How to Clean RV Awnings? RV Awnings Cleaning Tips

How to Clean RV Awnings? RV Awnings Cleaning Tips

A strategy about how to clean RV awnings keep your RV awnings and keep that way is straightforward and includes several practical steps:

  • Choose an effective mixture, homemade or manufactured, to remove rain spots, dust, and other dirty areas;
  • Apply sprays or liquid solutions and wait for a few minutes;
  • Complete the final arrangements and enjoy the result.

Anyway, cleaning RV awnings requires some precautions regarding fabric materials and the source of contaminants. For instance, intense bleach cleaning items recommended for anti-mildew actions could become hazardous for your natural vinyl awnings.

However, it does not mean you would not deal with any dirt. In this guide, you will discover some additional secrets to maintaining your RV awnings clean.

If you still have additional questions about how to clean RV awnings or what solutions are eco-friendly and safe for human or animal health, you may contact us and receive reasonable answers.

What You Will Need for Cleaning RV Awning?

What You Will Need for Cleaning RV Awning?

You can not enjoy traveling landscapes during relaxation time if your awnings’ look spoils the picture of an ideal vacation.

Therefore, periodic cleaning sessions of your RV awnings prevent its fabric deterioration and reduce risks of mildew effects, decolorization, and other weather-provoked mold triggers.

Before you start washing measures, you must gather all available tools to make the process more effective. Hence, you may craft eco-friendly solutions or purchase professional cleaners with safe chemical agents.

Also, think about manual or automatic stuff to spray or steam cleaning mixture for desirable results.

All you need to clean your RV awnings are:

  • DIY cleaning solution;
  • Store-bought liquid cleaners;
  • Soft brushes;
  • Universal washers.

DIY Cleaning Solution

DIY cleaning solutions are a budgetary method to remove old or complicated molds.

To prepare effective solutions, you will need two parts of liquid dishwashing soap and eight parts of water. Choose non-aggressive soaps with natural ingredients to save colors and fabric structural qualities.

In addition, do not forget to adhere to the proportion ratio in order to reduce extra foamy effects and intensify cleaning properties for shining RV awnings.

Store-Bought Liquid Cleaners

Professional cleaners, universal or specific, could fight a broad range of molds, mildew, spots, dust, and tree leaves. Use spray or liquid items to improve your RV awning look.

Moreover, you may buy beneficial budget-friendly wholesale assortments of cleaning products if you plan to organize a long-term trip during unstable seasonable weather conditions like spring or autumn. STAR BRITE RV Awning Cleaner or Multi-Surface Cleaner is one of the best alternatives to conduct cleaning proceedings with fun and joy.

Soft Brushes

Successfully cleaning RV awnings depends on other stuff that minimizes the risks of fabric deterioration.

If your awnings are made of natural materials, you must choose soft brushes without damage-provoking effects. Long-stick brushes are the best way to distribute soapy solutions on the awning surface equally.

Universal Washers

Ensure no dirty spot remains with universal washers. Induction pressure technology is required to complete cleaning manipulations.

To be more precise, you may rinse awnings with water and leave them in fresh air for a particular period.

How to Clean an RV Awning?

Once every item from the cleaning preparation list is available, you may start acting. Fortunately, the comprehensive process consists of five steps to renovate the primary color and fabric structure.

So, cleaning RV awnings should include:

  • Step 1. Roll up awnings;
  • Step 2. Perform pre-cleaning measures;
  • Step 3. Cover cleaning solutions;
  • Step 4. Use a pressure washer;
  • Step 5. Leave awnings on air-dry.

Step 1. Roll up Awnings

Before you move to the active cleaning phase, you should roll up awnings and assess the complexity of future work.

Check the nature of molds and other complicated dirt.

Step 2. Perform Pre-cleaning Measures

Mix all necessary detergents if you decide to cover dirty awnings with handmade cleaning solutions.

Also, depending on the washing and mold nature, you may select the required cleaner. 

Step 3. Cover Cleaning Solutions

Use a long-stick brush and soapy cleaning solutions to cover the inner and outer parts of the RV awnings.

Leave them for an hour to receive the desirable results. However, complicated molds or mildew-affected areas should be removed by slight bleach liquid and gentle movements of a soft brush.

Step 4. Use a Pressure Washer

Optionally, an induction pressure washer is a versatile device to simplify cleaning manipulations. In the case of RV awnings, universal washers could become an excellent supplementary tool to remove remaining soapy solutions.

The only precaution you must remember is to set moderate stream power in order to keep the fabric undamaged.

Step 5. Leave Awnings on Air-dry

Typically, a cleaning mission is successfully achieved in sunny, warm weather.

This condition is essential to provide an air-dry process upon the completion of all steps.

Additional RV Awning Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Additional RV Awning Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Apart from the main rules regarding the cleaning techniques of RV awnings, you may find valuable tips to make the process exciting:

  • Periodicity – Never wait for an urgent moment when you are going to travel somewhere. As such, you should clean your RV awnings at least once a year to prepare your trailer for winter;
  • Fabric – Vinyl or acrylic awnings require a careful maintenance approach. Do not scrub them or apply aggressive cleaners to remove mildew. Inappropriate cleaning methods damage fabric structure and shorten the lifespan period;
  • Anti-bacteriological effects – Always add a few teaspoons of baking soda to soapy solutions to disinfect awning materials and eliminate sources of bacteria like rotten tree leaves.

Find More RV Maintenance Secrets to Prolong Life Span Period for Your Trailer

Visit our website to find more details about RV maintenance, and do not neglect to ask some specific questions about awning washing or replacement. Our traveling enthusiasts are masters in curing outdoor RV stuff.


How to Clean RV Awnings?

Cleaning RV awnings is a sophisticated process. All you need is to remove dust and related mold agents with soapy DIY solutions or professional cleaner, wash the remaining foam and let the awnings dry in the fresh air.

What to Clean RV Awning With?

The spray or steam cleaner should comply with the fabric type and dust nature. Fortunately, most universal cleaners specific for RV awning cleaning are acceptable for multitasking activities.

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