The Top 5 Laser Bore Sighters Reviewed

Laser bore sighters (or laser bore sights) are used to make sure that your gun is still properly calibrated even after a long trip.

A laser bore sighter can make sure that you do not waste any of your ammo checking to make sure that your gun barrel is still calibrated accurately to your scope. A laser bore sighter is a small laser pointer that is made to fit in the barrel of a gun.

Laser bore sighters come in a wide range of styles, from universal sighters to more specific sights made for different ammunition chamber sizes. A laser bore sighter will allow you to make sure that your gun is still functional while on the go, without causing you any additional hassle when trying to re-calibrate your weapon.

Investing in a good laser bore sighter for hunting is crucial to ensuring that your shot is always on target, no matter how far you have hiked in with your gun.

Making sure that your hunting rifle or shotgun is perfectly aligned can ensure that you don’t miss out on the perfect trophy on your hunting trip. There are a number of different styles of bore sighters, with different designs and features.

Many are made to work with one specific caliber. That is great if you only have one type of gun. But for many of us who have variety of rifle styles and calibers, a universal laser sighter is more useful.

That is why our choice for the best laser bore sighter is the SiteLite Ultra Mag.

In Need For Laser Bore Sighter? Check This One

SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter

Why is it better?

The Top 5 Laser Bore Sighters Reviewed 1

Our Top Picks For Bore Sighters

With that in mind, let’s now take a closer look at our top picks.

Let’s dive into the specifics and review each laser bore sighter individually. You can use the list below to jump and review specific models, or you can read along and go through all the information.

Best Overall: SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter

You’re trying to align that gun, but you’ve used the cheaper laser bore sighter options in the past, and they didn’t quite cut it for you.

SiteLite is basically the ultimate solution, and it’s because precision engineering went into this like nothing we’ve ever used before.

The price is steep, but that’s because SiteLite includes a lifetime warranty with your purchase, always backing you up along the way.

From .22 up to .50 cal guns, this is designed to align that bore.

In your package, you also get an SRL scope leveler to help you right your crosshairs before you even think about the laser sight.

They’re even going to include a DVD with your purchase just so their preisdent can show-off a 255” Muley.

SiteLite is crazy about getting pinpoint, laser-focused accuracy, and nobody does it better.

Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter

With super low output (for battery protection and less energy consumption), Wheeler’s bore sighter emits a bright green light, which is said to be more visible than red lights.

The visibility is definitely clearer than other laser sights we’ve used, and it’s one of two of the only benefits this has over the SiteLite.

The other is the magnetic attachment. You just pop it on the end of your barrel, and you’re ready to go.

Built with a lithium-ion battery and reflective site grid, you’ll be equipped to straighten out just about any bore that you have in your arsenal.

When you’re done, pop everything back in the protective plastic case included with your purchase, and stow it away for another day.


LaserLyte didn’t focus on the hardcore aesthetics of this bore sighter, but when it comes to function (which is all we really care about), it gets the job done right.

Visible from over 100 yards away in the middle of the night, this ultra bright laser allows you to get your long-range ACOG AR sights fitted, as well as sniper rifle scopes.

From .22 up to .50, your weapons are covered.

This set comes with four adjustable adapters that allow you to pop them on different barrels of different caliber weapons, though the base design is fitted for three inch barrels.

You’ll get additional batteries and a target included with your purchase, so you can just pop this open and straighten out your sights right from the get go.

Sightmark .223, 5.56×45 NATO Boresight

They didn’t make it look like a .50 cal bullet for nothing. This NATO bore sight is simple, but effective.

Your laser runs at less than 5Mw, which conserves battery, and is classified as an IIIA red laser for pinpoint accuracy.

While Sightmark doesn’t list it, we found that this is best up to 75 yards away, and that’s about it.

If you’re aligning a scope for 75 yards or less, this is the perfect sighter: less energy consumption, lower upfront cost, and a sleek and minimalist look that fits in with your ammo bag like it’s nothing.

Some sights are big and bulky, but Sightmark wanted to keep things compact. Waste less shells, shoot with precision, and keep on living the dream.

ADAFAZ Bore Sight

ADAFAZ is probably our favorite compact sighter.

With just six inches in total length, it fits into your barrel easily, and shows an excellently bright laser that paints itself on targets up to 75 yards away.

