...
  • EXCLUSIVE MAXLINQ ROD TECHNOLOGY – Pure IM7 24T plus 30T carbon...

Why is it better?

  • Fast rod action
  • 9 feet long
  • AAA+ pure cork handle

Our Top Picks For 10 Weight Fishing Rod

With that in mind, let’s now take a closer look at our top picks.

Let’s dive into the specifics and review each rod individually. You can use the list below to jump and review specific models, or you can read along and go through all the information.

  1. M MAXIMUMCATCH Fly Fishing Rod
  2. Temple Fork Outfitters Fly Fishing Rods
  3. Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod

Best Overall: M MAXIMUMCATCH Fly Fishing Rod

  • COST PRICE SALES –We offer this full kit with manufacturing cost...
  • ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY and LIFETIME Repairing Warranty - MAXCATCH as a 13...
  • EXCLUSIVE MAXLINQ ROD TECHNOLOGY – Pure IM7 24T plus 30T carbon...

The M Maximum Catch Predator Saltwater Fly Fishing rod is an 8 wt., 9 foot long, four piece rod.

It features an advanced A-Helical tapered slim blank design technology which makes it ideal for fast loading in order to deliver your heavy saltwater flies with the accuracy that you need to have a successful day on the water.

This rod is extremely durable, with pure IM10 30T carbon blank, PacBay guides, and special anti-corrosion materials.

This rod looks great in its royal blue painted blank with transparent, dark blue wraps.

It has a comfortable AAA+ pure cork handle, and a saltwater resistant reel seat with a hidden hook keeper.

The durable Cordura rod case has 4 inner linings, YKK zippers, and an adjustable shoulder D-ring.

The M Maximum Catch Predator Saltwater Fly Fishing rod comes with a no questions asked 30-year warranty.

This is a light rod that casts great and provides you with superior on the water control.

It will allow you to confidently move up from freshwater to saltwater fly fishing, opening up your catch potential to such species as spotted sea trout, tuna, sailfish and giant trevally.

Temple Fork Outfitters Fly Fishing Rods

Temple Fork Outfitters Fly Fishing Rods
  • The Temple Fork 796-4 BVK fly rod is the answer if you chase steelhead...

The Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Kreh Fly Fishing Rod is a medium-sized fast rod that delivers a smooth and powerful fishing experience.

It looks great with its black matte finished blanks and lavish gold logos.

It features adonized reel seats with aluminum inserts along with a premium grade cork handle that ensures that your grip will never falter.

It also has a TFO-logo red rock sock to allow you to keep the rod in pristine condition.

The Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Kreh Fly Fishing Rod represents exceptional value.

This is an ideal first fly fishing rod that delivers a superior performance that will impress even a master fly caster.

It provides you with smooth, progressive tapers that are fast but which also have the reserve power for distance, line speed, and loop control.

The Lefty Kreh has a braided carbon fiber exterior below the cork handle to keep the weight down, enhance durability and improve the aesthetics of the rod.

There are also two metal rings to lock in the reel seat. This rod comes in a number of different configurations.

Higher weight rods come with a fighting butt. There are currently nineteen different models of the Lefty Kreh and counting!

You can get it in anything from a 2 wt. up to a 10 wt. Lengths range from 7.5 feet up to 10 feet.

That means that you are able to customize the rod to get exactly what you need.

Most of the rods in the Left Kreh graphite range are four-piece, although some of the shorter ones come in a two-piece configuration.

TFO use a rod performance matrix to rate their rods according to presentation (how accurately you can put the fly exactly where you want it on the water), distance and lift (ease of dragging the fish back into shore).

This rod rates well in terms of presentation and distance but not so good on lift, as it is not designed to be used with extra-large fish.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod

Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod
  • FLY ROD COMPONENTS: Weighing just 4.4 ounces, this well-crafted 9-foot...
  • DURABLE FLY REEL: This fly fishing package includes a durable die cast...
  • WATERPROOF FLY BOX WITH NINE FLIES: As any angler knows, the key to...

The Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 9/10 Starter Pack delivers everything the new angler needs to get up and running.

You get a 5/6 weight, 9’, four-piece slow action fly rod, with a machine aluminum reel seat with double lock rings and a laser edged butt cap.

