The Best Camping Spots In Whole Of USA

The Best Camping Spots In Whole Of USA 2

No two states in this great country are alike, which is absolutely perfect for campers.

Every state has its own unique beauties, and they each have their own optimal way to explore them.

We’ve laid out the ultimate campsite that everyone raves about in each state, giving you a bucket list of spots in each state to visit.

Instead of dipping into the usual tourist traps and expensive campgrounds, try these out to get a unique perspective of every single state in America.


gulf state park alabama

Gulf State Park kicks off our top list here, and for good reason: it’s a place you’ll want to revisit every single time you hop in the RV.

There’s well-kept facilities, a local restaurant called Woodside Restaurant, and plenty of beaches to keep the little ones enticed.

While the hookups for your RV are excellent, heading into the woods for a low-impact hike will be the main thing you remember from this trip.

Gorgeous views of Alabama, the Gulf Coast, and excellent prices for local hotels and RV parking spots make this an all-American favorite.


Eagle River Camp Alaska

You’re coming to Eagle River Camp for the sheer beauty, but you’ll be hard pressed to head back home, because this is going to feel like a second one to you.

There’s over fifty different sites here, each with restrooms, fresh water, fire pits, picnic tables and more.

You’re close to the same level of local amenities as a small town would offer, so even if you run out of something halfway through your trip, you’ve got convenience right next door.


Cave Springs Arizona

Arizona is a tricky state to find a good campsite in, but Cave Springs is their diamond in the rough.

There’s over eighty campsites, most of which with on-site facilities, local grills and campfires, picnic tables, restrooms and RV hosts up to 36’ long.

This is a place where you have to bring your hiking boots, and trek through Oak Creek to get a glimpse of the crystal clear water that’s flowing by your feet. This is Arizona’s untapped beauty at its finest.


Lake Ouachita Arkansas

Arkansas doesn’t have the most diverse list of parks and campsites, but Lake Ouachita is a treat that’s hiding in plain sight.

There’s 40,000 acres of predominantly untamed space, excellent hiking and biking trails, and tons of kayaking opportunities to really enjoy nature.

Depending on what season you arrive in, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of America’s finest (and least populated) ski slopes.

If you’re sick of tourist traps, there’s plenty of room for everyone at Lake Ouachita.


Crystal Cove California

Crystal Cove is the stuff dreams are made of.

Their restrictions on RVs and fifth wheels are fairly lenient, so long as it’s thirty-five feet or under.

You get a hybrid blend of untapped, beautiful nature to hike and bike through, while also getting access to the historic district.

There are plenty of attractions for a more relaxed, leisurely experience, so even if you’re not pitching a tent here, a trip to Crystal Cove can be a fairly relaxing, tourist-ey stop on your camping map.


Garden of the Gods Colorado

It’s literally called Garden of the Gods, which sounds daunting, but Colorado’s best campsite is as relaxing and chill as you’re going to find anywhere else.

There are plenty of accommodations for RV and fifth wheel users, but there’s also a resort-style feeling (hence it being an RV resort).

You get access to the outdoor, inground pool, a US olympic training center, a cog train, and a ton of hiking trails that keep you on your feet.

It’s a great blend between traversing through untapped nature, and still having a comfortable spot to return to as the sun goes down.


odetah connecticut

Connecticut is more known for its small town charm and industrial cities, but that’s why Odetah is hiding in plain sight.

This simple campsite is the closest safe spot to nature that you’re going find across this small state.

You’ll have sparsely populated, relaxing trails to hike through and enjoy a breath of fresh air, but on the same note, you can return to the campsite to use the jacuzzi, access the Wi-Fi, and partake in their various activities and entertainment.

Those who run Odetah keep things fresh and interesting, so there’s always a new reason to return year after year.


Holly Lake Delaware

If you’re looking for a more down-to-earth campsite feeling, Holly Lake’s collection of campsites will keep your feet on the ground.

