7 of the Best Small Class A RVs on the Market


It’s a big decision when deciding on your next motorhome and it requires a lot of thought. You’d think that a small RV has to be a Class C, but for it to be classed as small, however, you’d be surprised!

There’s a way that you can have a smaller RV and still have all of the power of a Class A vehicle. You’re able to have the slimness and compactibility of a Class C vehicle, whilst keeping all of the aspects of a Class A RV that we all know and love. 

With lots of different brands and styles to choose from, we know how big of a task it is to find your perfect RV.

There are a lot of different features and aspects that you need to look out for, and each one can affect your decision when it comes to buying your new motorhome.

We’ve selected a few of the best options in the current market and highlighted their strong and weak points for you. This way, the research is done for you and we can help you get your RV on your first road trip together.

1. Thor Axis 24.1

As small as they come, Thor’s Axis 24.1 packs a punch with the power of a Class A motorhome, with the compact of a Class C RV. coming with two twin bed conversions, a bunk bed, and a sofa bed, there’s plenty of room for the whole family! The more the merrier, right?!


  • Comes with two 32-inch TVs, providing entertainment for those not driving.
  • The coffee table between the two driving seats allows you to store your favorite beverages for those long road trips.
  • Coming with a fridge, micro, and a sink, this RV has all of the appliances needed to become the next mobile Gordon Ramsay!
  • 27” x 27” shower gives you the room to have a proper wash. No more awkward cleaning in public rest stops!


  • The smallest on the list, this RV may seem a bit more compact than people are used to. 
  • The touch screen on the dashboard can take some getting used to.

2. Thor Vegas 25.6

With a similar layout and similar features to Thor’s Axis 24.1, the Vegas 25.6 is larger than its sister motorhome – coming in at a length of over 26 feet, as opposed to the Axis’ 25’ 6” build. With built-in 32” and 39” TVs, there’s no chance of the passengers getting bored in this state-of-the-art RV.


  • A flip-up Queen bed gives you plenty of room to get some well-deserved rest, whether you need a break from driving, or you’re a passenger needing a bit of shut-eye.
  • The 32” x 32” shower keeps you from feeling cramped and gives you the space you need to wash.
  • The 76” Dream Dinette gives you the option of eating your meals whilst on the go, rather than at the closest diner or campsite.
  • The coffee table at the front of the vehicle gives you somewhere to keep your drinks and snacks if you’re driving. 


  • Bigger than the Thor Axis 24.1, this vehicle uses more energy and gas due to its larger structure and heavier weight. 
  • No sofa is available in the vehicle, meaning that the only place to sit is on the bed, at the table, or in the two driving seats.

3. Forest River FR3 30DS

Coming in at 31’ 8” long, this motorhome is the largest on the list so far, powered by a 350 HP V8 engine. The kitchen has a four-door electric/propane RV refrigerator, a three-burner stove with an oven, and a microwave, giving you all your cooking needs sorted whilst you travel and explore the world!


  • A comfortable dinette gives you space to eat and relax when not driving. 
  • A drop-down bunk bed over the front seats, a king-size master bed, a convertible dinette/bed, and a recliner sofa bed makes room for 8 people on board at one time. 
  • 36” x 30” shower makes life easy on the road, allowing you the option of a luxurious wash. 
  • The master bedroom comes with a sliding door to maintain privacy from the rest of the vehicle.


  • Some sleeping areas may be better suited for kids, due to the smaller design of the beds. 
  • The larger vehicle size means that more quantities of fuel and energy may be used.

4. Jayco Alante 26X

Although the Alante 26X is only 28.5” long, this motorhome provides plenty of space for up to five people to enjoy its features. With an outside entertainment area and a modern kitchen, this contemporary RV is a great way to cruise around the United States!


  • A dinette and a sofa allow more areas for sitting and give everyone their own space if they want it.
  • The queen-size bed, fold-out sofa, and drop-down overhead bunk allow for up to 6 people to stay overnight in this vehicle.
  • Outside entertainment center and awning give you the option to sit outside, should you want a bit of fresh air!
  • The large kitchen and open floor plan mean you’ve got plenty of room to do what you want, without feeling cramped.