Open the package, assemble it by slipping the battery in, and get to work. You can mix the concave and convex points together to let the laser come out.

While ADAFAZ says it’s the only authorized store on Amazon for laser sighters, that’s a tall tale.

The product itself is good, but ADAFAZ puts a lot of hype into their description. There’s a reason it’s on the bottom of our list.

The sight will last you a few years, but as we believe, you get what you pay for. You get everything you need in the kit, so there’s no reason to buy additional tools.

Table of Contents

Laser Bore Sighter FAQ



They’re as accurate as you’re going to get. Yes, laser bore sights are accurate, but they’re not 100% perfectly guaranteed.

Manufacturing errors can occur, and they’re only as accurate as the maximum range allows.

For instance, if you used a bore sighter that’s rated for 75 yards and tried to align a scope to you could shoot targets 100 yards away, you might still have some accuracy.

Some. If you use a bore sighter that’s rated for 75 yards, and try to hit a target that’s 300 yards away, you’re going to hit everything around it before you nail that target.

Even if you purchased a new rifle with an aligned scope already attached to it, there’s still a chance that you aren’t quite shooting straight.

If you bought it in a gun store, it’s likely been tested or has been sitting there for a while, and that can be enough to misalign it ever so slightly.

A laser bore sighter is going to be more accurate than simply trusting a new rifle with a pre aligned scope.


Most rifles should be bore sighted at 100 yards, though not all sighters are going to give you that option.

The reason for this is that every single gun is different. Even different models (years) of the same gun series can be different in discreet ways.

For instance, if you have an SKS, you can’t bore sight under 100 yards. Well, you can, but it’s not going to be accurate.

But if you have a Garand?

You could bore that at 50 yards—it all depends on the specific gun in question.

Most bore sights aren’t going to go over 100 yards, and that’s okay. That’s 300 feet to right your scope, which is plenty for civilian use in terms of hunting.

However, the military engages targets at over a half-mile away all the time, and you can bet they’re not using bore sights that are on this list.


The Top 5 Laser Bore Sighters Reviewed

The entire goal is proper alignment. If you notice, all modern bore sighters are either placed onto or around the barrel.

They act in lieu of a bullet so you can trace where the laser falls.

This is important for a few reasons.

A laser sight is designed to be pinpoint accurate, so long as you have it aligned with the barrel properly.

Your barrel is already aligned (unless you’ve been banging it off of rocks or something), and you’ll know that because otherwise the bullet would have heavily decreased drag upon exit. That, and it would be visible.

So we know the barrel is aligned properly. Good.

The laser falls on the target so you can aim the crosshair of your sight on it. This is done at multiple yard points, usually in increments of 25.

The laser is landing on the true spot, so aligning the scope with the laser will ensure you’re aiming properly going forward.

Over 100-125 yards (depending on the sighter), you’re going to have difficulty. You have to take gravity into effect at some point, and at 100+ yards, it starts factoring in ever so slightly.

It’s why military snipers are trained for up to 660 ft (200 meters) with bullet drop in mind.

Some marine snipers are able to shoot half-a-mile away, where bullet drop, wind speed, and leading (predicting target movement) also end up in the mix.

Is Bore Sighting Necessary?

Is Bore Sighting Necessary?

Absolutely. If you aren’t bore sighting, then you’re betraying your own skill with a gun, and getting frustrated for no reason.

Ever fired a shot with nothing but surety? Absolutely certain you were going to hit the target dead-on?

If it didn’t hit, it doesn’t mean you were wrong, it means your sight wasn’t aligned.

Bore sighting is necessary, but let’s talk about laser sighting.

You can bore your sight without a laser sighter, but I hope you have a ton of free time on your hands.

You have to spend all afternoon at this, and even if you are able to complete it properly, it’s going to be off ever so slightly.

Laser bore sighting is basically fine-tuning your sight to a point that we just can’t see with the naked eye.

We have depth perception, long distance vision, but having a measured, scientific approach like a laser sight removes all human error from the equation.

The good thing is, after a while you’ll basically know how to bore the sight yourself.

You should still use a laser sighter for the foreseeable future, but if you drop your rifle while hunting in the woods and don’t have a laser bore sighter with you, you can at least align it enough to continue the hunt (this happens more often than people realize).

So yes, it’s necessary if you want to have true aim and get the job done right. It’s a one-time investment, apart from possible battery replacement.

Laser Bore Sighter Video


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