Take A Break While Camping: Best Camping Chairs Of 2021

Take A Break While Camping: Best Camping Chairs Of 2021 2

You can’t be running around like a mad man all the time, otherwise what was the point of camping if you aren’t going to enjoy it?

Kick back, put your feet up, and relax in a comfortable camping chair. Just sit still and watch the mountaintops as your food cooks on the camping stove, and remember why you love camping in the first place.

We’ve done the research and looked into all the critical specs of these camping chairs, so you can choose with confidence.

Take A Quick Peek At The Best Camping Chair Before Continuing

Helinox Chair One

Why is it better?

  • Strong build
  • Simple to setup
  • Available in a variety of different colors

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Helinox Camping Chair

6 Best Camping Chairs

With that in mind, let’s now take a closer look at our top picks.

Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair, Black/Blue
Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table | Folding Beach Chair | Portable Deck Chair for Tailgating, Camping & Outdoors
Timber Ridge Camping Chair 400lbs Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair High Back Lawn Chair Ergonomic Heavy Duty with Cup Holder, for Camp, Fishing, Hiking, Outdoor, Carry Bag Included
KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Director Chair Outdoor Folding Chairs for Adults Oversized Camp Chair with Side Table, Cooler Bag, Padded Arms, for Fishing Sports Beach Picnic, Iron, Support 330lbs
TravelChair Slacker Chair, Portable Tripod Chair for Outdoor Adventures, Red, One Size (1389VR)
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair, Polyester, Khaki,38 x 20 x 38-Inch
Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair, Black/Blue
More Information
Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table | Folding Beach Chair | Portable Deck Chair for Tailgating, Camping & Outdoors
More Information
Timber Ridge Camping Chair 400lbs Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair High Back Lawn Chair Ergonomic Heavy Duty with Cup Holder, for Camp, Fishing, Hiking, Outdoor, Carry Bag Included
More Information
KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Director Chair Outdoor Folding Chairs for Adults Oversized Camp Chair with Side Table, Cooler Bag, Padded Arms, for Fishing Sports Beach Picnic, Iron, Support 330lbs
More Information
TravelChair Slacker Chair, Portable Tripod Chair for Outdoor Adventures, Red, One Size (1389VR)
More Information
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair, Polyester, Khaki,38 x 20 x 38-Inch
More Information

Let’s dive into the specifics and review each camping chair individually. You can use the list below to jump and review specific models, or you can read along and go through all the information.

    1. Helinox Chair One
    2. Coleman Portable Chair
    3. Timber Ridge Chair
    4. KingCamp Chair
    5. TravelChair Slacker Chair
    6. ALPS Mountaineering Chair

Best Overall: Helinox Chair One

The Helinox Chair One is a super lightweight, very comfortable and stylish, compact camping chair that packs up smaller than a Sunday paper.

The poles are made of aluminum alloy, a proprietary product, which ensures maximum strength with minimum weight.

Helinox Camping Chair

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The removable seat and carrying case are made from durable, 600-weave rip-stop polyester and is machine-washable.

Setup is quick and easy with a single internal bungee cord that self assembles the aluminum poles.

Ideal for camping, concerts and other outdoor adventures events. The Helinox Chair One comes in a variety of colors and has a manufacturer’s five-year warranty.

We would highly recommend sitting in this chair to ensure fit.

The great news is Helinox makes the same style of camping chair in a variety of sizes: the zero, the two, and a large for example.


  • Available in a variety of different colors.
  • Simple to setup and breakdown.
  • Strong build, will support up to 320lbs.
  • The mesh prevents pooling of water.
  • Easily transportable.


  • On the higher end of cost
  • Not well suited for tall people.


  • None- simple design with no frills.


  • Type/Use: camping / backpacking / fishing/ concerts
  • Dimensions: 20 x 26 x 21 inches
  • Height: 21 inches
  • Weight: 1-2 pounds
  • Material: Anodized DAC aluminum poles & nylon-mesh seat

Best With Table: Coleman Portable Chair

Bring a relaxing treasure with you to the campsite, barbeque, or even your deck with this Coleman camping chair.