The 7-inch long Western-style cork handle provides superior ergonomics and a stronger grip.

In addition, there are compressed cork accent rings, a stainless steel stripper guide with silicone carbide rings, stainless steel foot guides and tip-top. Each section is 28 inches long.

A 32 inch long hard tube case rod protects your rod when you are not out on the water. It has a side storage pouch with zipper.

The case will house the rod, reel, fly box, and all of the accessories. The case comes with a carry strap and hang ring.

The reel that comes with this package is an 85 mm diameter spool, die-cast aluminum adjustable disc ring.

The reel comes pre-installed with chartreuse, WF5-F, weight-forward 5, floating fly line, 20# orange backing and 9’ 5X tapered monofilament leader.

All Wild Water fly reels are easily changed from left to right hand retrieve. The reel will come in left hand retrieve unless right hand is requested.

Weight Fly Rod FAQ

Let’s learn more about 10 weight fly rods and find out why you need one.



A 10 weight fly rod is a large, heavy rod that is ideal for large saltwater fish. It is the suggested rod weight when you are going after tarpon, permit, roosterfish, and milkfish.

In fact, a 10-weight rod is a good choice for the majority of large tropical species. It can also be your ‘go to’ rod for such cold-water fish as pike and stripers.

A 10 weight rod is lighter than an 11-15 weight rod to allow you to keep going all day, while also allowing you to make the delicate moves that are often required to snare and land a fish like a tarpon.

However, a 10 weight makes it quite difficult to bring a large fish to land.

A 10 weight can be considered quite a specialty rod.

It is generally best for experienced anglers who are adept at applying just the right amount of pressure at the right time.



When thinking about the best fly weight for a beginner fishing rod, it is good to keep the big picture in mind.

The whole point of a fishing rod is to be able to throw the fishing fly a sufficient distance to get it into the water at just the right spot to attract the attention of a fish.

The weight of the rod and the line counters the lightness of the fly to allow you to do this.

Fishing rod weights are designed to catch specific types of fish.

The lighter weight rods (2,3 and 4) are meant to be used to catch small fish and to cast a relatively small distance.

These rods are ideal for small, stable bodies of water, such as streams or lakes.

A 5 or 6 rod is more of a general-use rod that can be used for lighter fish as well as those that are slightly bigger.

We recommend starting with a 5 or 6 weight rod. However, if you are planning to go after slightly larger fish like salmon, you will be better off with a 7 weight rod.


Using fly rod propperly

Begin with the overhead cast. Stand with your feet shoulder with apart. Your weight should be centered on the balls of your feet.

Hold the rod with your thumb on top of the grip. Keep the rod in line with your fish hook target. The rod reel should be pointed to the ground.

The line should lay on the ground in front of you. Now bring the rod up and back in a single, clean motion. Stop the motion when the rod passes vertically.

Give time for the rod to unroll in the air and then use a smooth, natural movement to bring the rod forward, stopping when the rod is parallel to the ground.

The line should extend over the water with the fly entering where you intended.


Rod makers have drastically improved recent designs by using stronger and lighter materials in their rods.

And with a rugged rod like a 10 weight, that makes a big difference. Below we show you the best selling 10 weight fly rods.

10 weight fly rods are bult for fighting really big fish.  Typically anglers are looking for a big rod to fight trophy fish like striped bass or even tarpon.

Fly rods in the 10 weight class feature a fighting butt at the base of the cork grip.

This allows you to plant the rod on your hip for leverage and really bring the fight to big trophy class fish.

We truly enjoy high-end rods tremendously.  They look and cast nicely, and they perform exceptionally well.

But surrendering your wallet for a really high-end 10 weight fly rod isn’t necessary.

Reasonably priced 10 weight fly rods usually have all the same basic features as high quality rods.

Good quality cork grips, corrosion resistant hardware, and solid reel inserts are standard on for all but bargain basement fly rods.

Very often the blanks from which the rods are made are exactly the same as mid to high-end rods.

When you are fighting a big tarpon with your 10 weight planted against your hip, you’ll be glad you saved some serious coin.

Because you’ll almost definitely want to hire that charter again.


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