They keep it fairly old-school, with restricted office hours, but a lot more freedom than you’ll find at most privately owned campsites.

You’ll also have access to a laundromat, store, clean bathrooms and some fun activities, such as a petting zoo and mini golf.

This makes it the perfect spot to stop and recharge if you and the family have been on the road for a while.


Henderson Beach State Park Florida

You’re not sticking near the Everglades with this one.

Henderson Beach State Park keeps their fees extremely low, and because it’s Florida, there’s 365-day access with rather generous entry hours.

If you’re plotting a road trip, they can hold reservations up to eleven months prior to your visit, which is extremely convenient if you’re hitting the road for the better part of the summer.

They have over twenty parks, most of which offer on-site cabins and even boat camping, so get to living that Florida dream with nearly zero restrictions.


High Falls Georgia

There’s a lot of Peach State Parks around, but High Falls is an isolated, family friendly spot that acts as your own personal hideaway.

It’s not enormous, but there is a 650-acre lake, picnic shelters, primitive campsites and over a hundred RV, tent and trailers sites for you to enjoy.

They’re spaced out enough that there’s never a congested, tourist feeling, so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your lengthy stay in the hidden hideaway of Georgia.


Malaekahana Beach Hawaii

There’s nothing like Hawaii, and if you’re making the flight out just to enjoy the beautiful islands, you have to check out Malaekahana Beach.

Just as you’d expect, you get kayak and board rentals, and access to a local store that includes just about everything you would need for an impromptu hammock camping trip.

The whole point of visiting Hawaii is to relax and enjoy the tropics, and there’s nothing waiting for you but untapped beauty to revel in.


Bruneau Dunes Idaho

Idaho is generally thought of as a boring, stale place to visit, but the Bruneau Dunes will have you changing your mind.

There’s a state park observatory to enjoy some stellar stargazing at, far away from the bright city lights that often make it impossible to get a good view.

You can also find cabin rentals, a junior ranger program to involve the little ones, and equestrian facilities for the horseback rider in your party.

One of the best parts of this spot is that it’s within a few hours driving distance of Utah and Nevada, giving you quick access to some of the other campsites on our list.


Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park Illinois

It’s time to hit Lake Michigan from the comfort of the Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park.

One of the main reasons to visit this spot is to take a brisk ride on the lengthy cycling trails, or take a long walk on the miles of lakeshore.

You’ll get a handful of local amenities, such as a lodge and restaurant, as well as a gift shop and firewood seller.

This spot is perfect to ease your kids into camping, while getting some breathtaking views and top notch photographs as well.


Potato Creek State Park  Indiana

Potato Creek State Park is our favorite spot in Indiana.

From a distance, it looks bland, but that’s what keeps massive amounts of tourists at bay.

There are seventeen on-site cabins, as well as cross country skiing during the right season, hiking trails, bicycle trails, playground equipment and a tubing hill.

It’s a small, family friendly campsite that’s the perfect way to introduce your little ones to some cushier camping, and will have them asking to come back again at the next family vacation.


Lake Ahquabi State Park Iowa

Iowa is a quiet destination, but Lake Ahquabi State Park gives you the option to shake things up a little.

This fairly small campsite offers an intimate camping experience, and over six miles of biking and hiking trails to start your day off with.

This campsite perfectly borders the lake, which you can take a paddle boat or kayak out on.

The waters are unsupervised, but to us that just means there’s no restriction on fun. If you’re sick and tired of crowded campsites, this is the spot for you and the family.


El Dorado State Park Kansas

Kansas is the epicenter of America, and El Dorado State Park is at its heart.

There’s thousands of acres of wildlife area, park, and nearly a hundred miles of shoreline to keep you at the water’s edge (which is a luxury in this part of the country).

Our personal favorite thing about this park is the cabin reservations: lengthy stays, excellent cancellation windows, and great prices that entice you to come here for your long-term camping stays.