Ideally designed for the outdoors and camping, this folding chair keeps food, liquid refreshments, and personal bits and pieces within reach thanks to a convenient side table and integrated cup holder.

Coleman Portable Chair

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The frame is constructed of aluminum, making it really light yet sturdy. The cushions are made from weather-resistant fabric.

The cushion has just the right amount of fluff without being bulky.  This Coleman chair is tremendously comfortable and provides plenty of support when reclining.

The folding side table is very stable, and is solid enough to support beverage cans and plates of food, even heavy ones.

All in all, it is a lightweight, ergonomically designed chair that provides superior comfort.

And, thanks to its collapsible design and convenient carrying handles, this portable camping chair is easy to take with you everywhere you go with a relaxed state of mind.


  • Coleman is a well-respected brand.
  • The side table with integrated cup holder provides easy access to food and beverages.
  • Comfortable seat with padded arms.
  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • The carrying handles make for easy transport.


  • Does not fold up very small.
  • The frame is aluminum not steel.
  • Can only support up to 225 pounds.


  • Folding side table.
  • Cup holder.
  • Padded back, padded seat, padded armrest.
  • Washable armrest covers.
  • Sewn-in carry straps for easy transport.


  • Type/Use:(camping/ fishing/ deck/concerts)
  • Dimensions: 31.2 x 21.1 x 8.5 inches
  • Height: 31 inches
  • Weight: 7.12 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum frame and Polyester seating

Best For A Bad Back: Timber Ridge Chair

Timber Ridge had comfort in mind when designing this chair. This is the go to chair for those with back problems or any mobility difficulties.

Because the seat sits higher than in other chairs, you can utilize the padded steel chair arms, to rise out of the chair with ease.

With a load capacity of 300 plus pounds you’ll never have to be concerned about the chair faltering.

Timber Ridge Camping

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The ergonomic design, padded armrest, high back and heavy duty steel frame makes it very durable without sacrificing comfort.

It also includes a swivel cup holder on side the of the chair to hold your beverage, hot or cold. It can be folded up easily and slid into the carrying bag that is included.

The bag has a handle large enough that you can slip over your shoulder for easy transport.


  • Easy to open and set up.
  • Fully padded seat and arms.
  • Ergonomic design creates a relief for back issues.
  • Maximum load capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Oversized seating provides extra comfort for long-time use.


  • On the heavy side at 13 pounds.
  • Does not recline and has a pretty straight back.
  • Only comes in two colors- black/blue and camo.


  • A swivel cup holder on the side of the chair.
  • Padded seat, back and arms.


  • Type/Use: (camping, fishing, sporting events, barbecues, and backyard use)
  • Dimensions:  38.5 inches x 22.5 inches
  • Height: 38.5 inches
  • Weight: 13lbs
  • Material: Polyester material and heavy duty steel frame

Best Heavy Duty: KingCamp Chair

If you are a bigger guy looking for something sturdy and yet comfortable this bad boy is the choice for you.

When it comes to larger folks, most camp chairs seem flimsy when you sit in them. But the KingCamp is very stable and well built.

KingCamp Camping Chair

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With the KingCamp chair you won’t have to worry about falling, or feeling precarious when you should be comfortable, and that’s well worth every penny you’ll spend on this chair.

Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric seat and back, padded armrests to add more comfort, combined with a frame built like a tank and you get a chair that will last a long time.

This chair has some great extras too. Our favorites are the side table and a built-in cooler (that holds eight 12 oz cans!). It’s easy to relax at the end of the day in this chair. Just grab a snack and a beverage, and you’re good!


  • Super heavy duty.
  • Quick set up even with all attachments.
  • Very secure and won’t break or collapse.
  • Large table surface makes room multiple beverages.
  • OH yeah…. The cooler is awesome.


  • Conducive to rust.
  • Not the best option for portability.
  • Comes in one color: black.