  • A gas engine means that the fuel expenditure can be more than other motorhomes.
  • The cabinets are positioned quite high in the cabin/kitchen area, making it awkward for shorter people to access these storage areas.

5. The Winnebago Intent 26M

This gas engine vehicle is 26’10” long and stands at 12’ high. Offering all you need for your travels, this home-on-wheels is perfect if your adventuring group is smaller, or you’re bringing guests! Although Winnebego discontinued this series of motorhomes after the 2020 model, the RVs available to you are just too good to overlook. If you’re searching the market for a used motorhome – then look no further!


  • Large pantry/kitchen area allows suits all of your cooking needs. The double sink offers easier cleaning solutions than cramming everything in!
  • Comes with a satellite-system-ready 32” TV, for those needing entertainment on your travels.
  • The floor plan displays swivel cab seats and a table that can adjust to many different positions. This way you can accommodate extra guests for dinnertime! 
  • 19-foot awning included giving you outside protection from different weather types!


  • This line of the model has been discontinued, meaning you’re likely to be getting a second-hand vehicle.
  • The shower is located across from the restroom, which is great if more than one person needs to use the facilities, but not so great if one person needs to use both.

6. Jayco Precept 29V

The largest on the list coming in at 32’ 2” in length, this Class A has a mega slide that can be utilized to create more living space for you and anyone else on board. With a king-size bed in the back bedroom, you can rest in style with the space you need to relax on long journeys.


  • Lots of counter space so cooking and eating are made a lot easier.
  • An exterior kitchen and an entertainment center make any pit-stop home! 
  • The dinette can be converted into a drop-down bed and comes with a sofa bed, leaving plenty of room for more passengers.
  • A 30” x 36” shower provides enough space for a good wash – it’s important to feel fresh and clean!


  • The larger model of vehicle can come at a cost of more fuel being used.
  • A pull-out sofa can restrict the amount of room in the living space and walkway to the cabin.

7. Winnebago Sunstar 29V

Also coming with a mega slide, this 30’ long motorhome gives you extra space for general living and activities. With lots of wardrobe space for your things and a queen-size bed, you’ll feel right at home whilst on the road. 


  • An outdoor entertainment center allows you to make the most of your stops, instead of seeing them as an annoyance.
  • The drop-down dinette bed creates extra sleeping space for you and your passengers.
  • 39” HDTV with speakers provides state-of-the-art entertainment for those long journeys across the country.
  • You can choose between having theatre seating or a sleeper sofa, depending on how many people are planning on adventuring with you. All-in-all you can sleep about nine people!


  • A larger vehicle expends more energy and uses more fuel.

Buyers’ Guide

When it comes to buying your next motorhome, there’s plenty of different things to consider. Some features you desire in your new RV may be more important than others, there are no right or wrong answers, though. It’s all down to personal preference.

For example, some people may prefer more living space, whereas others may want more room for eating and sleeping.

A lot of it comes down to how many people you plan on having in your motorhome at once. If there are just two or three of you, then you may want more living room and space to move around.

However, if there are more of you then you may want more options for sleeping arrangements, to fit everyone in. That being said, let take a look at some of the different things you may want to consider.

Good Quality Bedroom

A huge aspect of living with other people whilst on the road is privacy. Everyone deserves their own little space on your new motorhome, especially when you’re spending so much time with other people in a smaller space.

Some RVs come with a sliding door or some sort of door that offers privacy and a bit of peace in the rear bedroom. This way the bedroom can be used as a place to chill away from other people, with the optional TV positioned in there.

It’s also useful to note that there are not always features like big closets and storage space in RV bedrooms, however. They can be really useful if your desired motorhome has them. 

Different models of RV will offer a different size bed for whichever model you’re looking at. For example, the Jayco Precept 29V is big enough to come with a king-size bed, adding that extra bit of comfort for your sleep and your downtime!

Both king-size and queen-size beds can comfortably fit two people, for those couples who love adventuring together!