General Butler Kentucky

Kentucky’s normal attractions keep the tourists away, but the General Butler campsite attracts the seasoned camper in all of us.

You’ll have excellent hiking and biking trails that wrap around great birdwatching spots, but that’s not where the enjoyment of nature ends.

You’ll be able to take a canoe out on the lake, cast a line in the water, and visit the game room before you head out. Before you leave, be sure to check out the gift shop, museum, or catch a round of mini golf.


Grand Isle State Park Louisiana

We all know the main attractions of Louisiana, but the hidden gems like Grand Isle State Park keep us campers coming back year after year.

Everyone else can keep their festivities while we rough it in the dispersed camping spots, and get closer to nature.

There’s an authentic camping experience that you don’t get in many other places, with plenty of hiking and mountain biking trails to keep you busy, and clear open skies.


Bayley’s Camping Resort Maine

You owe it to yourself to check out Bayley’s Camping Resort at the foothills of Maine.

Leave the mountains to the northerners; this is the highest rated campsite in all of Maine, and you can’t not have a good time while you’re there.

Choose from kayaking or lobster diving, check out their weekly entertainment schedule, and for the adults of the group, you can head to the Little River Complex.

Got kids with you? Not a problem: there’s an activity list a mile long to keep everyone in a full array of fun.


Frontier Town Maryland

Special events and on-site activities are just a few of the reasons why people land head over heels for Frontier Town in Mayland.

This place can get a bit crowded from time to time, but the reason that campers keep coming back year after year is because even with a crowd, it’s virtually impossible to be in a bad mood at Frontier Town.

Take a wild ride on the high ropes adventure park and zip through the trees, or take a stroll down the dusty roads of their western theme park.

You can’t see all of Frontier in just one trip, so make a reservation on your way out for another stay.


Massachusetts National Park

Nickerson State Park in Massachusetts is a fairly small, 1,900-acre area, but offers an excellent getaway in an otherwise busy part of the state.

The hours simply range from sunrise to sunset, over four-hundred campsites to choose from, and wooden trails weaving in between a bunch of ponds as well.

This is the perfect destination if you’re a New England native, and you’re not looking for any tourist trap spots.

Nickerson offers rest and relaxation even though it’s on Cape Cod, and still gives you access to all the local shops that everybody loves.


Mackinaw Mill Creek Michigan

We’ve listed another camping site on this list that touches the shores of Lake Michigan, but Mackinaw Mill Creek sits on the exact opposite side of the lake, right in the heart of Mackinaw City.

Take your pick between lakefront RV sites and cabin rentals, or pack it up and head into the woods for some dispersed camping.

This entire site is five minutes away from the Mackinac Island Ferry Docks in the downtown, so you can be detached from city life and one with nature, but if you find yourself missing the amenities of a small city, all you have to do is drive down the road.


Afton State Park Minnesota

Afton State Park makes you forget that you’re in Minnesota; this spot seems stuck out of time, like a perfectly preserved part of the world.

Depending on the season, you’ll be able to partake in cross country skiing, swimming in the lake, fishing, backpacking, and if you’re a photographer, there’s a ton of breathtaking views to fill your wall up with.

Afton also wants you to be safe, so they offer free GPS units (for the duration of your stay) at the park’s entrance, and information on why they only allow approved firewood for burning in your campfire.


Buccaneer State Park Mississippi

Buckle up, buccaneer. Buccaneer State Park is a hybrid between living in the middle of nature, and still being close enough to local amenities to feel at home.

Buccaneer offers RV and tent campsites, fishing, a water slide, and an on-site laundromat and convenience store.

If you’re bringing your little ones along for the ride, there’s also a playground and picnic area to enjoy, as well as a wave pool and plenty of nature trails to trek through.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Mississippi with this array of scenic views.


Table Rock State Park Missouri

Looking for a bit more hands-free vacation?

Hop on the trail ride or a guided hike at the Table Rock State Park in Missouri.

There’s tons to do, including fishing, cycling and hiking on your own, as well as swimming in the lake.