  • Insulated cooler bag.
  • Side table provides extra space for personal items.
  • A cup holder built in.
  • Attachable umbrella option (sold separately).


  • Type/Use: (camping, car travelling, fishing, tailgating or the deck)
  • Dimensions:  20.9 x 22.8 x 43.3 inches
  • Height: From surface of the seat to the highest of the back 20.9 inches.
  • Weight: 14.8 pounds
  • Material: Breathable, moisture-wicking poly fabric and steel frame.

Best Lightweight: TravelChair Slacker Chair

Want a comfortable place to sit around the fire without bringing a 13-pound chair?

This is a great chair despite its small size.

It takes up almost no space and is pretty comfortable, considering it is a tiny tripod.

And if you’ve trekked into the back country, you deserve a comfortable place to sit.

Travelchair Slacker Chair

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This little guy packs small and weighs only 2lb, which is perfect for back country camping or fishing.

The Slacker takes only a couple seconds to set up and holds an incredible 275 pounds. Collapse it, wrap the hook-and-loop strap around it, and you’re ready to bug out.


  • 2 second set up and pack up time.
  • Reinforced throughout with 600D Rip Stop Poly.
  • Easily transportable for longer distances.


  • Not the most comfortable chair.
  • No accessories available.


  • Comes in 4 colors currently– Red, Black, Blue and Green.
  • Carry strap.


  • Type/Use:(camping / backpacking /slacking)
  • Dimensions: [open] 12 x 14 x 20 in, [closed] 3 x 3 x 24 in
  • Height: Seat 17.5 in
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Material: [seat] 600D polyester, [frame] powder-coated steel

Best For Tall: ALPS Mountaineering Chair

This is definitely a beast and is a great chair for taller/larger individuals.

It’s extremely roomy, the material is comfortable, and it’s very easy to move around in.

The King Chair remains the strongest (holds up to 800lbs), most reliable and durable quad chair you can find.

ALPS King Chair

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Even if you’re a smaller person who doesn’t need the extra weight capacity, the comfort and strength that you’ll gain from this chair is unmatched by any other chair on the market.

This chair even folds up compactly, fits in a carry bag, and can be easily carried with on all your camping trips.

It comes with 2 drink holders, 2 pockets on the side of the arms, and another pocket on the back. It folds up quickly and without much hassle.

This chair has plenty of room for obliging larger individuals, especially when getting in and out of the chair.

Unfortunately, that same roominess can also cause some discomfort if you sit for long periods.


  • Superbly built chair designed to last.
  • Large seat, cup holders and extra storage.
  • Holds up to 800lbs.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • On the heavy side at almost 13lbs.
  • Seat tends to sag overtime.
  • Sitting for longer periods get uncomfortable on legs.


  • Includes convenient shoulder carry bag.
  • Each adjustable armrest comes with a cup holder.
  • ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table (sold separately).
  • Sport-Brella Umbrella with Universal Clamp (sold separately).
  • Comes in three colors: Deep Sea, Salsa or Khaki.


  • Type/Use: (camping / tailgating/ BBQ’s / fishing)
  • Dimensions: 38″ W x 20″ D x 38″ H
  • Height: Seat is 12’-18’ off ground
  • Weight: 12.5lbs
  • Material: Powder-coated steel frame and 600D polyester fabric

Table of Contents

What To Consider When Buying A Camping Chair?

best camping chair

Which is the best camping chair for you?

Are you a taller person?

Do you want a side table attached?

Or are you just looking for a comfortable option that is also affordable.

These are all good questions to consider when shopping for a new camp chair. As we were reviewing camp chairs we asked those questions, but also looked deeper at the core elements for determining the suitable camping chair, including:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Extra features (table, shade, containers etc.)

Pro Tip: Before you go shop for a new camp chair,make sure that you know how you’ll use the chair and what kind of extras you might want, this will quickly narrow down your list

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the core elements.


Comfortable camping chair

There are a host of options when it comes to chair material. Canvas and a heavy rip-stop type polyester are typical options.

