8 Pieces of Gear You Should Take to Enjoy Water sports While Camping

When preparing for a camping trip, you should decide what items you will need. If you want to dedicate some time to water sports during your expedition, there are special items that you will need to prioritize when packing your bags. Spending time in the water is not only a source of immense fun but it is proven to contribute significantly to improving one’s mental health. However, you must have the ideal equipment to use if you want to enjoy this kind of sport to the fullest. Here are 8 pieces of gear you should take to enjoy water sports while camping.

8 Pieces of Gear You Should Take to Enjoy Water sports While Camping 1
  1. Life Jacket

If you have an option of choosing only one item to use for different activities on the water, then a life jacket is a must-have. It is critical that you wear a life jacket since it helps you stay afloat and prevent you from drowning. More importantly, it may save your life if you are involved in an accident. 

Even if you are a good swimmer, you still need a life jacket to save you if the weather is unpleasant. For example, if your kayak capsizes as a result of strong winds, you will have a greater chance of surviving when wearing a life jacket. Make sure the jacket you get fits well and is comfortable. 

  1. Stand Up Paddle Board

A stand-up paddle (SUP) board allows you to perform different activities on the water. SUP boards have traditionally been known to be heavier, but you can always go for a lighter option in the form of an inflatable SUP. The benefits of inflatable SUPs are countless; one of the biggest benefits is that they are quite lightweight, making them the easiest to transport to different places. For example, an inflatable SUP only weighs 8 kgs whereas a traditional hardboard can weigh between 15 and 20 kgs. Additionally, it is easy to store since you can deflate it after use and store it in your car’s trunk. Inflatable SUPs are made of durable material and are suited for use under different conditions.  

  1. Protective Clothing

You must have appropriate clothing before you get into the water. For instance, if you think you will spend a long time in the water, try to get a wetsuit that covers your body from head to toe. This suit is designed to protect you against cold water. Wetsuits are made of materials with perfect thermal properties. Another feature of this suit is that it is tight-fitting and protects your body from the impact of staying in saltwater for an extended time.

A dry suit is another gear you can consider since it is designed to keep you dry. It also provides warmth to the divers. Other types of drysuits are lightweight and allow easy movement. They are perfect for activities like kayaking and windsurfing if you want to remain dry while performing different activities on the water.  

  1. Waterproof Bag

When going out on a watersports adventure, you must have a waterproof bag for storage of your valuable possessions like phone, car keys, wallet, and others. It is essential to keep all your belongings in a safe place, especially the ones you constantly use. When you are kayaking out into the water, splashes are inevitable, so you must prepare for them. You can choose a water dry bag that is big enough to fit sweaters, a blanket, or other items you may need for your adventure.   

  1. Cutting Tool

A sharp object like a knife can be dangerous if you don’t handle it properly, but it is a necessity when you want to perform activities like swimming, paddling, or boating. You may become entangled while in deep waters, and this is when your knife becomes handy. You can use it to clear your way so you can move to safety. When choosing a camping knife, you need to consider things like size and storage. You must have a proper sheath to keep your knife in. 

  1. Bring Water

Though you will be surrounded by water when performing different sports, you still need to bring potable water for drinking. Watersports are packed with fun and excitement, but they also involve demanding physical activity. Therefore, you should prioritize hydration. Make sure you choose an appropriate container to carry your water. 

A stainless steel water carrier with cooling properties would be perfect for your adventure. It should have a strap for easy carrying. Swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and paddling are forms of physical exercises that require your body to be constantly hydrated. You must drink at least 8 ounces of water before the session and consume even more while exercising.    

  1. Snorkeling Gear

If you enjoy scuba diving, then snorkeling gear is one of the most important items to include in your camping list. A snorkel is designed to make it easier for you to breathe without utilizing a scuba tank or lifting your head out of the water. The good thing about this equipment is that it is quite affordable.

Snorkeling can be enjoyed by all age groups. You need only a diving mask and a snorkel to get a glimpse of the beautiful creatures beneath the waters. Make sure your face mask covers your nose and eyes so you can enjoy the best views without irritation. 

  1. Action Camera With Waterproof Case

Water sports are exciting, and they make your camping expedition all the more memorable. Therefore, you should pack your action camera to capture every moment while enjoying the waters with your family or friends. There are different types of cameras available on the market so you must choose the model that suits your needs. 

Make sure you have a waterproof case to protect your camera. You can also use this gadget to capture breathtaking images underwater. You also need to ensure that your camera has an appropriate strap and extra batteries. Running out of power can dampen your morale, so make sure you are prepared for the adventure.   

8 Pieces of Gear You Should Take to Enjoy Water sports While Camping 2

If you want to enjoy watersports while camping, you should choose the right accessories for fun, yet safe! experience. Several things can make your adventure enjoyable. However, of all the things, a high-quality life jacket is a must-have when going out to enjoy your favorite sport on the water. Anything can happen, and your jacket may end up saving your life just as the name suggests.

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