The Best Fishing Apps For Your SmartPhone

Our Picks of best fishing apps

Just about anything can be done on a phone these days, including fishing. If you’re stuck in the past and have yet to try a fishing app for your favorite hobby, you could be missing out, as there’s something out there for every type of angler with every requirement.

What are the best fishing apps?

Fishing apps come in all shapes and sizes, including navigational tools to help you find the best spot and radars for finding where the action is. The apps of today are like handy angling advisors that you can fit in your pocket, giving your skills an instant boost.

To find out what’s available on your phone, we’ve rounded up some of the most used apps for anglers. Check out our list of the best fishing apps and see what a little bit of modern technology can do for your next expedition.

Why Use an App for Fishing?

reviews of best apps for fishing

There was once a time when the thought of using an app on your phone for fishing would be considered the cheat’s way out. Times have changed, though, as anglers see the benefits of what modern technology can do for their favorite hobby, and without using them for anything that resembles cheating.

A smartphone app can be used for just about anything to do with fishing, including using a sonar fish finder, checking the tide times and weather, and navigating your way to your favorite fishing location. With a few carefully installed apps, you’ll have all of your usual electronic fishing devices in one, and be a much savvier angler.

The Best Fishing Apps of 2021

A quick look on the app library of your smartphone and you’ll see just how many fishing related ones there are, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all worthwhile. To help you navigate through the good and bad, we’ve selected a handful that we consider the best fishing apps on the market today.


Navionics is a fishing friendly app available on Android and Apple and gives users access to a range of great features. Using this app, you’ll be able to get free sonar charts, track the tides, store data, customize depth layers, and get monthly updates to the data it provides.

As a navigational tool, Navionics is all about providing you with the information you need to find the perfect fishing spot and at the right time. It comes with an annual subscription fee that’s fairly reasonable and is known for being one of the most reliable, with updates being released all the time.

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Fishbrain is one of the most comprehensive fishing apps out there, providing a social networking space, maps and navigational tools, and recommendations for fishing gear that suit you. if you’re looking for just one app that you can use to do it all, Fishbrain is the way to go.

This app has over 13 million active users which proves they’re doing something right, and they provide data on more than 1.7 million waters. You’ll be able to use the information provided by other anglers and Fishbrain to hone your fishing skills, and all with just one app.



RadarScope is now in its fourth version and continues to be the most trusted weather app in the United States. Using Radarscope, you’ll be able to plan your fishing trips to perfection, ensuring you go at the right times, in the right weather, and at the right location.

Using this app, you’ll find up-to-date super-resolution radar data and information about storm tracking, weather warnings, and forecasted rain, all of which you can put to use when planning your next fishing expedition. Although not technically made just for anglers, there’s no fisherman out there that couldn’t benefit from RadarScope.

My Fishing Advisor Pro

My Fishing Advisor Pro

If you want a more detailed assistant that can help you plan for ideal weather and water conditions, timing, and water depth, something like My Fishing Advisor Pro is the way to go. As a paid app, it’s a lot more detailed, and the perfect choice for serious anglers who want only the latest and greatest technology helping them out.

The My Fishing Advisor Pro app will customize all its information to you specifically and also look at the factors that can influence fish behavior. You’ll be able to create a list of favorite fishing spots and get advice on what lure to use, where to cast, and the best size rod, so there’s no thinking required to have success.



ANGLR is a dedicated logbook that you can keep right on your smartphone, helping you track previous fishing expeditions and planning for the future with in-depth data. With ANGLR, you’ll be able to drop more than 15 waypoints to check the conditions in that area and share your favorite fishing spots with others if you don’t want to keep them private.

This app integrates with a range of other electronics to record your data automatically, or you can input it manually if you choose. It covers saltwater, freshwater, fly, bass, ice, and kayak fishing which makes it versatile enough for all anglers, and you’ll get a personal dashboard to display your analytics after every fishing trip.

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FishAngler, formerly known as fishing spots, is a completely free app you can use to improve your fishing experiences. Among the noteworthy features of this smartphone app are seven-day fishing forecasts, access to your own personal fishing logbook, and recommendations on the best time to fish in your area.

With FishAngler, you also get the chance to connect with others, share photos of your catches that day, and trade tips and information. If you’re not into socializing, there’s no need, as you can still enjoy all of the free features that this app has to offer.

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Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots Lite

The Fishing Knots app is like having a personal encyclopedia of all of the knots used for angling, right in the palm of your hand. Not only can you look up the various knots, but you’ll also get detailed videos and instructions of how to do them, so there’s no more second-guessing and wondering if you’ve done it right.

Fishing Knots is a free app that’s designed for simplicity, and if you’ve ever been stuck wondering what knots to use, it will see an end to that. You can get recommendations for knots, learn how to tie them, and mark your favorites for the future, so it’s a handy tool indeed.


fishidy application

Fishidy is an app made in conjunction with Fishing Hot Spots, and its main focus is on navigational tools and showing you the best places to drop a line in your area. What sets this app apart is that it relies on industry experts and members to provide users with information, but it’s specially tailored to your needs and location.

The Fishidy app is a little smaller in terms of users, with around one million actives, but it’s not lacking in expert data. You can still share your catches with others, find out what bait others used successfully, and get insights and details of all of the waterways in the United States you can fish at.

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Do You Really Need a Fish Finder?

The fishing apps of today have changed the game for good when it comes to efficient angling, and if you’ve been hesitant about downloading one for yourself, there’s no need to worry. To learn more about the various devices and technologies that today’s fishermen can use, check out these FAQs to help you out.

Do You Really Need a Fish Finder?

A fish finder is a common accessory on a boat and is considered essential for serious anglers, but if you’re fishing by foot, you may not need to use one. Once considered an expensive device, there are now free apps available on a smartphone that can do the work of a basic fish finder, so you can test the technology out for yourself.

What Is the Best Tide to Fish In?

The rising or incoming tide is considered the best tide to fish in, with more benefits at this time than others. In a rising tide, the water has more visibility, the temperature of the ocean is lower, and it may have more oxygen, which are all ideal settings to attract more fish to where you are.

How Do I Find a Good Fishing Spot?

The best place to find a fishing spot is by asking others, whether it’s at the local bait shop or on an online forum. There are some smartphone apps dedicated to sharing popular fishing spots so you can see which ones are close to your area and review them for others to enjoy in the future.

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