Both are durable and easy to clean, but polyester can be questionable next to the campfire. Lighter weight chairs may have a combination of mesh and canvas, to help reduce weight.

When it comes to the skeleton of your chair you’ll see two options aluminum or a light-weight steel.

If you are planning on setting your chair by a fire and not moving it, you are great with steel Portable chairs should have an aluminum frame.


Size matters, not only the size of the chair but the size of you. If you are over 6’3 or over 250lbs your options get more limited.

What about if you’re under 5 feet or under 100lbs?

Another aspect to consider is how and/or where you plan to use your chair. Will it reside in your camping gear or do you plan to utilize at picnics or cookouts when not camping.

Weight can be a factor if you plan to camp in windy locations or if you might decide to carry it further away from camp to set up.

A weighty chair is not as dangerous if it’s gusty but a disadvantage if movability is a prime attribute.


If you plan to sit for any period of time, comfort will be on the top of your list of features. Nobody wants to recover after a long day of camping activities, in an uncomfortable chair.

Do you want a padded seat or padded back?

Does the chair recline?

Do you like to put your feet up?

These are all important comfort questions you need to ask.

Each camping chair we tested fit very differently, making us feel a bit like Goldilocks! Some were too small, others were way too big!

Some had a foot rest, some had tables, and some had no arm rests.

Comfort is very individualized, depending on your size and build. We suggest trying out some chairs, and finding what feels best for you, and which chair will improve your napping comfort!


large camping chair

Can you easily carry the chair to and from campsite?

Not all chairs have built in handles, some do. Consider the weight of the chair in its bag and compare that against how far you need to lug the thing.

Chairs with tables attached need to fold out of the way for easier transport. If you need a super portable chair, you may need to skimp on the extras.


How many trips will your camping chair survive, is a serious factor to think about when you are doing research.

Is the chair built rock-solid? Does it have pieces that can easily be replaced?

If you don’t wish to purchase a new camping chair every couple of seasons, consider investing in a solid well-made chair that will withstand all the cruelties you and your camp mates will dish out.

Extra Features

Desired features can be another key determining factor when hunting for the perfect new camp chair.

Side tables that fold down, foot rests to kick your boots up on, and a spot to hold your frosty beverage are some of the more deluxe features of today’s camp chairs.

Some other handy features include pockets for books, stowaway compartments to keep gear and snacks dry, and some camp chairs even come complete with an umbrella.

Other basic factors to consider when selecting your new camping chair include: how often it will be used, ease of setup by others, weather conditions and environments you plan on exposing the chair to, and the desire to kick back and take a siesta if you wish.

Using Your Camp Chair For Fishing

Your camp chair can actually be a very handy accessory to bring with on your next fishing trip.

Depending on the style of fishing you do, whether its ice fishing or fly fishing, your camp chair is perfect for your fishing adventure.

Most camp chairs have cup holders, and fabric seats, backs and arms. These two features make your fishing adventure more comfortable.

There’s nothing nicer than keeping a bottle of water or your favorite beverage close at hand while you are fishing.

The cup holder can be used to hold fishing necessities like bobbers, line, hooks and containers of bait.

Just make sure you empty your chair of fishing gear, before you pack up for the day. A forgotten hook can result in a painful trip to the doctor.

For those that enjoy a trek off the beaten path for a fishing adventure, a camp chair is the perfect way to have a bit of comfort and “luxury” while fishing.

They are highly portable, lightweight and often come with a strap for easy carrying. You shouldn’t have to find a rock or uncomfortable log to sit on, if you invest in a portable camp chair for your next fishing adventure.

Camping Chairs FAQ

beach camping chair

Other Uses for Your Camp Chair?

Yes, it may be called a camp chair, but that doesn’t mean that you can only use it while camping.