Missouri’s state parks offer a ton of excellent campsites, and they deserve credit for that, but nothing beats Table Rock and all of its splendor.

It’s the spot in Missouri with the best views, some of the most interesting terrain, and an all-around family friendly vacation feeling that’s certain to have you coming back year after year.


Glacier National Park Montana

Montana is a fairly simple state, but Glacier National Park is anything but ordinary.

As one of the top ten spots to camp in all of America, this park offers a map with current conditions so you can plan your trip accordingly, road statuses and weather, and everything you need to plan a lengthy, safe trip.

One excellent feature is the webcams on their site, which are constantly live, showing you footage of the park. This is a spot to visit for minimal amenities, and the best encounter with raw nature.


Eugene T. Mahoney Park Nebraska

Nebraska is waiting for you, namely, Eugene T. Mahoney Park, with a ton of features to keep you on your toes.

We’re willing to wager that you’ll have to come back at least two more times in order to get through everything.

There’s picnicking spots, local food service, cabins, tent camping, swimming and more, like golf, hiking and bicycling.

As Nebraska’s most famous and travelled campsite, they do an excellent job of maintaining traffic so it never feels too crowded.


Cathedral Gorge Nevada

Nevada makes you think of two things: Vegas, and deserts.

Well, the latter doesn’t sound like much fun, but Cathedral Gorge makes the whole prospect a little more enticing.

There’s a ridiculously low entry fee, which is all the more reason to travel back again, and a small enough area that most tourists don’t pay it much mind.

There’s hiking trails, a visitors center, and twenty-two campsites to choose from to park it and play for up to 14 days per 30-day period.

New Hampshire

Moose Hillock Camping Resorts New Hampshire

New Hampshire is called the south of the north, and Moose Hillock Camping Resorts sure makes it feel that way.

You get some of the most beautiful, scenic spots in all of New Hampshire, but you also get a ton of amenities if you choose to live a little cushier of a vacation.

Regardless of how you feel, you’ll fall in love with the Blue Lagoon tropical swimming pool, and a ton of indoor recreations in a wood-panel building to keep that air of the outdoors.

New Jersey

New Jersey Ocean View Resort

Ocean View Resorts is more than a campsite: it’s a hybrid of a resort with minimalist camping right next door.

Choose your adventure, but just know that a flea market, dance-a-thon and raffle-style pirate treasure giveaway are just around the corner if you get bored.

Their amenities include arcades, playgrounds, mini gold, basketball courts, and a splash pad.

Your kids don’t always get excited about camping, but at Ocean View, it’s impossible to be upset about the trip.

New Mexico

City of Rocks State Park New Mexico

Ready to see the better part of New Mexico?

City of Rocks State Park is at an elevation of nearly a mile up from sea level, and features a naturally carved cityscape created from a near 35-million-year-old volcanic eruption.

You’ll get access to local hiking trails, mountain bike paths, and an excellent view of the wide open skyline for stargazing at night.

To get disconnected from the nine-to-five, the rigmarole of the day-to-day, City of Rocks is your retreat.

New York

Fillmore Glen State Park New York

New York State has so much untamed wild beauty that gets sorely overlooked by the Big Apple.

Skip the tourist trap of the Adirondacks, and instead, get to Fillmore Glen State Park.

You have over sixty campsites to pick and choose from, and live updates on the current water state for the beaches and canoeing.

Glen Fillmore isn’t huge, which is exactly why you’ll have peace and quiet for most of your trip.

Enjoy the pavilions, grills, campsites and cabins among their other amenities, and carve out a slice of New York for yourself.

North Carolina

Davidson River Campground North Carolina

Your vacation time is about to be filled up. At the Davidson River Campground, you can spend up to two weeks every thirty days, and enjoy the brisk, untapped nature of North Carolina.

It’s extremely close to the town of Brevard, which offers a handful of shopping spots, restaurants, and all the charm you’d expect from a small town.