When on the road it’s easy to take things like television and a sofa for granted. A lot of RVs nowadays will come with modern features like TVs and large showers, making your motorhome feel like an actual home, rather than a large vehicle.

When it comes to making rest-stops, nobody wants to be bored or left waiting to hit the road again, so why not choose an RV with an entertainment center, an outside kitchen, or even a simple awning can make all the difference.

It can make a routine stop on your journey feel like another part of the adventure! 

When it comes to TVs in your new motorhome, there are plenty of different shapes and sizes offered by different companies. There’s often an option for extra positions for these devices to be used. For example, they’d be useful above the dinette or the kitchen.

This way everyone can see them and they’re easy to see. Another useful spot for one of these is in the bedroom. That way there’s the option of watching TV in bed like a lot of us do!

These TVs can often come HD-ready or satellite-ready, making a huge difference whether you want to watch your shows and movies on Netflix, or real-time TV.

Another simple, yet important feature to consider is the amount of storage you have. In the kitchen and the pantry, you’re always going to need space for utensils and small things that come in useful now and then.

When on the road it can be easy to forget about needing to store things away, but sometimes we all need a large refrigerator to keep our drinks cool or our food fresh.

Another nice feature to consider when buying your new favorite place is a coffee table! It sounds small and simple, however, you can’t exactly move much when driving your new motorhome. It’s nice having a few smaller features to keep you comfortable on your travels.

Having a coffee table in your RV cockpit can make a huge difference, by keeping your refreshments and snacks close by!

Nice Bathroom

One of the many perks that you’ll find with having an RV, instead of plain, old camping is having a nice bathroom. A lot of motorhomes nowadays will have a decent size shower and a modern-looking sink and toilet.

It makes washing and going to the toilet so much easier. We all know how bad some restrooms can be when we’re on a road trip, so the state-of-the-art bathrooms and shower allow us to clean without fear! 

Down to personal preference, it can be great when the shower is detached from the sink/toilet. Sometimes the shower is located across from the other two, meaning that multiple people can use the shower and the toilet at once, rather than waiting for one to finish for the other to use the facilities.

However, some people may rather that they are connected in the same room, if there are only one or two people on board. This is worth considering when looking for your new home on wheels.

Enough Space for Everyone!

When it comes to making sure that everyone has a place in your motorhome, you need to consider a few things.

First of all, everyone needs a space to sleep. It’s unlikely that an RV of these sizes will have more than one bedroom, so there are clever ways around it. If your motorhome has a dinette, then it could fold out into a bed. Alternatively, a lot of RVs come with a fold-out sofa bed that can be used for another two people to sleep on.

However, it’s important to remember that having this unfolded can take up a lot of space in your trailer, so only have it down when needed.

On top of this, lots of cabins at the front of the motorhome have beds that can drop down from above the driving seats. This way you can have extra beds to use, without constantly taking up room, which would be the case if you had permanent beds installed.

Another thing to think of when choosing an RV that has enough space for everyone is having places to sit. For your new motorhome, a dinette could be a lifesaver, offering up to 5 or 6 spaces for people to eat.

On top of the two seats at the head of the RV and a sofa, a lot of RVs will have plenty of room for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a vehicle that only houses two or three of you, then it can be unnecessary to have all of these extra seats.

Most brands will offer you the option to choose between theatre seats and a convertible sofa bed. Theatre seats are when you have an armrest in the middle of the sides of the sofa, whereas the sofa bed comes without.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest Class A on the market?

The Thor Axis and the Thor Vegas both stand at some of the smallest RVs on the market, measuring at just 25’ 6” long for the shortest models. They are incredibly similar builds, with similar features and different designs on the exterior.

What is the best month to buy an RV?

Anyone who knows the motorhome market knows that prices don’t always stay the same all year round. It’s recommended that you wait until around October or November, and try to make the most of the sales for that time of the year.

December and January are good months for RV hunting too, but it’s just a case of being patient and waiting for the right opportunity.

How long will a Class A motorhome last?

The average life expectancy of a Class A motorhome is usually around 200,000 miles, providing you take care of your vehicle and keep up-to-date with regular maintenance.

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