We’ve already discussed how useful a camp chair can be for fishing, but what about other activities, where else can your camp chair come in handy? Here are our thoughts:

  • Sporting activities – You don’t have to sit on the grass when you’re watching the kiddos play sports, bring your camp chair, and be comfortable!
  • Picnics and BBQs – If you are planning a day at the park or at a friend’s house for a fun barbeque or picnic, don’t forget the camp chairs. You never know if there will be enough places to sit, so bring your own!
  • Tailgating – If you love to tailgate on game day, don’t forget your chair. Not only will you have a place to comfortably enjoy the pre-game activities, but you’ll also have a place to set your beverage.
  • A day at the beach – If you don’t love to sit on hot sand, or would rather dry off from swimming without being covered in sand, bring your camp chair.
  • Extra chairs for visitors – Maybe you’re hosting the barbeque and need more seats. Pull out your camp chairs to give extra seating for your guests.

How to Clean a Moldy Camp Chair?

This may seem like a strange topic to include, but believe it or not, camp chairs can get gross. We’ve all experienced that really rainy camping trip, where everything ends up soaked through and covered in mud.

And, if you don’t promptly set everything out to dry, you end up with moldy, mildew covered chairs, tents and gear. Don’t fret about this though, cleaning up your favorite camp chair is relatively easy.

The first step to getting mold or mildew out of your favorite camping chair is to let it dry in the sun. Sun is a great tool for knocking back mold and mildew.

Once your chair is dry, you can start to process of removing the mold, mildew and dirt. The easiest way to do this is to use a steam cleaner. The heat from hot water will pull out dirt and kill mold and mildew.

However, not everyone has a steam cleaner, so your other option is to roll up your sleeves and hand wash your chairs.

Use a scrubbing sponge and warm water with a mixture of a mild soap (dish soap or laundry detergent work well), vinegar, lemon juice and a touch of baking soda.

This mixture will work to kill the mold and get out all of the dirt. For easy application put the mixture in a spray bottle, and you can easily clean your whole chair or just spots. Then, don’t forget to let the chair dry thoroughly in the sun.

How To Repair A broken Camping chair?

repairing broken camping chair

If you have a camp chair that you love, or just a new camp chair that hasn’t been used much, it can be a bummer if it breaks.

You may not want to run out and buy a new chair. So, you have to figure out how to repair the chair so that it is sturdy and will last a few more camping trips.

If you’ve torn the back or seat at the seam or if a seam has come undone, the simple repair is to sew the seam back up.

This repair is relatively inexpensive, but if you aren’t comfortable with thread and a needle, it make take a couple of tries.

Because most camp chairs are made of a heavy canvas material, you will want to buy heavy-duty thread, preferably thread made for outdoor applications, and a thick needle.

If your chair has a hole not at a seam, the easiest way to repair this damage is with a patch. We’ve found that the simplest way to cover a hole in the seat or back of your camp chair is to add a patch.

If you’re comfortable with sewing you can sew on a homemade patch of canvas or denim. If you aren’t as comfortable sewing, pick up an iron-on patch at your local craft store or even Wal-Mart.

The other common repair need is replacing a lost pin. Folding camp chairs often loose the pins that hold the legs together. An easy solution to this, is to find a small bolt and nut that will fit in the existing hole.

Simply push the bolt through the holes and tighten the nut at the back. If you can’t find a bolt that fits the existing hole, you may need to use a drill to make the hole bigger.

Just remember, opening and closing the chair can loosen the nut, so check the nut frequently to ensure that your chair doesn’t randomly collapse!

Final Thoughts

We understand that a camping chair is not the most exiting piece of gear to research, but trust us, a good camp chair makes for a much more comfortable experience.

Our goal was to find the camp chair that matched the portability and durability of the rest of our other camping equipment.

However, we also wanted a chair to meet comfort standards without being too complex to use or take up too much space.

Happily, we were able to test some outstanding products that surpassed our expectations and elevated our opinion of camping chairs. We did all of this to help you find the best camp chair to fit your needs.

We want to hear about what products our customers are choosing and why, so let us know, in the comments below, which camping chair you chose for your next outing.

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