Whether you’re heading here in winter or a calming week in the dead of July, there’s always something going on.

North Dakota

North Park Campground North Dakota

North Dakota isn’t near the top of the list on most-visited campsites in America, making it perfect for a relaxing, quiet week with the family.

At North Park Campground, you can camp year-round, and enjoy pull thru sites for your RV, while still having access to local Wi-Fi, a laundry facility, and a public restroom so you don’t end up utilizing the dumping station during your entire trip.

If you’re looking for a place you can bring your pets, North Park is very pet-friendly.


Mohican State Park Ohio

Ohio’s secret treasure of Mohican State Park offers tent camping spots, cabins, and general shelters, and from there the world is in the palm of your hands.

There’s local fishing spots, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and even more water sports.

Maybe you like to relax back at the campsite? You can do that, and check out the local pool, restaurants and shops nearby, and build memories with the little ones at the same time.


Chickasaw National Recreation Area Oklahoma

Chickasaw National Recreation Area is what brings people coming back to the quiet state of Oklahoma time and time again, but the real attraction is the water.

There’s rivers, streams and lakes that are begging to be boated and traveled.

Hiking is ten times more relaxing with the sound of running water nearby, and apart from the local shops nearby, this is a fairly quiet spot that leaves you and your thoughts in peace.


Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area Oregon

Oregon is like getting a blend between the craziness of California, and the same backwoods that you’ll find in Georgia.

At Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of a tranquil, peaceful place that’s been mostly untouched by man.

If you’re not crazy about bringing a tent, there’s local cabins for rent, and during the day you can take the horse trails, hike or bike your way through the numerous trails.

If it’s all about getting closer to nature for you, Emigrant’s the top spot.


Gettysburg Campground Pennsylvania

Do you like to turn camping trips into history lessons for the little ones?

Pennsylvania is the perfect blend between city and wildlife, and just on the outskirts of Gettysburg, you have the Gettysburg Campground.

While the name isn’t very original, the preserved pieces of Civil War-era American history are dazzling.

You’ll have local playgrounds, fields and a wide open community swimming pool, as well as an ever-growing number of pull thru RV hookup spots.

Rhode Island

Burlingame State Campground Rhode Island

While Rhode Island doesn’t have a lot of space to offer, there is 3,100 acres of beautiful woodland in the Burlingame State Campground.

You have 700 campsites to choose from, nearly two-dozen restroom facilities, and endless hiking trails and canoeing spots to indulge your sense of adventure.

Rent a cabin (which doesn’t come with utilities), bring some air mattresses and light a candle; it’s time to get the old-school camp feeling going again.

South Carolina

James Island County Park South Carolina

South Carolina doesn’t have a lot of campgrounds, but among them, James Island County Park offers the best value and vacation.

It’s basic with campgrounds for your tents and some cottages for rent, but you’ll also see sandy beaches, local antique shops, and excellent rustic restaurants that you’ll be craving the minute you start heading home.

South Carolina’s best campground is simple, so come here with the intent to relax a little.

South Dakota

Beaver Lake Campground South Dakota

South Dakota has vast untapped land, and smack dab in the center of all that beauty, there’s Beaver Lake Campground.

It’s simple: you have Beaver Lake, low amenity costs, and you can camp here year-round in your RV or fifth wheel to enjoy the pace and quiet. No gimmicks, just relaxation.


Davy Crockett Campground Tennessee

Tennessee’s been holding out on us.

The Davy Crockett Campground is fully family-owned, so you know you’re getting authentic, genuine care from people just like you.

You’ll get access to on-site cabins, fifty RV hookups that include grills and decks (most of them), and an insane amount of enticing, unique landscape ahead of you to explore.

The hiking trails alone will keep you occupied for days as you look down on the streams and mossy rocks, and get lost in the beauty.

There’s also a pool and a hot tub to help you relax after a long, strenuous day of adventuring through the woodland.


Garner State Park Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, and Garner State Park is a testament to that fact.

This spot has inexpensive fees, summer dance events at the campsites main building, and equipment rentals for water equipment.

Grab a paddle boat or a kayak, cast a line in the water, and lean back to relax.

The beauty of Garner State Park is that you’re close to a ton of on-site amenities, like a restaurant and convenience shop, but you still get the perfect detached camping feeling at the same time.


Watchman Campgrounds

You don’t hear about Utah as a crazy awesome camping spot, but the Watchman Campground is about to change your perception on this great state.

This is a spot where a lot of full-time RVers head to when they just want to relax and enjoy the peaceful outdoors, but where tent campers can get a great spot as well.

There are a fair bit of restrictions on this campsite, such as no generators, but you do have a nearby dump station and wide open views of the Utah desert.


Greenwood Lodge and Campsites Vermont

Vermont is one of New England’s quiet, preserved states that boast some of the best destinations in the country, with tons of history scattered in everywhere.

The best spot here is Greenwood Lodge and Campsites, It’s a small place, but one that keeps you far away from the majority of short distance travel tourists.

You’ll get access to hiking trails, biking paths, pond boating, fishing spots, Wi-Fi and a local store, and you can either rent a unit for the time being, or bring your RV and park it for the weekend.


Misty Mountain Camp Resort Virginia

Virginia is known for its little island getaways, but Misty Mountain Camp Resort is where all the action is at.

Whether you’re showing up in your RV, packing a tent, or you want to enjoy an old country feeling cabin, there’s a spot for you at Misty Mountain.

You won’t be short on family fun at this destination: there’s a stocked fishing pond, enormous jump pad, and a list of playgrounds to keep the little ones entertained during the whole trip.


Olympic National Park Washington

Washington’s most iconic park is Olympic National Park, and Kalaloch is a subdivision of that park.

The entire Olympic Peninsula attracts tourists from all over the country, but if you want some peace and quiet while still having access to all of the excellent amenities, Kalaloch is the perfect spot for you.

There’s a staggering 150+ campsites for you to enjoy, which includes steps that lead down to the beach, hiking and bike trails, and a mile-long walk through Kalaloch Creek.

The latter on that list is our favorite; it’s a sight that you can’t find anywhere else in the country.

West Virginia

 Rifrafters West Virgnia

Apart from just sounding like a fun campsite, Rifrafters is an excellent destination to experience the glory of West Virginia.

You’ll not only get a breathtaking view of the wild, but you’ll also have the option of camping in modern cabins, you can bring your RV, and you’ll also have access to a playground for the little ones.

There’s a small, old-school style convenience store for snacks and pick-me-ups, giving you the down-home feeling that West Virginia is famous for, and introducing your family to their favorite campsite in America.


Fox Hill RV Park & Campground Wisconsin

Fox Hill RV Park & Campground hosts a few amenities such as Wi-Fi and a camp store, just enough to give you that real Wisconsin feeling.

Bring your RV, park it in a row, and get to exploring: there’s volleyball courts, a kiddie train, and a basketball court on-site all within a decent walking distance.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, there’s a few hiking trails to navigate close by to the campsite, so you’re never too far away from your RV.


Cody KOA Campground Wyoming

Cody KOA Campground has the most family friendly, universally enjoyable campsites in all of Wyoming.

It’s still within a day trip drive to Devil’s Tower, but with a much more relaxing atmosphere that speaks to just about every visitor.

They include amenities such as a dog park, bike rentals, a hot tub, and Wi-Fi if you’re looking to enjoy a more at-home feel for your camp trip.

Park your RV, have the time of your life, and be sure to visit between June and September to use the pool.

Where Will Your Adventure Take You?

RV drive

Did you stick with half-a-dozen destinations, or are you wild enough to tackle the entire list?

Hit Alaska and Hawaii, then hop in an RV and dip through every state to get a full view of the US in all its splendor, and find your favorite spot.

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